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NAC Match Report Overstrand 7th June 2021

NAC Match Report Overstrand 7th June 2021  

A slow night at Overstrand

The one thing that dominates fishing at Overstrand is the walk down and then back up from the car park to the beach. Even knowing it was a long haul up the path 12 members arrived to fish. We were joined by 1st timer with the club Hitesh Lad, welcome aboard!

The sun was up and the conversation drifted back to last week’s fish fest at Kelling. Were we going to see the bigger fish, bass, smooth hounds, dog fish? The warm sunny weather with a light breeze made it feel like a holiday outing, especially with all the talk of paddling out due to the tide being on the ebb and the water shallow. We made the pegging draw, agreed to fish to size limits (in anticipation of some big fish) and Nathan kindly agreed to show Hitesh the ropes. Pegging was from the foot of the cliff leftwards towards Cromer, no doubt John Spalton felt he should have asked for a short walk as he managed to draw Peg 1 (again!).

We took advantage of everyone being ready to fish with an earlier cast off of 6:30pm, hoping for those early fish from the ebb tide. Despite having the longest walk John Spalton (Peg 1) picked up first and early Dab cast 1, quickly followed by a 45cm Bass. It looked like it was going to be one of those evenings. Sadly, it did not live up to expectations with catches coming in slowly, and taking a lot of fish craft to catch what was there. Nathan managed to make Hitesh’s debut with a 27cm Flounder and a master class in setting up, casting, tackle choices and bait…. fingers crossed we hope he comes back to fish another day. (See video clip of Nathan in action).

In total we picked up a total of 19 fish, an average of 1.5 fish/member, compared to the 6.6 fish average from last week. The 19 fish included 9 Bass, 4 Dabs, 2 Flounder, 4 Whiting. With the biggest round that early 45cm Bass to caught by  John Spalton (Peg 1) and the biggest flattie a 31cm Flounder falling to Leon Smith (Peg 4). Given it was Ian Wells (Peg 5) local beach it was no surprise that local knowledge paid off with his first podium position of the season with a total of 6 fish including 2 Bass. One of the ways you can tell its was a quiet match is by the number of sunset pictures. Enjoy.

Yes, it was a slow night but its another pleasant evening with excellent company on the beach. Our first time fisher Hitesh enjoyed himself and left the match wanting to know where next venues would be. As an aside all venues can be found by searching Norfolk Angling Club website for latest information and match reports

Match Result:

1st          Ian Wells                         Peg 5    6 fish    179 weight points    (3lb 12/16oz)

2nd         John Spalton                   Peg 1    3 fish    116 weight points    (2lb 7/16oz)

3rd         Ian Childerhouse            Peg 12 3 fish    85 weight points    (1lb 12/16oz)   

For full individual points results see image:

Next match Monday 14th June @ Cley (HT 22:17pm) – see Facebook for details. Remember to continue to monitor WhatsApp for any last minute changes.

NAC Match Report Kelling 31st May 2021

NAC Match Report Kelling 31st May 2021  

A pack of Hounds hit Kelling

It certainly felt like a holiday with the sun making a pleasant appearance for this bank holiday. Everyone was in holiday mood especially with the suggestion, agreed at Yarmouth, to fish Kelling as a pairs match. (Thanks for the suggestion Nathan Drewery). What would be the rules, how would we score, who was to be paired with whom, what if we had odd numbers?

15 anglers had flagged ‘going’ on the Facebook page and arrived to fish, so John Spalton elected to fish with 2 rods (thanks John), meaning that we then had 7 pairs. 2 pairs were a given with Pete and Dad Simmonds (Dad keen to show Pete how it should be done) and Tony Holmes with his partner Kim West. We welcomed Glen Cox to his first match for a long time, hope it would live up to expectations.

Russell set up 15 peg positions on the beach, with peg 15 nearer to the wreck pegging back towards Salthouse. Pegs flagged, pairs drawn, it was time to hit the beach. What about the scoring I hear you cry? Simply each card to be marked up individually so we could assign individual league points, however for this match each pairs individual score to be totalled for this match (see statistics easy to see when you have the numbers). With an expectation of a good haul, we elected to fish to size limits.

