NAC Report SAMF GB UK Masters

NAC on tour, showing off our winnings, tough fishing yesterday, good couple of days though with good lads… SAMF GB Masters Skegness 2017

NAC Report Trimingham 16/10/17

Match 7 … 16/10/17 .. trimmingham

It’s hard to do a report if your peg 1 but I offered so tough .

Yet again 18 wallies ventured to the sand for tonight’s match which was pegged to the left of the slip but missing out the first 2 bays ( gets snaggy otherwise towards low ) wind was swirling around but the sea remained relatively flat and this was to be a LENGTH match anything over 18 cm carded ( not that that was really needed)
From the off it was relatively slow but a few people carded on their first casts ( well i did a dab ) but that was it for a while ! Red Weed was problematic but not as bad as bacton in in the teams of fives the previous week , crabs too were a menace but if you could keep them crabs off long enough you were to stand a good chance of finding fish as they were there ! , this became more obvious ( for some ) as the match progressed .
Upon going for wander mid match to see Russ who was 5 pegs along and who I could see was catching fish at regular intervals it was then I realized other bays were possibly producing better than ours ?
To sum it up there was some pretty decent fish out last night for match purposes anyway tings were a good stamp with plenty in the mid 30+ cm bracket for some , a few quality dabs Upto 28/29 cm and flounders also between the 30 -35 cm with one or two other stand out fish with included a bass of 62 cm for Ninian (no surname on sheet so apologies ) Roger Cunnington had a nice 34 cm sole in his 11 fish bag which was only surpassed by my 36 cm sole ( a pb for me ) but these quality fish were no match for the childerhouse bois who were pulling in big tings for the fun of it lol and it was Luke Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse for the 3 rd match in a row who came out top of the pile outdoing his dad by virtue of better fish his 16 fish ( 1 dab 15 tings ) averaging almost 30 cm Per fish , does seem that bay fished well also for others ! , I’ll exclude Russell Taylor from that area / bay as he found fish in our bay to narrowly missing out on 2nd place by just 5 cm ( think he dropped a ting in the edge oooops lol ) .
On anther note Richard Hipperson completed a whole match
Results in cm
Fish Length

1. Luke childerhouse 16. 474
2. Ian Childerhouse. 15. 378
3. Russel Taylor 13 373
4. Richard hipperson 11. 309
5. Roger cunnington 11. 305
6. Billy Rush. 10 256
7. Me. 7 209
8. Simon Bone. 8. 182
9. Will Sprules. 9 157
10= Dave Mathers. 5. 127
10= Leon smith. 5. 127
12. Ninian. 3. 115
13 Andy Bray. 4. 103
14 Kimberley Lawn. 4. 94
15 John Catchpole. 3 81
16. Tony Holmes 1. 25
17. Barry Iseton. 1. 22
Martin wheeler

Big round 62cm bass Ninian
Big flat. 36 cm sole Me

A good night none the less

NAC Report Sheringham 9/10/17

Match 6 ..09/10/17 .. sheringham

18 loonies made it for this one at sheringham lifeboat station ,pegging was to be from the slip along the cliffs towards weybourne . My personal expectations were for a manic match full of big tings , odd bass , flounders ,pout and even a possible doggy or 2 as this area fished reasonably well the previous 2 nights !! .. shut up needham you blanked and got it wrong anyway I’ll try my best to report as I was asleep most of the match and only woke to sign ians fish in ..
with the tide pushing up the shingle at the start a few flounder appeared here n there in the shallows as did them blo%#y crabs which for some were to be a pain all match ! , however if you could keep a bait in the water long enough you had a chance of a fish or 2 , rumour spread down the beach that there was several good bass coming out towards the lower pegs ( furthest left ) with Luke Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse finding one of 62 cm which irrelevant of conversion weighed a nice 5lb 7 oz , but there were other bass in the 50cm + bracket being carded for others so things were looking good , at this point Ian Childerhouse woke me up to sign in his 36 cm CODLING but where were these big 35 cm + tings that had been there a few tides before ?? Anyhows those bonus bass determined the top 5 or 6 places .
In 3 rd on the night was Russell Taylor trying his best to hunt down 2nd place Paul Rickard who had the most fish on the night but neither of them could quite catch 1 st placed luke childerhouse who’s bass and 2 flounders were just enough to seal it

