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A big thank you to Norfolk Angling Club

A big thank you from Norfolk Angling Club for all your donations and support through our Christmas appeal. A special thanks to Eamon and Ian for their kind donations. Below is a letter from Walking with the Wounded not only thanking us, but explaining how all the £ will be spent. Thanks again……SimonDear The Norfolk Angling Club,

YOU Left No-one Behind From Lockdown This Year. Thanks to your efforts, Walking Home For Christmas has raised the wonderful sum so far of over £135,000, with more money continuing to come in each day. The money raised will enable Walking With The Wounded to continue to be there for all those in need. We recognise that those who served, deserve. Whether mentally wounded, socially wounded or physically wounded, they deserve the care, support and means they and their families need to function in society, serving in the communities in which they live, reigniting their sense of purpose and making a positive contribution again. We do four things: employment, mental health, care coordination and volunteering which are saving jobs, homes, relationships and lives for the veterans who are struggling since leaving the military. At the beginning of the event, and on the back of the past two years, we set you a challenge of ensuring that no-one is left behind from lockdown. Our Veterans have been amongst the hardest hit by the pandemic and they deserve our support at a critical moment. And how you answered our call! From Edinburgh to London, Belfast to Cardiff, throughout the UK nearly 1,300 people came together to fund over 1,650 mental health therapy sessions. Your £1,010.17 raised is a key part of this and we couldn’t be prouder of your efforts.

Every small step you took on your walks will make a big difference. Thank you so much again from the whole team here at Walking With The Wounded to you and those who donated to you. We are humbled by your efforts.

Well done again and a very happy new year to you. Thank you. Fergus Williams CEO, Walking With The Wounded

What your support means to those like Mark that we help…Mark joined the Parachute Regiment and completed 12 months of hard training. Disaster struck when he seriously injured his ankle, and he was unable to complete his essential parachute jumps. He successfully transferred to the Coldstream Guards and immediately started reconnaissance work. He was deployed to Northern Ireland and was involved in several incidents that caused him accumulative trauma. Mark left the military to look after his mother who had become seriously ill, and his father was struggling to look after the family alone. Sadly, in 1994, Mark’s mother passed away and this caused his mental health to spiral downwards. For 23 years, Mark struggled with his symptoms. He left his marriage and his home and went to live in a squat. He sought help from his GP but declined the anti-depressants that he had been prescribed. In 2012,Mark applied to take a Close Protection Security Course (CPS) with the intention of going to Iraq. However, the reintroduction to a military-style environment, made him aggressive and disassociated. In 2018, he contacted WWTW to help him find a new, stable career path and was introduced to Chris his Employment Advisor. Chris immediately referred Mark to NHS TILS (Veterans’ Mental Health Transition, Intervention, Liaison Service) for assessment and treatment. He was diagnosed with Complex PTSD and treated through talking therapies and grounding techniques. Chris supported Mark and helped him to complete his applications forms for PIP (Personal Independence Payment) support and Universal Credit – a daunting task that Mark had been unwilling to undertake. In 2019, Chris invited Mark to go to Lesotho, Africa with a team from WWTW. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and Mark, who had responded well to therapy, accepted. He flew to Lesotho and worked to rebuild an orphanage. He also helped to teach the children Maths, English, and woodworking skills. The trip helped him relate to others and to understand and appreciate their battles. When Mark was ready to look for employment again, he had decided he wanted to become an HGV driver. Chris got in touch with the Royal British Legion to fund his HGV Class C Licence training. He also introduced him to courses in Mental Health and Counselling, so that he could better understand his own issues. Mark has now finished his therapy and is no longer on medication. He has received his HGV Class C licence and WWTW has just secured funding from the Royal British Legion for his HGV C+E training (driving with a drawbar). He is feeling confident and is in a very strong position to get work.‘ Last year, Christmas was not great. I was still in therapy; I had no work and I’d just got back to an empty home after being in Africa with the team from WWTW. This year, everything has changed. I have a new partner; I am independent and very soon, I expect to be in a new job. Thanks to Chris and WWTW my life is coming together. The past is gone, and this Christmas is all about making some new, happy memories.