With the sun still high, the tide coming in (High Tide 23:49pm), and with an easterly breeze each pair took their place on the beach. The whistle sounded for “cast off”. It wasn’t long until we saw up and down the beach the sight of Smooth Hounds being carefully brought in through the surf. It was a case of who would catch the biggest one, quite a feat given they could not be carded until larger after 51cm (size limit).

Glen Cox fishing with Leo Smith (pegs 11/12) quickly picked up a 69cm Smooth Hound a first and personal best. Followed by Russell Taylor paired with Simon Bottomley (pegs 13/14) then picking up 82cm and 87cm Smooth Hounds. Richard Hipperson paired with Barry Iseton (pegs 7/8) seemed to have a sweet mark catching 6 hounds ranging from 60cm to 75cm. Ian Childerhouse fishing with partner Andy Turk (pegs 5/6) picked up a 76cm Smooth Hound. But Leon Smith picked up an 89cm Smooth Hound taking the honours for biggest round. With fish these sizes the points total at the end of the match would be pretty exceptional!. What of team Spalton fishing unpaired but fishing with two rods, 3 dogs (the 4 legged variety) from peg 15?  John started slow but then hit his stride picking up a creditable 63cm and 75cm Smooth Hounds. Dad Simmonds of team Simmonds did show Peter what it was all about by picking up a 77cm Smooth Hound

It wasn’t just Smooth Hounds, a few Bass made an appearance with Simon Bottomley and Nathan Drewery both picking up 46cm Bass. So we have covered Smooth Hounds, Bass what other species caught in this fish fest. Further down the beach Andy Turk fishing with Ian Childerhouse (pegs 5/6) seemed to be focussing on picking up Pouting with 9 caught, beating Simon Bottomley with his own Pouting battle of 8 (but it did include a 32cm specimen). Dabs were the size of large dinner plates with Russell picking up the largest flat with a 30cm Dab, good news for the Bottomley/Taylor pairing. The pairing of Nathan Drewery and John Catchpole (pegs 9/10) were consistent through the night capturing 3rd overall, behind 2nd pair of Richard Hipperson and Barry Iseton (pegs 7/8). But both could not catch 1st pairing of Simon Bottomley and Russell Taylor (thanks for the tips/rod demo etc ….Simon) ….see match results

In total 99 fish caught weighing 102lbs 14/16oz (4907 weight points). 35/99 Pouts, 26/99 Dabs, 24/99 Smooth Hounds, 10/99 Whiting, with 3/99 Bass, 1/99 Coal Fish. And yes, Pete Simmond’s Dad achieved a creditable 308 points including a 77cm Smooth Hound. Glen Cox caught his first Smoothie, and Tony and Kim picked up Whiting and Dabs. What a haul, what a match!

I am sure there were a few personal bests of species, points, weight but any club records broken please advise.

Match Result:

Pegs                   Pair                                                              Weight Points/weight

13/14                 Simon Bottomley / Russell Taylor                           1256     26lb 3/16oz

7/8                     Richard Hipperson / Barry Iseton                           880       18lb 5/16oz

9/10                   John Catchpole / Nathan Drewey                           788       16lb 7/16oz

11/12                 Glen Cox / Leon Smith                                            627       13lb 1/16oz

5/6                     Ian Childerhouse / Andy Turk                                570       11lb 14/16oz

15                       Team Spalton                                                          432       9lb

3/4                     Team Simmonds                                                      308       6lb 7/16oz

1/2                     Tony Holmes / Kim West                                       46         15/16oz

For full individual points results see image:

Next match Monday 7th June @ Overstrand – see Facebook for details. Remember to continue to monitor WhatsApp for any last minute changes.