1. Luke childerhouse 272 pts
2. Paul rickard 235
3. Russell Taylor 188
4. Kimberley Lawn. 174
5. Simon Bone. 170
6. Adrian Bordianu. 125
7. Ian childerhouse 92
8. Leon smith 90
9. Dave Mathers. 62
10. Will Sprules. 47
11. Gary Moore 29
12. Gregory Kiddell 20
13. Neil Haynes. 13

Richard Hipperson
Andy Bray
Andrew Turk
Billy Rush

Big flat .. Dave mathers 32 flounder
Big round .. luke childerhouse 62 bass

National Teams of Five NAC Teams

NAC Report Cart Gap 2/10/2017


17 anglers arrived to what would be a new venue to a few. Pegging was done both left and right of the slip. Sea had a lovely colour to it and had a slight bit of lump to it. With reports of plenty of fish coming out over the weekend most were hopeful. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case with for not managing to find a sizable fish. Species on the night were Bass, Flounder, Dabs, Whiting and a Sole. In third place with 4 fish for 1lb 6oz was Leon. In second place with 5 fish for 1lb 15oz was Billy. Finally taking top spot this week was Luke with 6 fish for 2lb 2/3oz. Well done to all those who attended. Looks like we will be back there again. Next week we are at Sheringham please book in on here or via the shop.

Heaviest Flat – Neil
Heaviest Round – Will, Luke, Leon, Ian C

1st Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse 30points
2nd Billy Rush 29points
3rd Leon Smith 28points
4th Kimberley Lawn 27points
5th Adrian Bordianu 26points
6th Ian Childerhouse 25points
7th Simon Bone 24points
8th Andrew Turk 23points
9th Barry Iseton 22points
10th Neil Haynes 21points
11th Will Sprules 20points
12th Dene Conway 19points
13th Russell Taylor 18points

Martin Wheeler
Eamon Finch
Dave Mathers
Gary Moore

NAC Report 25/9/17 Overstrand


18 ” hopeful ” anglers graced this newish venue for us in the Monday night league , pegging from the end of the prom along the revetments heading towards Cromer and this was to be a length match so anything over 18 cm counted , with the lack of tings most thoughts I assume would be towards basslets ( well mine were ) and obliging flat fish of sorts .. on to the match itself .. errr well it wasn’t as expected and most struggled to even find a fish and those that did only found a solitary fish or 2 , however there was one or two nice fish caught in the few that were caught with Paul Rickard ( 39 cm sole ) Ameer who’s Paul’s friend ( 34 cm sole ) and Martin wheeldon ( 43 cm bass ) but none of these figured in the top 3 as those were solitary fish for themselves in a length match , top spot on the night was Russell Taylor pegged next to me( I blanked totally ) who gave a lesson in conti style under your feet light line fishing his 9 fish for 218 cm included an eel , sole , flounder and basslets ,Greg Gregory Kiddell managed a sole at 17.8 cm lol , also doing well in the match was Billy Rush who sneaked in 5 fish for 134 cm for 2nd place with , Simon Bone carding 2 dabs for 45 cm came in 3rd spot , as said previously anybody else who carded only had a solitary fish so well done

1. Russel Taylor 30 pts
2. Billy Rush 29
3. Simon Bone 28
4.Martin Wheedon 27
5.Paul Rickard 26
6.Ameer 25
7.Andrew Turk. 24
8= Ian wells 23
8=Neil Haynes. 23
10. Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse 21
11Will Sprules. 20
12. Leon smith 19

Ian Childerhouse
Andy klemick
Greg kiddell
Ninian Wharton
Richard Hipperson

Biggest round 43 cm bass ( Martin)
Biggest flat 39 cm sole ( Paul )