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NAC Match Gorleston 17th January 2022

NAC Match Report Gorleston 17th January 2022

Nathan on form at a moonlit Gorleston 

The moon was up and full as we gathered to draw pegs at Marine Parade car park, Gorleston. As no gossip re big fish or unicorns (Cod) it was decided to fish 18cm+ length match, same as last week. 11 anglers pegged from just below right of the car park (peg 11) to peg 1 near the chalets. Tide was coming in, and with a moonlit beach (see photo) it looked to be a good session, reinforced by the Spalton weather cam earlier in the day, Gus and his gang know a good sea when they see one !.

Early catches set the trend for the whole match with small whiting and dabs making the running with high numbers of singles/doubles/trebles but nothing really of size. Any match recording fish over 18cm is one where there is a lot more writing than fishing, with the advantage for keeping your step count up with the running up/down the beach with your bucket. Gorleston was no exception to that rule.

With 318 fish caught (averaging 30 per angler) there was a lot of recording to do. Always difficult at night when its cold. So, a gentle reminder to check your adding up and handwriting to ensure we have an easy reporting session. Plus, when many of the fish are similar size, please identify your biggest flat/round….thanks as it takes more time to do the numbers than spent fishing.

In total the 318 fish recorded a total length of 6854cm. Nathan fishing off peg 1 fishing a blinder, picking up 55 fish for a total length of 1154cm, well fished, sympathies to Marc Lawson (peg 2) who had to do all the recording and writing up. Whilst 2nd and third place were contested by Eamon Finch (peg 4) and Ian Childerhouse (Peg 11). Of the 318 fish caught 233 were whiting, 84 were dab, a final 1 pout made up the numbers. See match results below and images. Reported numbers for podium have been rechecked and validated with a calculator. Biggest flat, a 26cm Dab was caught by Russell Taylor (peg 3) with biggest round going to guess who, with a 31cm Whiting (Nathan Drewery – peg 1). So, with only 2 more matches to the end of the Winter League it’s a well  fished Nathan and well fished all and see you at Salthouse next week for the penultimate match of the 2021/2022 Winter League.

Match Result:

1st          Nathan Drewery                                        peg 1                            55 fish                1154 cm

2nd         Eamon Finch                                              peg 4                             34 fish               729 cm

3rd         Ian Childerhouse                                        peg 11                       33 fish               712 cm

Biggest flat Russell Taylor 26cm Dab

Biggest round Nathan Drewery 31cm Whiting

Lucky peg draw went to Russell Taylor

For full results see image

Next match will be on 24th January 2022 at Salthouse with HT @ 22:29pm (so fishing the flood. Keep an eye on our WhatsApp group for any latest information

Ps. well done all NAC Teams A/B who fished 16th January at the Teams of 5 match at Salthouse

NAC Match Report Sea Palling 10th January 2022

NAC Match Report Sea Palling 10th January 2022

Ian Childerhouse shows how to fish to length at Sea Palling and retains the Simon “Luggy” Farrow Cup  

The last time we fished Sea Palling it was the 20th September with fish very hard to find (only 13 caught by 9 anglers  with 10 blanks….not a happy time). Would history repeat itself with this 2nd match? In total 12 anglers met in good time for a 6:30pm kick off, despite the move of car park due to a very soggy field. It was a welcome back to Marc Lawson.

We decided to fish either side of the slip way with peg 6 being opposite the slip. After requesting a short walk Ian Childerhouse picked up peg 12 which was easy going to the right of the slip, he had smile on his face, did he know something the rest of us didn’t. With the threat of low fish numbers, we decided to fish to length (anything over 18cm was carded but by length, not converted to weight points)

Early fishing showed what we were in for with wee whiting and wee dabs making an appearance. But activity on that right side of the pegs seemed to be keeping a smile on the faces of Ian Childerhouse (peg 12), Neil Rowe (peg 9), Stephen Medlar (peg 11) and John Spalton (peg 11). The reason was obvious when cards were checked at the end of the night, they’d found lots of fish relative to the last match. A Sea Palling local who stopped by for a chat confirmed that that end of the beach was the most productive….see facts and data, one to file for the future.

It proved a wise move fishing a length match as no one blanked. In total 182 fish caught giving a total of length of 3953cm. Of the 182 fish caught 48 were Dabs, 2 Rockling and 132 were wee Whiting. Viewing the overall results, it was congratulations to Ian Childerhouse for showing how to fish a length match and in winning the Simon “Luggy” Farrow Cup, and it clearly was a bit of a tussle on that end of the beach with only 6 cm separating 2nd and 3rd podium spot.