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NAC Match Report Great Yarmouth (South Beach) 24th May 2021

NAC Match Report Great Yarmouth (South Beach) 24th May 2021  

Catchpole does it again at Yarmouth

With only 8 carded fish last week at Sea Palling there was anticipation in the air as 8 anglers parked up to fish Great Yarmouth South Beach (always an interesting mark with easy access to the beach and a consistent tide). With Mr Early (John Spalton) providing an early view of beach conditions through a Facebook post a good start to Monday afternoon, it planned to be a good night. It was a welcome back to Neil Rowe and Chris Beare. Fishing Great Yarmouth doesn’t attract a larger number of NAC anglers, but its always a venue that throws up a healthy number of good size fish. So, would Great Yarmouth South Beach live up to it’s reputation?

Within everyone gathered, weather closing in, pegs selected, free starter pack gift issued, it was time to hit the beach for an early start. Pegging from Travel Inn end (Peg 8) to opposite the roller coaster (Peg 1) everyone then prepared to bring in the fish, and hunker down as the rain clouds gathered. In anticipation of good sized fish it was agreed to fish size limits. Within minutes of cast off the ‘ping’ whiting and ‘nursery’ dog fish/smooth hounds started to be caught, with a few being carded. The Travel Inn end of the Pegs started to card, match on.

John Catchpole (Peg 7), in good form from last weeks win at Sea Palling, started to card with a 58cm Dog and 27cm Whitings, clearly setting the pace for the rest of us. Fishing either side Ian Childerhouse (Peg 8) and Nathan Drewer (Peg 6) kept the pressure on, with John Spalton (Peg 4) also competing with Whiting and Dogs. Nathan (Peg 6) then caught a magnificent 41cm Ray (118 weight points) see picture putting the largest round out of reach for those just catching 50cm+ Dog fish.

In total 47 fish carded, with a total weight of 24lbs 14/16oz. Included 47 Whiting, 7 Dabs, 5 Dog, 1 each of Eel, Ray, Pout. A good haul, good sport, Great Yarmouth still a ‘great’ venue holding onto its reputation. Biggest flat was a 28cm Dab caught by Simon Bottomley (Peg 2). John Catchpole kept the pressure all night picking up a total haul of 15 fish, seeing him number 1 for the second week running. Can he make it a third week in a row… this space.

(thanks for the photos Neil, Nathan, John)

Match Result:

1st  John Catchpole         (Peg 7) with 15 fish achieving 310 weight points        (6lb 7/16oz)

2nd Nathan Drewery       (Peg 5) with 5 fish achieving 267 weight points           (5lb 9/16oz)

3rd John Spalton              (Peg 4) with 8 fish weighting 210 weight points    (4lb 6/16oz)

For full points results see image:

Next match Monday 31th May @ Kelling – see Facebook for details but is planned to be a ‘pairs’ match depending on numbers. Remember to continue to monitor WhatsApp for any last minute changes.

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NAC Match Report Sea Palling 17th May 2021

NAC Match Report Sea Palling 17th May 2021  

Catchpole dominates the Sea Palling Match!

Fresh from last week’s match on Bacton, it was with great expectations that we all met at the Sea Palling car park, 10 anglers met on time and already for an early start. Sea Palling with its lagoons and parallel groynes See Palling is always and interesting venue and match. Weather whilst dry and cloudy with only a slight breeze it looked to be very favourable conditions. We would be fishing the tide up; High Tide was to be 11:09pm. Having seen Ant’s Bass (48cm) in the back of the car from an earlier fishing that day (Happisburgh) the thought of lots of Bass, made the decision for fishing to size limit seem most appropriate.

We pegged around the first lagoon (sounds very exotic) with Nathan (Peg 10) taking end point, opposite the car park steps spreading clockwise with Barry (Peg 1) completing the opposite end. With only 10 fishing and conditions clear it was easy to see how everyone was catching. Seeing Russell (Peg 8) catching a ‘schoolie’ bass after about 30 seconds after ‘cast off’ and John Spalton (Peg 3) catching 27cm Flounder it looked to be a bumper night.

