NAC Match Report Cart Gap 15th November 2021

NAC Match Report Cart Gap 15th November 2021  

Nathan Nails Cart Gap

After last weeks pairs match at Kelling it was back to the sand of Cart Gap with hopefully a similar catch rate. Could anyone catch up David Mather’s personal score of 560 weight points of last week ?. Weather good, tide good, so was it game on for Cart Gap, always a good venue (see NAC web site for past reports).

With 13 booked in it was great to see everyone arrive ahead of time so that we could get an early start. However, with a HT of 16:30pm you would think that the tide would have been in full ebb by 17:45pm when we all hit the slipway, but all you could see was water i.e., tide was still significantly in. So, first step was to get onto the left hand side of the beach, in daylight fairly straight forward but in darkness it was a logistics game to get anglers onto the beach safely. Then when pegging we had to fit around the various large puddles still left, the groynes and the revetments. Great to see everyone helping each other onto the beach, safety first. Finally, at 18:30pm all set up ready for a hopeful whiting fest.

Confirmed that fishing to size, someone knew that there would be lots of smaller tings. Looking up and down the beach the early pull ins showed that the whiting where about with a few doubles and trebles visible. Early on a few 33cm whiting pulled in, then the small ‘tings’ arrived. So, it became a bit of lottery with 1 of size with 2 smaller ones on any trebles being pulled in. By end of the night a total of 207 fish to size limits caught of which 196 were whiting, 7 dabs, 3 rockling, 1 flounder. For those who like statistics that’s 16 fish per fisher average.

See table below for a full analysis, however Jamie Medlar peg 10 picked up the biggest flat with a 28cm flounder, whilst the biggest round was a 4 share with peg 10 Jamie Medlar, peg 13 Neil Rowe, peg 9 Eamon Finch and peg 8 Simon Bottomley. But top rod of the night was the dependable Nathan Drewery fishing off peg 4 with a total 29 fish, 454 weight points (not quite a Mathers !) but an excellent performance (9lb 7/16oz). Runner up Russell Taylor peg 2 with 23 fish, 392 weight points (8lb 3/16oz). With Neil Rowe peg 13 picking up the final podium spot with 21 fish, 378 weight points (7lb 14/16oz). Well, done all, an enjoyable night even though the initial setting up was a bit exciting.

Match Result:

1st          Nathan Drewery     Peg 4              29 fish  454 weight points          9lb 7/16oz

2nd         Russell Taylor          Peg 2               23 fish 392 weight points          8lb 3/16oz

3rd         Neil Rowe                    Peg 13         21 fish  378 weight points          7lb 14/16oz

And finally, a big well done to the NAC members (Roger, Russell, Will, John S, and Simon) for fishing the SAMF NSL Final 2020/2021 in Skegness, a creditable performance from all. Good luck to the 2 x NAC teams competing in this weekend’s Team of 5s at Gt Yarmouth.

For full individual points results see images:


  • thanks for following the carding/scoring rules but remember to identify your biggest flat/round – helps with the results admin….Simon
  • Get your beanie orders in, it’s getting cold. Excellent as a Christmas stocking filler. Thanks Roger.

NAC Match Report Kelling 8th November 2021

NAC Match Report Kelling 8th November 2021  

David & Jamie storm Kelling with an emphatic Pairs win !

After last weeks weed invested match at Mundesley it was a welcome return to the shingle, hopefully without any weed with a Pairs match at Kelling on the shingle. John Spalton’s lunchtime weather and tide bulletin confirmed that conditions would be favourable coupled with High Tide ay 20:44pm the omens were good for a competitive Pairs match with plenty of fish. That being so it was decided to fish to size limits, it saves all that bother of running up and down the beach with a trace of tiddlers.

18 anglers met at the Kelling beach car park for the draw, and with some interesting pairings we set off for the beach, pegging from Salthouse end to the wreck, with the promise of 18:45pm start the scene was set for a good night’s fishing.

Within 5 – 10 minutes we started to see the lights and buckets moving up and down the beach with catches being carded it was certainly game on. The fish had turned up !.

By the end of the match, given we were fishing to size limits, a total of 291 fish carded, a total of 5023 weight points, converted to 104lb 10/16oz. Quite a catch. Of the 291 fish 213/219 were Whiting, 71/291 were Dabs, with the remained being Pout. The biggest flat was shared between John Catchpole (peg 5) and Nathan Drewery (peg 6) of a 28cm Dab. The biggest round was caught by Jamie Medlar (peg 1) with a magnificent 36cm Whiting.