Match Result:

1st          Ian Childerhouse                                       short walk, peg 12                   27 fish                578cm

2nd         Neil Rowe                                                                          peg 9                       23 fish               529cm

3rd         Stephen Medlar                                                                peg 11                     23 fish               523cm

Biggest flat shared Eamon Finch and Ian Childerhouse 26cm Dab

Biggest round Neil Rowe 31cm Whiting

Lucky peg draw went to Eamon Finch

  • Simon “Luggy” Farrow Cup held annually in memory of Simon Farrow a previous member of the club who died in 2016.

For full results see image

Next match will be 17th January 2022 at Gorleston with HT @ 20:24pm (so fishing the turn and down the tide). Keep an eye on our WhatsApp group for any latest information

NAC Match Report Kelling 3rd January 2022

NAC Match Report Kelling 3rd January 2022  

Jamie & David repeat pairs success at Kelling.

Happy New Year for 2022 let’s hope we have a year free from any lockdowns and more of a feeling of normality, best wishes to all, but remember to stay cautious and safe. Fishing from Kelling means a bit more management as we have to close the main gate whilst we are fishing, we wouldn’t want anyone stealing those beautiful old battle tanks. Interesting to see the history of Weybourne Camp featured in a back issue of “Flog it.” (See iPlayer). With the match at Kelling designated a ‘pairs’ match the numbers attending if even no problem, if an odd number it meant that someone had to fish 2 rods on their own. So, were we going to end up an even number ?.

The pre match revelry was interrupted with the arrive of our own quartermaster with the latest issues of hats (beanies and caps – see photos) with the latest deliveries. Very smart. Speaking as one who gave a few beanies as Christmas presents, they are excellent quality and look good. So don’t loose out, pass your orders to Roger Cunnington via the NAC Facebook site or WhatsApp him.

Back to the fishing, with 13 anglers in the peg draw who would pair with who. The last time we fished Kelling in November 2021 (see NAC Match Report Kelling 8th November 2021 | Norfolk Angling Club) the magic pairing then was Jamie Medlar and David Mathers catching a match winning total of 58 fish  (1065 weight points), and somehow the fishing gods in January 2022 put Jamie and David back as a pair. Match on, the pair to beat. In anticipation of a bumper catch (also talk of good catches up/down the coast over the last few days) we again fished to size.

From the off the fish were being caught, but as per recent matches size was the issue with plenty of undersized traces being caught in a turning/falling tide. Nice to see Russell back on the beach but like everyone was frustrated at the lack of cardable fish. Compared to November 2021 average of 16 fish caught per angler, this time we were not so lucky with an average of 9 fish per angler being carded. By the end of the night 118 fish were carded of which 115 were Whiting, with 3 Dabs.

The honours for largest round were shared between Steve Medlar (Peg 1) and Roger Cunnington (Peg 2) catching 35cm Whiting. With John Catchpole (Peg 4) picking up the largest flat with a 26cm Dab (tells you all about the night). So did the magic pairing of Jamie and David fishing Peg 3 bear fruit (or should I have said fish) well yes, the fishing gods struck again with the golden pair picking up a total of 24 fish with 392 weight points (8lb 3/16oz). Well done boys……but will it be 3 in a row when we return to Kelling in late February 2022, watch this space.

A special mention must go to Team Spalton who managed to pick up 11 fish earning 176 points, whilst fishing with two rods and keeping 3 dogs in order.

Match Result:

1st          Jamie Medlar/David Mathers                  peg 3               24 fish                392 weight points          (8lb 3/16oz)

2nd         Stephen Medlar/Neil Rowe                     peg 1               18 fish               349 weight points          (7lb 4/16oz)

3rd         John Catchpole/Ian Childerhouse           peg 4               20 fish               338 weight points          (7lb 1/16oz)

Lucky peg draw went to Russell Taylor

For full results see image

Next match will be 10th January 2022 at Sea Palling with LT @ 20:10pm (so fishing the turn and up the tide). Keep an eye on our WhatsApp group for any latest information

A big thanks to all who supported the Walking with the Wounded fund raising the final grand total of £1010. Thanks all, truly smashing the initial objective of £500. See photo of Robert Selby showing off his new prize winning rod and future NAC matches timetable.

NAC Match report for Bacton 27th December 2021

NAC Match Report Bacton 27th December 2021  

Nathan 3rd Win in 3 matches at Bacton.  