But that’s were the night failed to deliver. Along the pegs everyone was looking for that tell-tale bite, changing bait, distances, traces …. anything to find fish. John Catchpole (Peg 9) pulled in a 38cm Bass, then a decent 26cm Flounder, followed quickly by a 34cm Flounder. Did he have some magic bait? Either side of him Nathan (Peg 10) and Russell (Peg 8) tried every trick in their armoury to catch him. All in all, a very quiet night with very few sizeable fish caught, other that JC’s. It looked to be a clean sweep for John…. but with his last cast of the night Barry (Peg 1) also picked up a 38cm Bass.

With John Catchpole (Peg 9) picking up the winner’s position, biggest flat a 34cm Flounder, and the biggest round 38cm Bass sharing with Barry Iseton (Peg 1) …. see catches below. All in all, a testing evening. Congratulations John a great performance.

(thanks for the photos Ant/Nathan/Andy)

Match Result:

1st  John Catchpole         (Peg 9) with 4 fish achieving 139 weight points (2lb 14/16oz)

2nd Barry Iseton               (Peg 1) with 1 fish achieving 55 weight points (1lb 2/16oz)

3rd John Spalton              (Peg 3) with 1 fish weighting 21 weight points (7/16oz)

For full points results see image

Next match Monday 24th May @ Gt Yarmouth (South Beach) Sea Palling – see Facebook for details. Remember to continue to monitor WhatsApp for any last minute changes.

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NAC Match Report Bacton 10th May 2021

NAC Match Report Bacton 10th May 2021  

Bacton Barks!

Having finally dried out from last weeks soaking at Kelling and the lack of fish it was a bumper group of 15 anglers who met in Bacton car park with thoughts of some decent fishing. Weather good, clear skies, sunny, warm, dry with the tide high at 18:51pm. We welcomed back Dene (founder of the NAC Fishing Club) and Nicole Conway of Rite Gear from sheltering due to the lockdown and welcomed new member Ant Jarosius. Whilst the press were talking about coming out of lockdown step 3 and the thoughts of lots of hugging all NAC anglers wanted to do was hit the beach in search of hugging a few decent Dogs, Hounds, Bass, in fact hugging anything of size (decision taken to fish to size limits in anticipation).

Thanks, Russell, for pegging the beach. Pegs 5/6 directly opposite the car park with Peg 2 towards the gas works and Peg 16 heading towards Walcott. Given high tide was 18:51pm we marshalled quickly on dry sand and elected to have an early kick off at 6:30pm, which meant a quick walk through the gully to cast. Soon found out whose waders were waterproof (looks like I will need some vinyl weld on mine!). The whistle went and we were on. Some early undersized dog fish, whiting, dabs caught up and down the beach. Then we started to have some fun with the Hounds making their presence felt up/down the beach. Looked like Dene and Nicole were clearly back on form with early hits, especially Nicole!

It became obvious that the match would be won by the biggest Dog/Hound but who would be the lucky angler. A total of 46 sized fish caught weighing 50lb 4/16oz. Of which 14 were Smooth Hounds, 7 Dog Fish, 21 Whiting, and 2 each of Bass and Dabs. The largest rounds were Smooth Hounds with Russell Taylor (Peg 12) bagging a 78cm with Roger Cunnington’s (Peg 9) bagging a 71cm Hound. Nicole Conway (Peg 5) picked up a 64cm Hound, with John Catchpole picking up a 63cm Dog fish.  Dave Mathers (Peg 13) bagged a 62 cm Hound, along with a 57cm Hound and a 58cm Dog. Dene (Peg 6) was back to his old ways picking up not only a sizeable Hound but a decent 48cm Bass. This was closely followed by Nathan Drewery (Peg 10) with a creditable 43cm Bass.  The largest Flat went to Barry Iseton (Peg 4) with 25cm Dab. Newcomer Ant Jarosius (Peg 15) opened his NAC account with a 57 Dog Fish, congratulations and welcome to the club. See picture for “who caught what”.