It was only when we started sorting the cards was the size of the overall catch truly recognised. Peg 1 had an amazing night with each scoring over 500+ weight points (1065 total)….well done Dave Mathers and Jamie Medlar, a storming night, you need to let us know your secret. Nearest rivals in 2nd position were the pairing of Nathan Drewery/Richard Craske fishing peg 6 scoring a total of 653 weight points, with 3rd place going to the Leon Smith/Pete Simmons combo with 629 weight points

With everyone scoring in treble figures it was a memorable evening. Capped off by a 1 man firework display to signal the end of the match (thanks Russell). Ingredients of a memorable match, good company, good weather, a good peg, good bait and fish fish fish !.

Match Result:

1st          David Mathers/Jamie Medlar                  Peg 1              58 fish  1065 weight points        22lb 3/16oz

2nd         Nathan Drewery/Richard Craske            Peg 6               39 fish 653 weight points          13lb 10/16oz

3rd         Leon Smith/Pete Simmons                      Peg 8               36 fish  629 weight points          13lb 2/16oz

For full individual points results see images:


  • individual scores / points would be added to overall league positions for the winter league. Including biggest flat/round
  • thanks for following the carding/scoring rules – helps with the results admin….Simon
  • Get your beanie orders in, its getting cold. Excellent as a Christmas stocking filler

NAC Match Report Mundesley 1st November 2021

NAC Match Report Mundesley 1st November 2021  

Neil masters Mundesley , despite the weed

Mundesley has always been an interesting venue with easy access from the car park via the ramps to the various beaches. High Tide had already been and gone (16:01pm) as 12 anglers met very promptly at the car park keen to tackle the ebbing tide. Weather wasn’t promising with spits of rain as we gathered, but breeze was slight. Great to see everyone in their NAC hoodies. As our quartermaster, Roger has continued to be busy, and has now sourced some matching beanie hats with club logos, look out for a post on our Facebook page.  At £10 each not only do they look great, but could they keep your head warm/dry on Mundesley beach ?

John Spalton’s earlier video post suggested a promising match with plenty of fish taking advantage of the coloured water. With everyone gathered and keen to go, pegs drawn with pegs either side of the main access to the beach. With the promise of a few fish everyone agreed to fish to size limits (see data below) and that we could kick off at 18:30pm.

After a few casts it became evident that all would be doing a spot of gardening with every cast due the volume of weed. But as John’s video predicted the fish arrived, a few early undersized whiting gave way to 27cm + catches, and a few Dabs 23cm +. Once arrived the 27cm + whiting stayed for the evening with everyone catching, some more than others was it skill, peg, bait choice, bait provider, or bait presentation ? Whilst the weed was significant as the tide ebbed,  it was easier to ignore when you are catching.

No one blanked, everyone caught double figure fish, see detail below, from 10  – 25 fish. In total 179 fish caught with a weight point total of 3158 (converted to 65lb 13/16ozs). The biggest flat, a 26cm Dab, caught by last week’s winner Roger Cunnington fishing on Peg 1.

But honours for the night went to Neil Rowe  fishing on Peg 6, not only winning the match with 24 fish (431 weight points), but also taking biggest round with a 37cm Whiting. Congratulations also go to Pete Simmons (peg 2) for catching 25 fish (414 weigh points) and Stephen Medlar (Peg 10 catching 18 fish (324 weigh points).

To rub it in Neil also won the lucky peg draw. Peg 6 and Neil certainly mastered Mundesley. See match result below.

What’s more the club’s new beanie hat proved successful in keeping out all the mizzle on Mundesley beach. Great stuff Roger I’m sure you’ll be getting a few orders shortly.

Match Result:

1st          Neil Rowe                     Peg 6    a total of 24 fish       431 weight points          9lb

2nd         Pete Simmons            Peg 2     a total of 25 fish       414 weight points          8lb 10/16oz

3rd         Stephen Medlar          Peg 7    a total of 18 fish       324 weight points          6lb 12/16oz

To help results management please can all anglers add name to score cards, then scored correctly (check sizes limits) , signed off correctly by angler on your right, and totalled with biggest flat/round identified on each card. See image for scoring example (thanks Dene )

For full individual points & fish caught see images:

