Match Guidelines

Match Guidelines / Rules

Most of these rules have been adopted from the Sea Anglers Match Federation and ensure a fair and enjoyable competition between all anglers. All members of the club act as Stewards and it is our responsibility to make sure all rules are adhered to.

Fish must be measured down to the nearest centre meter, no stretching or bending of the ruler is allowed, flatfish can and should be measured with the mouth open.
Match cards must be completed by the member and witnessed and signed by an adjacent angler at the end of each match before handing in to organiser, this includes converting your length to weight.
Undersize fish should be placed in bucket with water and returned alive after casting out your next line.
All fish must be placed in bucket containing sea water and taken to an adjacent angler for measure and recording. Once recorded you should return your fish in sight of the angler who witnessed your catch, if retaining your fish to eat please snip the tail in front of the adjacent angler.
All fish must be recorded / returned before retrieving your next cast.
Only match competitors are allowed to transport and record fish , no third party’s.
Your allowed to fish with 1 rod and a maximum of 3 hooks, a second rod may be setup and ready to use with rig attached should it be needed.
NO Rubbish to be left on the beach, no papers or rubbish to be thrown into the sea, we are all ambassadors for our sport so please act responsibly.
Please make sure your match cards are readable and not damaged.
This is a friendly club and more experienced anglers should give as much help as required to others, and make new members feel welcome.
If any instances arise that are not covered in the above guidelines, the organisers decision will be final.
All baits including additives can be used, except feathers and lures unless it is a lure / feathers only match.

Above all please enjoy your fishing and help those that need it and keep the club a friendly environment to fish.

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