“Woof woof” (to quote Donald Sutherlands character in Kelly’s Heroes – oddball) ……Bacton was barking!

(thanks for the photos Roger/Dene/Ant)

Match Result:

1st Russell Taylor             (Peg 12) with 3 fish achieving 312 weight points                        (6lb 8/16oz)

2nd Roger Cunnington    (Peg 9) with 4 fish achieving 310 weight points                         (6lb 7/16oz) 

3rd John Catchpole          (Peg 2) with 6 fish achieving 294 weigh points                         (6lb 2/16oz)

For full points results see image

Next match Monday 17th May @ Sea Palling – see Facebook for details. Remember to continue to monitor WhatsApp for any last minute changes.

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NAC Match Report Kelling 3rd May 2021

NAC Match Report Kelling 3rd May 2021  

Back to Kelling for the 2nd time this summer league.

With a yellow weather warning in place for 45 – 50+ mph winds and rain, 8 hardy souls gathered at Kelling for the 6th match of this summer league. The plan was to use Kelling to avoid the tourist rush over the bank holiday, but surprisingly given conditions not a single tourist visible up/down the beach. Pre match banter centred around how wet we would get and who had decided to bring their bivvy with them. We were confident enough to make it a size limit match as conditions looked right for a good haul of Bass/Dog fish a few if us had invested in some fresh peeler crabs for the occasion (contact Dene at RITEGEAR), would it help?

In addition to the very inclement weather, we also had the none to favourable tide of LT 19:00, so we would be fishing up the tide with a SW wind coming over our shoulder. Nice to see the wreck stack pipe clearly visible. We pegged to the right, heading towards the wreck. As we hit the beach the rain came down, and did not stop till 10:30pm. All the bivvys came out, first priority.

Leon Smith (Peg 1) started well with a couple of Dabs, and likewise at the other end of the draw Barry Ineson (Peg 8) and Ian Childerhouse (Peg 7) seemed to be doing likewise. The middle pegs were the ones having the problems with no sizeable fish. The weather continued to miss behave with only a few fish of size caught. In total 32 fish with a weight of 8lb 6/16oz caught with the prize of biggest flat fish of 24cm shared between Leon (Peg 1), Barry (Peg 8) and Ian (Peg 7). Apologies missed Ian off his share of the flat prize due to soggy match card obscuring his Dab size. However, Ians 31cm Pout clearly took the prize for the biggest round.

Well done all for braving the weather, no one blanked, I guess it will take a few days to dry out (match cards tell their story of the night)

Match Result:

1st Leon Smith                  (Peg 1) with 9 fish achieving 117 weight points                        (2lb 7/16oz)

2nd Barry Ineson              (Peg 8) with 8 fish achieving 91 weight points                  (1lb 14/16oz) 

3rd Ian Childerhouse       (Peg 7) with 5 fish achieving 87 weigh points                   (1lb 13/16oz)

Next match Monday 10th May @ Bacton – see Facebook for details. Remember to continue to monitor WhatsApp for any last minute changes.

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Full results:                                   Points

Leon Smith                                    30         +5 (flat)

Barry Iseton                                  29         +5 (flat)

Ian Childerhouse                           28         +5 (flat) + 5 (round)

John Spalton                                 27

Simon Bottomley                          26

Russell Taylor                                25

David Matters                               24

Nathan Drewery                           23

NAC Match Report Mundesley 26th April 2021

NAC Match Report Mundesley 26th April 2021  

First time on sand this summer league.

At last week’s meeting it was agreed we would shift the venue from Walcott to Mundesley in the thought that parking would be easier and that the fishing would be good. A phone call earlier in the week from Ian Wells fishing Mundesley seemed to confirm we would be facing a lively session. With high tide set for 18:57pm the early gatherers checked the incoming tide to see where best to fish, and more importantly could we fish from the prom with all those beach huts. From the car park 2 locals (one on a motorbike) headed for the beach raising confidence that we were in for a good night. So confident that we agreed to fish to size limits, were we being optimistic?