NAC Match Report Salthouse 25th October 2021

Salthouse 25-10-21Firstly all at Norfolk Angling Club would like to wish simon’s wife Kate a full and speedy recovery from her recent surgery.Secondly apologies for no report last week, I had a lot on and think simon’s data just about summed the evening up.16 turned up at Salthouse hoping for a better Monday night than the previous one, all the talk beforehand was about all the fish being caught recently including the long awaited return of the decent size whiting that had been showing up everywhere except the shingle so it was decided to save the endless back and forth across the shingle measuring fish we would fish to size limits.Although some fared better than last week for the majority it was a case of dejavu, with the off shore breeze keeping the water flat and extremely clear for end of October and the clear skies and bright moon it proved to be very difficult to find the sizable fish amongst the endless undersized Dabs, having said that there was 50 sizable Dabs recorded, 11 Whiting and 3 BassWinner on the night and catching 10 of those fish was Roger Cunnington , 210pts including the biggest round a 41cm Bass and a 5 way share of the biggest flat, a 26cm Dab along with JC, Stephen Medlar, Leon and Colin Bailey.Second spot went to Stephen medlar with 8 fish 114pts and 3rd was John Catchpole with 7fish 110pts.Lucky peg went to JC. Please see Simon Bottomley post for individual placings and stats. Next week is on the sand at Mundesley.

Great report Russell, here are the various stats to show that whilst it was a tough match you still all managed to fish with no blanks, better than last weeks match at Caister !You caught 64 fish (50 dabs/11 whiting/3 bass) – 1087 weight points (22lb 10/16oz). Well done Roger for the first full sweep for a long time – winner/biggest round/biggest flat (but shared).Hopefully see you all next week at Mundesley. Simon

NAC Match Report Caister (second avenue) 18th October 2021

Due to shortage of admin at this match only stats available

NAC Match Report Kelling 11th October 2021

NAC Match Report Kelling 11th October 2021  

Pairs match at Kelling doesn’t disappoint !

Eagerly anticipated last night’s match at Kelling, judged by the number of anglers responding to the Facebook invite. In total 20 anglers responded to the invite, great to see the return of Paul Grothier fishing for the first time with the NAC in a few months (years ?). Hopefully, Kelling would wipe out the memory of Walcott’s only 9 fish caught. The draw would be made at the beach car park with 10 paired pegs. So, the big question was who would pair with who.

See stats below for the draw

Kelling had been a successful pairs venue previously, so with an incoming tide, light wind and mild,  it was match on. See Roger Cunningtons’s photo of the view from the end peg and Richard Craske’s sunset.

We kicked off at 6:45pm, fishing for 18+cm, and immediately the bites came with a few Dabs and Bass picked up on the first chuck. As the tide continued to rise more and more Dabs were caught. In total 235 fish carded, of which 215 were Dabs, 12 Bass, the remainder being made up of Flounder, Pout, and a solitary Eel. In total 2570 weight points or 53lb 9/16oz. See fish count by peg. Certainly an impressive haul….well done all.

Individually the biggest Flat went to Russell Taylor with a 31cm Dab from peg 6, the biggest round of a 41cm Bass fell to Neil Haynes on peg 7 …see their cards, a busy night boys !. It was competitive all through the night with a tussle between Peg 6 ( Russell & Pete) and Peg 9 (Nathan and John S) with the winners of the match by a mere 1 weight point or 1/16oz but 3 more fish coming from the boys on Peg 6.

See match result below. No blanks, well done all.

Match Result:

1st          Russell Taylor / Pete Simmons                Peg 6              a total of 37 fish             377 weight points              7lb 14/16oz

2nd         Nathan Drewery / John Spalton              Peg 9               a total of 34 fish             376 weight points               7lb 13/16oz

3rd         Stephen Medlar / Neil Haynes                Peg 7               a total of 28 fish             364 weight points              7lb 9/16oz

For full individual points results see images:

Note – individual scores / points would be added to overall league positions for the winter league. Including biggest flat/round.

NAC Match Report Walcott 4th October 2021

NAC Match Report Walcott 4th October 2021  

Walcott disappoints, “but its great venue (see past results), but nobody told the fish to turn up.”

Could last week’s total of 123 fish caught on the shingle at Weybourne be beaten by our return to Walcott.. When we last fished Walcott in October 2020 we caught 292 fish, with an impressive haul of whiting . (see NAC Match Report Walcott 12th October 2020 | Norfolk Angling Club). So, with last week’s successes and previous track record spirits were high as 16 anglers gathered on the prom at Walcott. We welcomed new angler Marc Lawson for his first Monday night match.

Early photos circulated by 1st arrival John Spalton doing his pre match reconnaissance showed a quiet sea, very little movement and so it stayed that way by 6:00pm when we gathered for the peg draw. However, before the rush to the beach for a hopeful 6:30pm start we took a team photo to celebrate the arrival of the 2021 Hoodies. (See photo). A special thanks to Roger excelling in his Quartermaster role. What a team both front and rear views!