NAC Report Salthouse 18/09/17 Simon Farrow cup

With a strong NW blowing and the waves crashing in, 18 braved the conditions for this match in the memory of NAC member Simon Farrow for whom we held a minutes silence for at the start of the match.
For most there was only one fish on there minds with the conditions as they were, Bass. Unfortunately due to the high tide being 18.30 and the match starting at 19.30 we seemed to have missed the best of the fish with only a few coming out including another one for Ian childerhouse but this time he had to share biggest round as simon bone matched him, both with a 39cm.
With a lack of Bass other fish would be required and it soon became clear it was going to be dabs particularly around me with Ian to my left and Charlie to my right pulling in double sometimes treble shots but with line and reel issues Charlie lost the fish which left ian to take a commanding lead and eventually win the match with 14 sizeable fish 5lb 3oz
Simon bone addded another 8 fish to his Bass to take 2nd spot with 4lb 7oz and despite his line issues Charlie managed 3rd with 8 fish 2lb 12oz.
With all the flat fish coming out it was Dave Mathews who found the biggest with a 32cm flounder.
Ian Childerhouse 30pts
Simon Bone 29pts
Adrian Charlie Needham 28pts
Russell Taylor 27pts
Ben Nicholson 26pts
Leon smith 25pts
Henry Randell 24pts
Kimberley Lawn 23pts
Roger Cunnington 22pts
Dave Mathers 21pts
Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse 20pts
Neil Haynes 19pts
Billy Rush 18pts
Will Sprules 17pts
Richard Hipperson 16pts
Richard Chapman 15pts
Gregory Kiddell 14pts
Gary Moore 5pts

NAC Report Cley 11th September 2017

Second match of the season saw again 17 anglers. We were greeted with a westerly wind and a nice Swell on the water Hopefully a sign that the Bass would be there.
Pegging was done to the right of the car park and everyone was setting up down at the waters edge awaiting for the tide to come in.
As the match started it become clear that the weed was going to be a big issue everyone on there first cast brought in loads and in some cases the weed was even dragging peoples rods over
It wasnt until it started to get dark that the fish turned up with lots of undersize bass about and the usual flats. Not forgetting Roger Cunningtons monster whiting measuring all of 10cm and Neil Haynes with his 28cm sole
As the match went on it became obviouse it was going to be a hard night to find a sizable fish but 8 people did find a few. Especially Ian Childehouse who had the biggest round of a 58cm bass as well as the biggest flat a 33cm flounder
1st Ian Childerhouse 30 points
2nd Neil Haynes 29 points
3rd Luke Childerhouse 28 points
4th Simon Bone 27 points
5th Will Sprules and Greg Kiddell 26 points
7th Adrian Bordianu 24 points
8th Roger Cunnington 23 points
Everyone else receives 5 points
Barry Iseton
Clive Parker
Kim Lawn
Richard Hipperson
Richard Chapman
Russell Taylor
Dave Mathers
Leon Smith
Henry Randall

Nac Report Kelling 4th September 2017


First match of the new season saw 17 anglers grace the shore at Kelling, a lovely warm evening with flat calm sea and a slight wind, expectations were not high but as always its more than just the fishing its the socializing and catching up with everyone after a two month break.

As predicted it was a struggle with undersized dabs and basslets, a cracking mackerel to Russell (which didnt count) and a lovely undersized hound pup, were all taken on various baits. Blanking was expected to be high but as it turned out 14 members managed to card fish, Adrian Bordianu took top spot with 4 fish for 1lb 9oz, closely followed by the Childerhouse men, with Luke beating his dad and taking 2nd place with 1lb 4 2/3oz with 3 fish and Ian taking 3rd place also with 3 fish for 1lb 1 2/3oz.
No biggest round was recorded but biggest flat went to Adrian Bordianu with a dab of 29cm.
Top of tide down there was very little showing, but several members carded in the last hour and some on their last cast, showing again that you should never give up till the final whistle.

Well done to everyone that fished, next weeks match is at Cley, please get your bait orders in early and book in early. Thankyou to all who wished myself and Russell Taylor good luck for our trip to the World Pairs Qualifier in Hampshire this coming weekend , we will do our best.

Full results

Adrian Bordianu 30pts
Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse 29pts
Ian Childerhouse 28pts
Russell Taylor 27pts
Richard Chapman 27pts
Andrew Klimek 25pts
Barry Iseton 24pts
Simon Bone 23pts
Dave Mathers 22pts
Dene Conway 21pts
Gregory Kiddell 20pts
Will Sprules 20pts
Richard Hipperson 20pts
Neil Haynes 17pts

Following receive 5pts
Kimberley Lawn
Ian Wells
Ben Nicholson

Yuki Masters Belgium NAC On Tour

4 Members of the NAC traveled to Belgium to fish the Yuki Masters, pairs competition, out of 54 pairs, Dene Conway & Simon Bone were 5th overall and Roger Cunnington & Ian Childerhouse were 14th Overall, excellent result

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