Following lengthy discussions, it was felt that we would fish the right hand side of the prom upto the Life Boat Station (Pegs 1-5), then onto the beach (Pegs 6 – 13). So, with the tide coming upto high 13 members set off down the slope to the beach. It was a welcome back to Matt Lawes, and we were joined by Luke Boxall and Jack Brodey for the second time.

With the tide peaking everyone set up in anticipation of a good night’s fishing.

The initial optimism did not translate into a sizeable haul with no early full traces, of proliferation of dabs or whiting. As the tide continued to fall Jack Brody (Peg 10) picked up a 48cm Smooth Hound which unluckily it later transpired did not achieve the size limit of 51cm (click here for  Size Limits | Norfolk Angling Club) Reports of some small whiting were being reported, plus 2 flounder each from Leon Smith (Peg 2) 25cm/26cm, and Ian Childerhouse (Peg 3) 27cm/25cm. Ian picking up the biggest flat. Simon Bottomley (Peg 7) picked up a 51cm Dog Fish, but was beaten for biggest round by Russell Taylor (Peg 5) with a 61cm. If there was a prize for the most species it would have gone to Nathan Drewery (Peg 4) who picked up Flounder, Whiting, Pout, and Dab in his 6 fish caught.

All in all, not a great night with our initial optimism not realised with only 25 fish recorded on cards, a total of 11lbs 10/16oz, but the banter was good, and weather stayed fair. Roll on next week.

Match Result:

1st Ian Childerhouse        (Peg 3) with 7 fish achieving 119 weight points                        (2lb 8/16oz)

2nd Nathan Drewery       (Peg 4) with 6 fish achieving 99 weight points                  (2lb 1/16oz) 

3rd Russell Taylor            (Peg 5) with 1 fish achieving 89 weigh points                   (1lb 14/16oz)

Lucky peg this week was Simon Bottomley (Peg 7)

Next match Monday 3rd May (Bank Holiday) @ Kelling – see Facebook for details. Remember to continue to monitor WhatsApp for any last minute changes.

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Full results:                                   Points

Ian Childerhouse                           30         +5 (flat)

Nathan Drewery                           29

Russell Taylor                                28         +5 (round)

Matt Lawes                                   27

Simon Bottomley                          26

Luke Boxall                                    25

Leon Smith                                    24

Ian Wells                                       23

John Spalton                                 22

Andrew Turk                                 5

Barry Iseton                                  5

John Catchpole                             5

Jack Brodey                                   5

NAC Match Report Kelling 19th April 2021

NAC Match Report Kelling 19th April 2021  

The Facebook page, Messenger and the WhatsApp had been lively over the last few days as the number planning to attend the match at Weybourne started to increase. By Monday, the number had reached 17 so it meant an early check at Weybourne to see if the beach could accommodate the match. General consensus of those early arrivals by 5:00pm was that the pleasure anglers would split the match too much. So, a rescheduling to Kelling was declared (good job we had a key to access). With that number the beach needed to be pegged, so a big thanks to Russell who quickly knocked up pegs in the car park.

Having declared a change of venue a quick bit of social media, WhatsApp, and mobile to get the message to all planned attendees. We even managed to get Ian Wells on his mobile……a triumph of technology. Gathering at the beach car park it was great to see Ian Wells and Allan Sexton back fishing. We were also joined by 2 new members Luke Boxall and Jack Budrey, welcome to the club guys hope you have as much fun as the rest of us.

Having gathered and drawn pegs we hit the beach, pegging left to right of the gate with Peg 8 opposite the gate, we assembled in bright sunshine. It looked to be a busy night, given the experience of the Holt Club at Kelling the day before (lots of small fish sizes), we opted to fish 18cm+ with conversion to points. Match on!  