After the Christmas festivities whose bright idea was it to fish on a what looked to be a wet and windy evening as opposed to what seemed like perfect conditions in the earlier Spalton forecast. 10/12  gathered in the car park as we organised the bait packs (2 roles of frozen black lug, 25 lug and a pack of bluey). As the time passed, we decided to draw pegs in time for a 6:30pm kick off then hit the beach from 6:00pm. Having found our pegs (thanks John) we started to set up beachside.  Then in the gloom 2 additional anglers arrived, a great test to see how fast they could set up and be ready for 6:30pm. Nice to see Steve Johnstone fishing with the club again , last fished with the club in January 2015 at Cley (see report johnstone | Search Results | Norfolk Angling Club, I hope this session is better than last time ? Welcome back.

All on peg, match on !

With the tide well out the early first casts gathered a few small whiting, was this the start of a whiting fest ?. Sadly, this didn’t materialise as cast after cast brought in small fish. Where had all the big ones go. Then against the run of play Roger Cunnington (peg 3) picked up what looked to be a sizeable flattie, it was certainly cardable. Quickly followed by Simon Bottomley (peg 6) picking up what looked to be a similar size, but it was not to be, Roger’s Flounder was 1cm bigger measured in at 33cm a difference of 4 weight points. So, size does matter. Well done, Roger. Next came a few bigger whiting with Neil Rowe (peg 8) picking up a 32cm Whiting.

In total 42 to size fish caught with 34 Whiting, 2 flounder, 3 dabs and 3 rockling a smaller haul than expected. Steve did do better  than his last 2015 match. Nathan continued his current run of form, can anyone prick his bubble, let’s see at our next match at Kelling on 3rd January 2022. Looks like Ian Childerhouse will be buying supper again, well done Jamie.

 Match Result:

1st          Nathan Drewery            peg 1    14 fish               254 weight points          (5lb 5/16oz)

2nd         Jamie Childerhouse       peg 11 7 fish                  102 weight points          (2lb 2/16oz)

3rd         Simon Bottomley           peg 6    10 fish               72 weight points            (1lb 8/16oz)

For full results see image

Next match will be 3rd January 2022 at Kelling. Keep an eye on our WhatsApp group for any latest information

A big thanks to all who have supported our Walking with the Wounded fund raising. If you still want to donate, please use the link to make your donation. Please see photo of our 2nd place prize winner with his bucket of tackle. Once again, a big thank you to Eamon, Ian for providing excellent raffle prizes. I am also aware that the winner of 3rd prize (NAC Hoodie/Hat) has placed his order.

NAC Match Report Gt. Yarmouth at 20th December 2021

NAC Match Report Gt. Yarmouth (South Beach) December 2021  

Size Matters at Gt. Yarmouth  

With a positive predicted forecast from Mr Spalton the weather/tide man (see match day video) all were looking forward to a good night’s fishing. With the Government threatening further shutdowns was this the last match for a while ? . The evening had another special feel as it was the night to draw the Walking with the Wounded raffle. With 9 anglers gathered near the Premier Inn the evening started well with the magical Mr Finch conjuring up fresh sausage rolls. Thanks Mrs F.

Pegging was from the Premier Inn towards the  roller coaster. With the tide rising and a clear cool, moonlit evening it was match on, casting off at 6:30pm fishing to size limits. The roller coaster represented the match from beginning to end with lots of whiting being caught in doubles and trebles but mostly undersized. Lots of up/down the beach emptying the bucket but without carding many. The task ahead was to try, and avoid the small ones in  favour of the carded over 27cm Whiting and 23cm Dabs. The bigger fish were there, but shy !

However, Nathan and Eamon somehow managed to find their way through the tings to the larger “cardable” fish. The biggest flat was a 28cm Dab to Nathan fishing from Peg  1, the largest round being a 34cm Whiting to Stephen Medlar. John S peg 5 and Simon peg 1 missed out with 33cm Whitings. At the final count up 73 fish carded of which 67/72 were Whiting, with 5 Dabs. Honours for the night went to on form Nathan Drewery fishing peg 2 with 16 fish…..well done !

