Walcott 8/2/2016

Walcott 8/02/16
11 anglers turned up to Walcott and were greeted by a high sea. Other venues were checked as a possibility but it was decided that we would wait it out a little while for the sea to go out a bit. So obviously we waited down at the poacher pocket for a bit. With no obvious sign the sea was going out it was decided that we would fish from the road and it was rods in at 1930 but not before a local decided to speak his mind to one club member about having our cars on the wrong side of the road. To which he kindly reminded him that they were there for our safety so that cars could see us. Conditions were not the easiest but the sea was a lovely chocolaty colour and had a good lump on. Unfortunately no one had told the fish we were coming tonight and on 4 out of the 11 managed to find sizable fish. In thrid place with 1 fish for 6oz2/3 was Russell. In Second place with 2 fish for 8oz was Andy Bunn. And taking top spot with 3 fish for a whopping 14oz was Gary. Wel done to all that fished and stuck out the wind and the rain. Next week we are at Kelling. Please make sure you are there between 1800-1815. As per usual please book in on here or via the shop.

1st Gary Moore 30points
2nd Andrew Bunn 29points
3rd Russell Taylor 28points
4th Dene Conway 27points

Kimberley Lawn
Simon Bone
Richard Hipperson
Wayne Mathews
Billy Rush
Adrian Charlie Needham
Neil Hayes

Weybourne 1/2/2016

40+ mile an hour SW winds greeted us for the first match of the new season, 18 anglers braved the conditions, fishing a flooding tide, a good sea was running with some large swells every now and again, weed was minimal and to start off it seemed only smaller fish were out to play, but as the match progressed more and more good sized whiting made their appearance with some double shots and 35cm plus fish.

Top fish of the evening went to club secretary Simon Bone on peg 10 finding a cracking sole of 31cm, certainly not a regular fish off the shingle but more and more of these showing up over the last couple of years.

Anyway back to the match it was one of those if the fish were not in front of you you didnt catch them, but with the sizeable whiting being at different distances throughout the match finding a good patch of them was a struggle.

A good battle was had between Andy Bunn and Dene Conway all the way through the match on pegs 12 and 13 but in the last 30 minutes it was Dene who came out on top , taking 1st place with 12 fish for 4lb 4 1/3oz, 2nd place went to Andy Bunn with 8 fish for 3lb 7 2/3oz, 3rd place was shared by previous league winner Russell Taylor and Andrew Turk with 7 and 6 fish for 2lb 8oz.

New members Neil Hayes and Dave Mathers managed a respectable 7th and 8th place so well done and welcome to the club.

Well done to all who braved the conditions was a very tough match with lots of undersized fish but in total we had 65 sizeable fish caught and returned for a total weight of 23lb 15oz from the 12 anglers who managed to card.

Next weeks match is at Walcott please book in via the shop or on here.

Full Results

Dene Conway 30pts
Andrew Bunn 29pts
Russell Taylor 28pts
Andrew Turk 28pts
Simon Bone 26pts
Wayne Mathews 25pts
Neil Hayes 24pts
Dave Mathers 23pts
David Aldridge 23pts
Adrian Charlie Needham 23pts
Barry Iseton 20pts
Billy Rush 20pts

all others receive 5 pts

Kimberley Lawn
Peter Hansell
Richard Hipperson
Gary Moore
Ian Copeland
Mike Michael Ranson

Pairs Results match 1

Andy Bunn & Russell Taylor 57pts
Dene Conway & Simon Bone 56pts
Andrew Turk & Charlie Needham 51pts
Wayne Mathews & Mike Ranson 30pts
Dave Aldridge & Peter Hansell 28pts
Mark Batson & Neil Hayes 24pts
Kim Lawn & Pete Durkin 5pts
Richard Hipperson & Steve Smith 5pts

Cley 25/1/2016

Kimberley Lawn

5 hrs

Cley Length only match 25/01/16

16 anglers arrived to Cley for the last match of the winter league. It was a crucial match at its very tight at the top. Conditions were a tad bit windy with most anglers choosing not to put up shelters and brave the wind. Just before the match there was a shout from Barry and away went his umbrella to the sea slowly sinking in between myself and Simon. From the off there were fish for everyone but the vast majority were undersize. There were a few good fish recorded including whiting up to 34cm. During the match the wind tried to claim more of Barrys gear by throwing it into the sea but was luckily it was caught in the surf. But this didn’t bother Barry for he still carried on and manged to win the match with 7 fish for 207cm. In second place with 8 fish for 196cm was Kimberley. And taking the last podium was Simon with 7 fish for 188cm. It was a close match between all the placings. Next week we are at Weybourne for the first of the Summer League matches which will also be the First Pairs match. Pairs will be re drawn so if you wish to take part then please let me know so I can add you to the list.

Results of the Winter league placings will be announced very soon.

Also a big thank you to all of you for another good winter league and look forward to the summer league.