Low tide was 18:17pm, so we were fishing up the tide. With the sunny conditions it was pleasing to see a flurry of initial Dabs being caught but nothing of big size. Leon Smith (Peg 17) and Andy Turk (Peg 12) setting the pace. Andy fresh from his previous day tutorial with the world champion, no pressure Andy. Dabs seemed to be the order of the night with 149/180 dabs caught throughout the evening. Mist came down at about 8:30pm and the temperature dropped to just above freezing and the pace of catches seemed to slow up. The last hour seemed to pick up with a number of slightly larger Dabs and Pouts being caught. The vagaries of Kelling, living up to its reputation of the majority of catches to the right hand side. The largest Flat fish went to Mr Consistent Ian Childerhouse (Peg 8) with a 26cm Dab and the largest Round being a Pout caught by Simon Bottomley (peg 14).  

That extra practice and tutoring paid off for Mr Turk (Peg 12) picking up Podium position with 23 fish, 5lb 3/16ozs, 248 weight points. Well done, well deserved Andy. There was competition for 2nd and 3rd position with only 1 weight point between Simon Bottomley (Peg 14) and Leon Smith (Peg 17) in fact 1/3oz. So close.   

Match Result:

1st Andrew Turk              (Peg 12) with 23 fish achieving 248 weight points                        (5lb 3/16oz)

2nd Simon Bottomley      (Peg 14) with 18 fish achieving 222 weight points                         (4lb 10/16oz) 

3rd Leon Smith                 (Peg 17) with 22 fish achieving 221 weigh points                                       (4lb 9.75/16oz)

No lucky peg this week as £1/member went to club funds to pay for additional cost of parking at Kelling

Next match Monday 26th April @ Mundersley – see Facebook for details. Remember to continue to monitor WhatsApp for any last minute changes.

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Full results:                                   Points

Andy Turk                                     30        

Simon Bottomley                          29         +5

Leon Smith                                   28        

Billy Rush                                      27        

Richard Hipperson                        26        

John Catchpole                             25        

Barry Iseton                                  24        

John Spalton                                 23        

Allan Sexton                                 22        

Tyler Rush                                     21        

Russell Taylor                               20        

Ian Childerhouse                           19         +5

Jack Budrey                                   18        

Ian Wells                                       17        

Nathan Drewery                           16        

Luke Boxall                                   15        

Eamon Finch                                 5           

NAC Match Report 12th April 2021 Salthouse

NAC Match Report Salthouse 12th April 2021  

After the storms of last week forced us to cancel the planned match at Bacton it was a delight to be created with a bright, cool, fresh breezy evening as 10 members gathered to fish Salthouse. No dash to the open air beer gardens of the Dun Cow for NAC members, as COVID-19 restrictions for Stage 2 out of lockdown kicked off. Such dedication. Great to see Leon Smith finally released from lockdown. Everyone was in good mood as we headed for the beach. See photos of a spectacular sunset.

High tide was 19:50pm with a Northerly cool wind. Pegging was from Peg 10 opposite the car park to the left heading towards Cley. There was some concern that the right hand side pegs would be found to snaggy, and this was proved to be true if you casted long – talk to Richard Hipperson (Peg 10) and Barry Iseton (Peg 8). Care point for next use of Salthouse is to peg more to the left. After a quick consultation (thanks Nathan) it was decided to fish to size limits as there was an expectation of Bass and Dog fish

The early catch by Richard Hipperson (Peg 10) of a fine 31cm Pout (see photo – yes, that is Richard modelling the how to stay warm on Salthouse Beach look) seemed to confirm the choice of fishing to size limits, but the fish seemed a bit shy with low numbers of any fish being caught across all pegs. The pegging lottery was again evident again, but the evening was bright, so everyone used their own skill sets, different rigs, and every choice of bait from fresh lug, frozen black, rag, frozen squid. Fish began to be caught but in small numbers from previous sessions with Pout and Dabs seeming to be the popular catches.

Richard Hipperson with 31cm Pout

At the end of the very cold evening (0 degrees) with all the results in 25 fish were carded (weight equivalent of 8lbs 10oz). The largest round went to Nathan Drewery (Peg 7) with a 36cm Bass last cast of the night. Largest round went to fresh out of lockdown Leon Smith with a 33cm Flounder (Peg 5)

Nathan (Peg 7) picked up the 1st podium position with 4 carded fish (97 weight points – a total weigh of 2lb 1/3 oz). Well deserved.