NAC Walcott 4th October 2021

With the tide peaking, but little movement there were no early catches to celebrate, and it looked to be one of those evenings, nice views, cool but no fish. First off, the mark was Ian Childerhouse (peg 13) with a 38cm Bass (55 weight points) was this the start of a run of bass? Simple answer No !. So, Ian picked up the biggest round of the evening. Ok so where were the usual flatties, was there a decent flounder to be caught. Simple answer Yes ….Roger Cunnington (peg 7) picked up the biggest flat with a 30cm Flounder. However, the evenings winner was Leon Smith with end peg number 16 catching 2 fish with a Bass and a Dab achieving  also 55 weight points. But the winner on the evening due to his 2 fish versus Ian’s 1.

With only 9 fish caught in total, with a weight points total of 181 (3lb 12/16oz) it wasn’t a fish fest but it was a good evening, and we were kept cosy by the new team hoodies. Hopefully, next week’s match (11 October 2021) at Kelling will be more productive.

Match Result:

1st          Leon Smith                      peg 16                2               55 weight points (1lb 2/16oz)

2nd         Ian Childerhouse            peg 13                1 fish              55 weight points (1lb 2/16oz)

3rd         Roger Cunnington          peg 7                  2 fish               38cm weight points (13/16oz)

For full individual points results see images:

Club News for members:

  1. All venues, directions and results can be found by searching Norfolk Angling Club website (Norfolk Angling Club | Norfolk’s Premier Angling Club ) for latest information and match reports. If you have a quiet evening, try searching past match results for Walcott or search Kelling in preparation to our next match ……good homework.
  • Did you know that if you order your bait from Rite Gear (Dene) you will not only get a get a discount on the bait whether you are fishing a club match or pleasure fishing, but also discount is also given to all NAC members on tackle and larger purchases such as rods and reels etc. (matching on-line prices). If we do not support or use our local tackle shop, we could lose it.
  • If you would like one of the new hoodies, please contact Roger (£30 members, £40 non-members)

NAC Match Report Weybourne 27th September 2021

NAC Match Report Weybourne 27th September 2021  

No blanks at Weybourne and a rocket ! (What more could you ask for)

After last week’s match at Sea Palling with only 13 fish caught anticipation was high that Weybourne would be more productive and that the fish gods had moved the fish up the coast. Pre match conversation was not about the fishing but more about trying to find petrol stations open and the lack of fuel locally. Hopefully, with the weather fine, light breeze and an incoming tide the scene was set for a competitive match. Great to see a good turnout (18) with some new and old faces joining the merry band.

With the numbers the beach was pegged from the pipe (peg 18) towards Kelling (peg 1), and given all arrived by 18:00pm (thanks) it was decided to kick off at 18:45pm, and with a low anticipated fish size it was agreed to continue to fish 18cm +.

Early activity set the scene as Dabs started to appear, hopefully maybe a few Bass once the tide came in and the light levels dropped. But the Dabs they kept on coming along with a few Pouting at the Kelling end of the beach. In total 123 fish caught (compared to 13 last week) of which 90/123 were Dabs. Bass did make an appearance, but none were of good size 10/123. A tally of 9 Pouting, 5 Flounder, 5 Eels, and 2 Rockling made up the remainder.

Before we reveal the winners, it might be interesting to note that we were treated to a local lightning show over the wind turbines – see Nathan’s video. Bit of more interest was the bright light which looked to be a satellite (?) but it turned out to be the Landsat 9 launch rocket out of California. Not every day you see that (thanks to our own Patrick Mower – Mr Craske for finding that out.)….see photo

So back to the fishing, winner of the night was Stephen Medler (peg 7) with an impressive 14 fish collecting 224 weight points, beating Neil Hayes (peg 10 ) with 204 weight points, and Pete Simmons (peg 4) on 164 weight points. Biggest flat of the night went to “Mr Reliable” Leon Smith (peg 3) with a 33cm Flounder, whilst on form Nathan Drewery (peg 9) picked up biggest round of the night on his last cast (as per usual) with a 56cm Dog Fish. All in all, a good night what with no blanks, 123 fish, 36lb 3/16oz and a rocket !.

See you next week (4th October 2021) at Walcott – back to the sand.

All venues, directions and results can be found by searching Norfolk Angling Club website (Norfolk Angling Club | Norfolk’s Premier Angling Club )for latest information and match reports.