Match Result:

1st          Nathan Drewery            peg 2    16 fish               268 weight points          (5lb 9/16oz)

2nd         Eamon Finch                   peg 8    13 fish               225 weight points          (4lb 11/16oz)

3rd         John Catchpole               peg 4    10 fish               178 weight points          (3lb 11/16oz)

Lucky peg went to Simon Bottomley. Thanks to Mrs B for the mince pies munched during reporting.

As it’s the last match before Christmas see additional images of the latest highest winning scores / biggest flat and round this current winter league. Still 10 matches to go so this is just latest position.

Next match will be 27th December at Bacton and will be a bait pack match. Keep an eye on our WhatsApp group for any latest information

Following match reporting we took time to draw for the Walking with the Wounded raffle with the prizes donated by NAC members. A big thanks to Eamon Finch and Ian Childerhouse for their generosity. A big thank you to all readers of the NAC Facebook page and web site for their donations. As of today’s report, we have raised £871.40 a huge thanks to all.- see image

Raffle prizes and winners:

1st Prize              Blackrock Foosa rod/Axia 6ft Rod Rest                    winner David Proudfoot             (to be contacted)

2nd Prize             Various desirable pieces of Tackle                            winner Robert Selby                    (to be contacted)

3rd Prize              NAC Hoodie and Beanie (named)                           winner David Mathers                (to be contacted)

4th Prize              Rechargeable LED Lensor head light                           winner John Catchpole                (collected)

5th Prize              Various sinkers made by Eamon                            winner Ian Childerhouse              (collected)

A big thanks to all who have supported. If you still want to donate, please use the link to make your donation.

NAC Match 13th December 2021 at Trimingham

NAC Match Report Trimingham 13th December 2021  

Nathan Triumphs at Trimingham

From last week’s Whiting fest at Weybourne last week would the fish turn up at Trimingham this week. Conditions looked good as we gathered on the ramp car park at Trimingham with tide still up to the revetments either side of the ramp. Discussion was whether to fish left or right of the ramp. Opinion was divided with talk of certain groynes notorious for snagging. We joined by Jamie Childerhouse who was on a side bet with dad ( Ian Childerhouse) as to who would be paying for a late supper. The Spalton forecast showed the tide was fairly flat, and the official weather forecast confirmed low wind, and mild. The 10 gathered by 5:30pm were joined by Nathan Drewery who blamed Father Christmas for his late arrival (if you believe that you’ll believe anything)

Everyone took their preferred position on the beach either left, ramp (straight), or right…..with particular care taken to make sure no one was fishing alone. Recent mud slide at Mundesley reinforced the need to watch out for each other, so with the tide beginning to fall we cast off. Whilst conditions were good the snags occurred both in the left/right of the ramp, so simple message is that you need to accept there is a chance of snagging at Trimingham.

Good news despite the snags the fish started to appear, catching on all baits but with a few double/treble traces being filled with below size Whiting/Dabs, in addition to those to size. In total 139 fish caught of which 105 were Whiting, 27 Dabs, 6 Rockling and 1 Coal fish. But honours for the night fell to Santas little helper (really) Nathan Drewery fishing to the right catching an impressive 32 fish, 542 weight points (11lb 5/16oz). See various images for the scores/catches. Biggest flat, a 29cm Dab also went to Nathan. With the biggest round going to Leon Smith catching a 34cm Whiting.

Match Result:

1st          Nathan Drewery            right      32 fish               442 weight points          (11lb 5/16oz)

2nd         John Spalton                   left        15 fish               266 weight points          (5lb 9/16oz)

3rd         Simon Bottomley           right      14 fish               247 weight points          (5lb 2/16oz)

Next match will be 20th December at Gt. Yarmouth (South Beach) meet the main road near Premier Inn. It will be a special one as Eamon will make the draw for the Walking with the Wounded raffle. Anyone who has made a donation will be included in the draw.

We should have raised by the match a total of £600 (inclusive of a donation from NAC funds). A big thanks to all who have supported. If you still want to make a donation and enter the raffle (see images of prizes) please use the link to make your donation.


  • Continue to sign off cards with number of fish/weight points converted to weight/biggest flat/round to make the gathering of results easier, gets us home quicker
  • When we post the Gt Yarmouth match (20th Dec) we will also post the after Christmas match at Bacton on the 27th December. This will be a bait match as difficult to get fresh bait over the holiday season. Please confirm “going” for both matches as we need to know numbers.