Match Result:

1st Nathan Drewery        (Peg 7) with 4 fish weighing a total of 2lb 1/3oz                                              (97 weight points).

2nd Leon Smith               (Peg 5) with 4 fish weighing a total of 1lb 13/16oz                                   (86weight points) 

3rd Billy Rush                    (Peg 2) with 6 fish weighing a total of 1lb 9/16                                              (75 weight points)

Finally, the 1st lucky peg of the season went to Simon Bottomley

Next match Monday 12th April @ Weybourne

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Full results:                                   Points

Nathan Drewery                          30         +5 Round

Leon Smith                                   29         +5 Flat

Billy Rush                                      28

Tyler Rush                                     27

Richard Hipperson                       27

Simon Bottomley                         25

Barry Iseton                                  5

Ian Childerhouse                         5

John Catchpole                            5

John Spalton                                5

NAC Match Report 29th March 2021 Weybourne

NAC Match Report Weybourne 29th March 2021  

Welcome back.

We last fished 21 December 2020 before the latest lockdown stopped all match fishing. But we are back and what a night to regroup. With a promise of the warmest Spring day since the 1960s and an advantageous tide 13 NAC fisher folk regrouped in the Weybourne Car Park. Even the impact of a jobs worth car park attendant did not dampen spirits as we grouped (socially distanced of course). It was like the first day of a new school term but with new beards and barber challenging haircuts. Great to see David Mathers back with us showing how it should be done…. see results.

With conditions good, water coming up to high at 19:55pm, and expected dog fish we decided to fish to length with pegging from left of the pipe avoiding the pleasure anglers. See photos for a spectacular sunset.

As is typical with Weybourne the pegging lottery played its hand with fish seemingly preferring the left hand side of the draw. Fish were caught through the night with nobody blanking a great start to the season. Dogs were caught by Ian Childerhouse (Peg 3 – 62cm), Simon Bottomley (Peg 6 – 60cm) and Russell Taylor (Peg 7- 53cm). Ian Childerhouse therefore winning biggest round. 16 Dabs caught with the biggest flat being shared by Richard Hipperson (Peg 12 – 26cm) and Simon Bottomley (Peg 6 -26cm).

Unlucky for Nathan Drewery (Peg 5) who caught an excellent specimen Ray of 33cm across the wings (see picture) but was deemed undersized using MAFF guidelines. In total 65 fish caught a total weight of 25lbs 15 ozs. See table for full breakdown of dabs, rockling, pouting, dogs, whiting. For latest MAFF guidelines click this link Sea fish size limit chart — Sea Angler.

The spoils for the night went to Andy Turk (Peg 4) with a consistent performance bringing in fish all night, in fact catching 14 fish (219 weight points – a total weight of 4lbs 9 ounces). A great result Andy, no wonder you look ‘cool’ in the photo.

Match Result:

1st Andrew Turk              (Peg 4) with 14 fish weighing a total of 4lbs 9/16oz                           (219 weight points).

2nd Simon Bottomley      (Peg 6) with 8 fish weighing a total of 3lbs 15/16oz                                  (189 weight points) 

3rd David Mathers           (Peg 2) with 9 fish weighing a total of 3lb 12/16oz                                    (181 weight points)

Finally, the 1st lucky peg of the season went to John Catchpole

Next match Monday 5th April @ Bacton (meet at the new car park by 6:00pm)

Full results:                                   Points

Andrew Turk                                30

Simon Bottomley                         29         +5 (flat)

David Mathers                             28

Billy Rush                                      27

Ian Childerhouse                         26         +5 (round)

John Spalton                                25

Richard Hipperson                       24         +5 (flat)

Russell Taylor                               23

Roger Cunnington                       22

Tyler Rush                                     21

Nathan Drewery                          20

John Catchpole                            19

Barry Iseton                                  18

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