Match Result:

1st          Stephen Medler             peg 7                  14 fish       224 weight points (4lb 11/16oz)

2nd         Neil Hayes                       peg 10                9 fish              204 weight points (4lb 4/16oz)

3rd         Pete Simmons                peg 4                  6 fish              164 weight points (3lb 7/16oz)

For full individual points results see image:

NAC Match Report Sea Palling 20th September 2021

NAC Match Report Sea Palling 20th September 2021  

Prepared by Russell Taylor

No Simon last night but still an excellent turn out with 19 fishing including 2 new members, father and son Stephen and Jamie Medlar, welcome to the club chaps, also 2 returning members Gregory Kiddell and Neil Haynes, good to see you both back on the beach and we had a special guest appearance from Richard Craske

Pegging was to the left of the long stay carpark steps and with high tide around 8pm it meant a long trek for most to the second bay but was it worth it?. For nearly all no it wasn’t, even fishing to 18cm the fish were hard to find.

With only 13 fish recorded it was the returning Greg Kiddell who not only managed to find the biggest fish of the night, a 54cm Bass but the most fish carding a whopping 3 fish for 172 points,

Second spot went to Ian Wells who found 2 Bass for 100 points and only 8 points behind him was myself with a solitary 45cm Bass for 92 points.

Richard Hipperson obviously couldn’t be bothered chasing the Bass instead opting for a bit of flounder fishing which paid off as it landed him biggest flat of the night, a 27cm .

Lucky peg went to Eamon Finch.

1st Gregory Kiddell                      30pts + 5pts biggest round

2nd Ian Wells                                29pts

3rd Russell Taylor                         28pts

4th Richard Hipperson                 27pts +5pts biggest flat

5th Neil Haynes                            26pts

6th Stephen medlar                     25pts

7th Colin Bailey                            24pts

8th Richard Craske                       23pts

9th Barry Iseton                            22pts


Nathan Drewery

Eamon Finch

John Catchpole

Jamie Medlar

Allen sexton

Clive Parker

Ian Childerhouse

John Spalton

Roger Cunnington

Neil Rowe

Next week it’s Weybourne.

NAC Match Report Waxham 13th September 2021

NAC Match Report Waxham 13th September 2021  

Nathan nails Waxham !

For the 2nd match of this 2021 – 2022 Winter League it was a return to Waxham, the last time was January 2020 with a bait pack which included maggots. Waxham is one of those typically Norfolk villages that takes some finding but is very much worth the search, but don’t tell anyone! (Note: parking can be difficult in the peak of the summer). With 12 booked into fish the match the waiting and pre match banter was quick and easy in the last of the summer sunshine. Nice to see Clive Parker again and a welcome back to Norfolk.

The pathway to the beach leads you through the dunes onto a very open and clean beach with some large stone groynes. We pegged from the 1st groyne (peg 1) to the next groyne on the right (peg 12). With the tide in ebb and about to bottom out there were a few waves highlighting the various sandbars offshore. Pegs 4/5 seemed to find the only snaggy bit of the beach. Fish off was 19:00

Early successes went to Billy Rush (peg 2) with a 48cm Bass, Richard Hipperson (peg 1) with a 28cm Flounder. But the successes then switched to the other end of the beach with Nathan Drewery (peg 11), Ian Childerhouse (peg 10),  Russell Taylor (peg 9) and Neil Rowe (peg 8) starting to consistently bag a few bass.  

With less numbers fishing than last week (it was worth the trip down the coast for this special venue) a total of 34 fish caught converted into 1831 weight points (38lb 2/16oz). The 34 consisted of 31 Bass, 1 Dab and 2 Flounders. Congratulations to Nathan not only winning the match (see numbers below) but for catching the biggest round of a 51cm Bass, and to Richard Hipperson for catching the biggest flat a Flounder of 28cm.  

See you next week (20th September) at Sea Palling, always an interesting venue.

All venues, directions and results can be found by searching Norfolk Angling Club website (Norfolk Angling Club | Norfolk’s Premier Angling Club )for latest information and match reports.

Match Result:

1st          Nathan Drewery            peg 11                5 fish               431 weight points (9lb)

2nd         Russell Taylor 9              peg 9                  4 fish              307 weight points (6lb 6/16oz)

3rd         Neil Rowe                       peg 8                  6 fish              277 weight points (5lb 12/16oz)

For full individual points results see image:

Ps. remember to pay your 2021 – 2022 membership subscription (£10) and if you fancy one of the Clubs new hoodies (£30 members / £40 non-members) contact Roger Cunnington asap (order to be placed on 16th September).

PPs. A reminder that we draw pegs at 18:00 prompt so please aim to arrive by 17:45pm to allow time for a wee bit of admin.

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