NAC Match Report Weybourne 6th December 2021

NAC Match Report Weybourne 6th December 2021  

Neil H weighs in at Weybourne

With the weather hopefully in a calm spot after the last few weeks with a cold front and a promised westerly it was looking like it would be a good match at Weybourne. The down-pore all afternoon seemed to have calmed the sea down and the car park was an alternative venue, if we couldn’t find fish in the sea. With 17 anglers in what seemed a festive mood Dave Mathers served up a full box of Quality Street to “get the party started”. We were joined by Henry Randall who with pending fatherhood decided to nip out and get a spot of fishing in before tackling the serious job of nappy changing. Good luck from all NAC members, hope it all goes well.  Finally, best wishes to Richard Craske, hope all going well and now recovering.

With 17 fishing Russell pegged the beach, thanks. Pegging from the pipe towards Kelling. Note, please remember to book in on the Facebook event page so we know how many pegs we need (hence peg 0 – see pegs results, due a late arrival). Fishing to start at 7:00pm – fishing to size final hour of flood tide to ebb. HT 19:44pm.

As soon as the first casts were being retrieved it was obvious there would be a big catch. At last someone had told the fish to turnup. Up/down the pegs you could see traces of 2/3 whiting, it became a whiting fest with everyone catching, no blanks. Compared to previous weeks at Cley and Overstrand were we ended up 2 – 3 fish per angler, Weybourne became 18+ fish/person average. In total 318 fish caught with total weight points of 5864, converted to 122lbs 3/16ozs (18 weight points/fish) …..impressive !.

Of the 318 fish caught 290 were whiting (28 dabs). The largest round being a 38cm Whiting falling to Neil Haynes (peg 4) and the largest flat being a 28m Dab caught by John Catchpole (peg 1). But overall, the night went to Neil Haynes with a record point scored of 590 weight points (31 fish), and in second place Henry Randall catching 30 fish weighing 549 points. Leaving John Spalton (peg 6) to pick up third place with 22 fish and 440 weight points. Neil tops the leader board of highest winning totals so far this season knocking David Mathers off the top spot (previous highest weight points was 560 caught at Kelling). Well, done all who fished, cracking night with the whiting.

Match Result:

1st          Neil Haynes       Peg 4    31 fish  590 weight points   12lb 5/16oz

2nd         Henry Randall   Peg 11  30 fish 549 weight points   11lb 7/16oz

3rd         John Spalton     Peg 6    22 fish 440 weight points   9lb 3/16oz

Great set of full cards you three !


  • Continue to sign off cards with number of fish/weight points converted to weight/biggest flat/round to make the gathering of results easier, gets us home quicker.
  • Fund raising for the Walking with the Wounded going well with £388 achieved to date v.£500 target. There is another £90 to bank. Club will also make a donation. There is still time to make your donation use link below, especially as there are 3 excellent raffle prizes which could be won – see images

NAC Match Report Overstrand 29th November 2021

With Storm Arwen in retreat, the sea settling and John Spaltons afternoon beach watch video showing a promising sea it all looked to be a special night with what the old hands (you know who you are) said looked like a “codding sea”. We were joined by returning NAC angler Richard Ellis who last fished with the NAC back in January 2014, nice to see you back. Richard was joined by 11 other anglers all keen to get to the beach and the late arrival of Ian Wells fishing his home patch

The pre match chat was around how well the fund raising was going for the NAC supported charity of Walking with the Wounded. With promotional hats being passed around (see photo shot), it was pleasing to report that we had set a target of raising £500, and with £165 raised in just a few days we were on target to reach our objective by Christmas. Thanks to all for supporting, and note the comments at the foot of this report re an exciting opportunity to win some top tackle as part of the fund raising.

So back to the fishing. We pegged left (Pegs 1 – 6) and right (Pegs 8 – 13) of the “walk down” with Number 7 Peg being at the foot of the slope. Would there be a difference in catch rates from left to right. With conditions looking good it was confirmed that we would fish to size, in anticipation of a fish bonanza.

With the tide receding it quickly became apparent that we were so wrong. The early casts over the surf did not deliver the fish, even the long hitters were struggling. It became apparent in the first hour that it was dependent on your peg, then your cast. Would the fishing be comparable with the low fish turnout of Cley last week.

Simple answer was Yes, whilst 16 anglers caught 30 fish last week at Cley, 13 anglers managed 42 this week, yes, an increase (fish/angler), each one hard caught. In summary slim pickings. Nobody told the serious size fish to turn up just check the weight points tally.