1st Barry Iseton 30points
2nd Kimberley Lawn 29points
3rd Simon Bone 28points
4th Richard Hipperson 27points
5th Richard Chapman 26points
6th Pete Hansell 25points
6th Andrew Turk 25points
8th Adrian Charlie Needham 23points
9th Russell Taylor 22points
10th David Aldridge 21points
11th Michael Ranson 20points
12th Billy Rush 19points
13th Andrew Bunn 18points
14th Daniel A Aldridge 17points
15th Ronald de Boer 16points
Wayne 5points

Salthouse 18/1/2016

Monday 18th Jan Salthouse

After the last match at Salthouse we all knew it was going to be hectic and after the weekend storms and rough up who knows what could be thrown up this time. Pegging was to the left of what used to be the car park,there were clear signs along the shingle ridge where the sea had again breached onto the marshes, but the flat calm conditions we were facing meant it would be safe to fish.

From the off everyone was into fish mostly sizable but a smattering of undersized for others as well. With tonight’s match being bait pack it put everyone on a level playing field and it would come down to bait management something which is key if you intend to advance to higher levels or international angling so great practice for everyone and a good opportunity to learn from it.

England junior star Adam Molloy was the outright winner showing that he can not only manage his bait, but can certainly cope under pressure and fish to the best of his ability managing to card 19 sizable fish for 6lb 13oz, in 2nd place was Peter Hansell who again showed his skills at this venue and managed 17 fish for 5lb 14oz. 3rd place went to the ever consistent and much improved Russell Taylor with 14 fish for 5lb 8oz.

An enjoyable evening had by all with 134 fish caught and returned for over 37lb in fish weight.

Next weeks match is at Cley and is also the last of the season and its still all to play for.

Full results

Adam Molloy 30pts
Peter Hansell 29pts
Russell Taylor 28pts
Dene Conway 27pts
Billy Rush 26pts
Gary Moore 25pts
Mike Michael Ranson 24pts
Kimberley Lawn 23pts
Richard Hipperson 22pts
Simon Bone 21pts
Dave David Aldridge 20pts
Iain Molloy 20pts
Ian Copeland 18pts
Richard Chapman 17pts

11th January Kelling Report

After last weeks poor match it was a relief for most to be back on the shingle at one of Norfolk’s most consistent venues, Kelling.
We all met as per normal at the gates of Muckleborough Collection, with several members away and some ill, we were down to 15 ready to do battle with hopefully hordes of whiting and dabs and would there be a chance of a codling down near the wreck? Pegging was from cliffs towards the wreck and the winners would no doubt come from near the wreck if any codling were to show.
Specimen hunter and bait digger Gary Moore drew the lucky end peg down next to the wreck and he wasn’t disappointed, managing to card 11 fish for 5lb 8 2/3oz including a nice plump codling of 44cm.
Up at the other end on peg two it was a battle between Dave Aldridge on peg 1 and Dene Conway both finding fish throughout the match , but it was Dene who managed to sneak into 2nd place overall with 11 fish from peg 2 for 4lb 4 2/3oz.
Back up to the other end and peg 14 for Russell Taylor saw him card 12 fish for 4lb 3oz, battling it out with Richard Chapman on peg 13.
Some great battles were had up and down the length of the match and in total 115 fish were caught and released for a total weight of 41lb 13oz well done to all.
With the winter league almost over two matches left will decide the league champion and its very very tight at the top, next weeks match is at Salthouse and will be a bait pack only this will be a total of £10 each and will be dished out at the venue and the last match is at Cley.
Good luck to everyone please book in via the shop as early as possible so we know how many to peg for.
Gary Moore 30pts
Dene Conway 29pts
Russell Taylor 28pts
Adrian Charlie Needham 27pts
Richard Chapman 26pts
Andrew Bunn 25pts
David Aldridge 24pts
Adam Molloy 23pts
Simon Bone 22pts
Kimberley Lawn 21pts
Chris Ditchburn 20pts
Iain Molloy 19pts
Barry Iseton 18pts
Michael Ranson 17pts
Richard Hipperson 17pts

Bacton 4/01/2016

Well , Bacton it was on a lovely Monday evening with a fair old sea running, due to several people being ill or away , our numbers had dwindled this week to 12, but nevertheless we were all keen and eager, most were on the beach and ready by 6:30. Pegging was to the right and we all hoped for a good evening.

As it turned out it took ages to sort out the scores with only two members finding size-able fish, 2nd place went to Michael Ranson who managed to winkle out a slug giving him 0lb 3 1/3oz, first place went to new member Andrew Bunn with two whiting for 0lb 9 1/3oz. Plenty of banter and good humor even if the size-able fish were lacking, on a plus note for those that read the reports there was very little to no weed throughout.

Next weeks match is back at Kelling meet as per normal at the museum gates for 6pm gates will be locked at 6:20 so make sure your on time.

Please book in on here if you are fishing and bait orders please book via the shop.
Everyone welcome so if you fancy a change on a Monday evening pop along and get involved.