In total 42 fish caught of which 38 were whiting, 2 rocklings, and 2 Dabs giving a total weight of 15lbs 9/16ozs (746 weight points). Biggest flat was a 25ch Dab caught by Stephen Medlar from peg 5, and the biggest round was a 33cm whiting caught by John Spalton peg 8. But that being said the night fell to Nathan Drewery and Stephen Medlar fishing on pegs 9 and 5 who pulled in a mighty 22 fish ( Nathan x 12, and Stephen x 10)  with 200 and 182 weight points respectively. See the overall results to see how tough it was for the rest of us. Did I also mention that it was very cold and breezy. But what else is there to do on a Monday evening in November.?

PS….pleased to see you back Richard and beating your 2014 last match score. See you next week

PPS ….if you want to see your previous mentions in report use the search function in Norfolk Angling Club | Norfolk’s Premier Angling Club and input your name for your own personal record.

Match Result:

1st          Nathan Drewery             Peg 9    12 fish  200 weight points    4lb 3/16oz

2nd         Stephen Medlar             Peg 5    10 fish 182 weight points    3lb 13/16oz

3rd         John Catchpole               Peg 4    5 fish    78 weight points    1lb 10/16oz

Good luck to the NAC A & B teams fishing the Team of 5 matches on Sunday


  • Look out for the Walking with the Wounded post for Norfolk Angling Club Christmas Charity Appeal which has been enhanced by a donation of some top tackle.

NAC Match Report Cley 22nd November 2021

NAC Match Report Cley 22nd November 2021  

John Catchpole conquers Cley !

It all started so well, a good weather forecast, although a little breezy, dry, an 8:00pm high tide and 16 keen anglers  arriving on time for drawing pegs at 6:00pm. John’s mid-afternoon fishing forecast said it would be a bit windy and choppy but conditions good for a good fish. It was a welcome back to Glen Cox who somehow sensing  the excitement came all the way from Stoke to join the match. In total 16 anglers pulled pegs at 6:00pm with pegging left and right side of peg 7 (opposite the Cley Beach bus shelter)

Cley is always a bit of a peggy venue, so all were crossing fingers hoping they pulled a good peg be it on the right or left. The moon came out, we cast off at 6:30pm fishing to size in anticipation of a good catch. If last weeks match with 12 anglers caught 207 fish, then 16 anglers should be hitting the 250 mark…… you would think ?.

A few early “small tings” appeared, then the small dabs, then the crossed lines, then the snags in Cley mud or in the shingle gully close to shore. It may have felt like it was going to be a special night, it certainly didn’t live up to the anticipation. Local legend “Pond Pete” dropped by and lifted spirits with “they’ll be a few fish around after high tide, little did he know. The night whilst pleasant was not going to be a fish fest.

In total only 30 fish caught, of which 21 were dabs the biggest being 25cms with the prize for biggest flat shared between peg 11 (Roger Cunnington), peg 3 (Stephen Medlar), peg 2 (Nathan Drewery) and peg 10 (Colin Bailey). Of the 9 whiting caught peg 9 (John Catchpole) pulled in a 34cm specimen. John Catchpole went on to win the podium spot with Roger Cunnington taking 2nd and Ian Childerhouse taking 3rd. So, it may have started well it certainly didn’t finish well and live up to its potential. There’s always next week’s match at Overstrand back on the sand to get the fish count up. Well, done all who fished, it was one of those tough ones!

Match Result:

1st          John Catchpole               Peg 9    6 fish    94 weight points    1lb15/16oz

2nd         Roger Cunnington          Peg 11 4 fish    70 weight points    1lb 7/16oz

3rd         Ian Childerhouse            Peg 7    5 fish    66 weight points    1lb 6/16oz

And finally, a big well done to the NAC Teams A/B who fished the Team of 5s match at Great Yarmouth at the weekend Gt. Yarmouth. (NAC Team A Roger, Will, Nathan, Simon, John S & Team B Neil, Greg, Richard, Dave)

For full individual points results see images:


  • thanks for following the carding/scoring rules but remember to identify your biggest flat/round – helps with the results admin….Simon
  • Look out for the Walking with the Wounded post for Norfolk Angling Club Christmas Charity Appeal. I’ll bring a few Christmas hats (John S’s request) to the Overstrand Match.
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