Hope this report was quick enough Michael Ranson lol

North Beach Yarmouth 28/12/2015

12 anglers ventured down to North Beach in strong winds and a fair old walk, all expectant of a Christmas codling or at least lots of good sized whiting. Once everyone was setup the match started and away we went triple shots and doubles but the majority undersized. Guest anglers Adele Smith & John Smith also came along for a bit of pre new year fishing and John made it a worthwhile trip managing to winkle out 8 fish for 3lb 2/3oz 2nd spot went to Andrew Turk with 3 fish for 1lb 3 1/3oz, and 3rd place went to The coach Richard Hipperson also 3 fish for 1lb 1 1/3oz..

All in all a very hard match with the majority only finding undersized fish, next weeks match is back to Bacton and parking this time will be at the Red House Chalet and Caravan Park, meeting at 6pm, this is next door to our usual parking area as one of our new members managed to get access for the club. Please book in via the shop or on here, parking fees will be £1 per person as a thank you to the land owner.

The league table is now drawing to a close with only 4 matches left before the new 2016 season begins and its tight at the top, so please make the effort to come along and get your first club match of the new year under your belt.

Full results:
John Smith 30pts
Andrew Turk 29pts
Richard Hipperson 28pts
Kimberley Lawn 27pts
Michael Ranson 26pts
Adele Smith 25pts
Peter Pete Durkin 24pts

everyone else to receive 5pts
Dene Conway
Peter Hansell
Simon Bone
Gary Moore
Ian Lambert

Salthouse 14/12/2015

Monday Night League Salthouse 14/12/15

17 anglers arrived at Salthouse ready and raring to go to see if the whiting would be in number there as they are everywhere else. Pegging was to the left of the road. From the off there were fish being landed up and down the beach. With everyone carding it was a cracking match. There were a few undersize whiting but the majority were sizable including 2 39cm whiting caught by Russell and Pete. This has to be one of the heaviest totals we have had on a monday night. There was a grand total of 247 sizable fish caught with 56 of those being flatties giving a total weight of a massives 93lb 5oz 1/3. In the end it was mosty about who could keep up with the fish and having a lucky peg. In third place was Big Pete with 18 fish for 7lb 5oz1/3. In second place with 24 fish for 7lb 12oz1/3 was Dene. Taking top spot being on end peg was Kimberley with 30 fish for 10lb 3oz1/3. Well done to all that fished. Next weeks venue is the Village Inn West Runton for the Clubs AGM and Presentation. If you can bring a prize for the Raffle that would be much appriciated. The next match is at North Beach Yarmouth on the 28th (will post a reminder nearer the time). Hope to see as many of you as possible next week.

1st Kimberley Lawn 30points
2nd Dene Conway 29points
3rd Pete Hansell 28points
4th Andrew Turk 27points
5th Adrian Charlie Needham 26points
6th Russell Taylor 25points
7th Paul Rickard 24points
8th Richard Chapman 23points
9th Ronald de Boer 22points
10th Adam Molloy 21points
11th Chris Ditchburn 20points
12th Simon Bone 19points
13th Michael Ranson 18points
14th Richard Hipperson 17points
15th Barry Iseton 16points
16th David Aldridge 15points
17th Iain Molloy 14points

Walcott 7/12/2015

Monday Night League Walcott Pairs 07/12/15

16 Anglers arrived at the Wall at Walcot to calm condtions with a light SW breeze. With Plenty of whiting being caught up and down the coast everyone was hopefull to bag up. For most it was hard work working through the undersize fish to find something that could be carded. Mostly whiting were caught with the odd flattie thrown in too. Whilst on the beach near Mr Hipperson the were a few Herring washed up that were fresh. One of which had clear bite marks. You never know whats out there at the moment. So on to the results In joint second place was Mr Turk (9fish) and Barry (11fish) for 3lb 5oz1/3. The winner was to be the same as last week Leon Smith with a respectable 3lb 6oz 2/3 for 10 fish. Can he be stopped?? Next weeks match is the Marmite beach that is Salthouse. As per usual book in on here or via the shop please.

1st Leon Smith 30points
2nd Andrew Turk 29points
2nd Barry Iseton 29points
4th Mark Batson 27points
5th Dene Conway 26points
6th Richard Hipperson 25points
7th Simon Bone 24points
8th Kimberley Lawn 23points
9th Russell Taylor 22points
10th Adrian Charlie Needham 21points
11th Paul Rickard 20points
12th Chris Ditchburn 19points
13th Pete Durkin 18points
14th Eamon Finch 17points
15th Pete Hansell 16points

5points – Michael Ranson

Charlie & Leon 51points
Mark B & Russell 49points
Barry & Pete D 47points
Kim & Paul 43points
Mike & Simon 29points
Dene & Gibbo 26points
Dave & Hippo 25points
Pete H & Hamza 16points



MONDAY 21st December 7pm @ Village Inn West Runton.

All members, prospective 2016 members, partners & immediate family very welcome. Book this in your diary …… do it now!! LOL

Hot snack nibbles provided.

PLEASE !! Bring a gift / contribution for the raffle. PLEASE !!

Items/topics for AGM agenda, please message me, thanks.

Paul Rickard

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