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NAC Report Church Ponds – Coltishall. 9th july

NAC Report Church Ponds – Coltishall.

Only 6 of us for this sundays match with many having other commitments, but as always plenty of banter and a new venue to try. Top rod on the day and hopefully returning to form was Gavin with 34.20lb, 2nd place went to the Barry Iseton, with 20.22lb and 3 place went to Neil Haynes with 18.44lbs , its was really a tale of two halves with those pegged opposite the island fairing much better as results below show.

peg 2 Gavin 30pts 34.20lbs
peg 3 Barry 29pts 20.22lbs
peg 4 Neil 28pts 18.44lbs
peg 9 Eamon 27pts 5.56lbs
peg 6 Paul 27pts 2.74lbs
peg 7 Dene 26pts 1.60lbs

24th June Cobbleacre, NAC Coarse Match Report

24th June Cobbleacre, NAC Coarse Match Report

Beautiful day to be by the lake, for some the pegs were great for others it was a long struggle, but with England playing a blinder and the weather being sunny and warm it was just nice to be out. 11 of us fished Amy’s lake from 9:30am till 2:30pm, top bag on the day was Fred Anderson with 30lb plus, 2nd place went to match organisor Eamon Finch with 24lb plus, and third place went to John Ford, all in all a very nice day, next match is in two weeks time on the 8th of July, venue TBA, texts will be sent out to all again.

Full results
Fred Anderson 30pts
Eamon R Finch 29pts
John Ford 28pts
Neil Haynes 27pts
Dene Conway 26pts
Russell Taylor 25pts
Barry Iseton 24pts
John Ritchie 23pts
Jimmy Shaul Shaul 22pts
Gavin Nichols 21

NAC Coarse Match Park Farm Fisheries 10th June

First NAC Coarse match of the year, fished at a new venue for many, Park Farm Fisheries in Hockering.
Start was at 8:30am, and the idea was to fish till noon, then have a break and weigh what had been caught , then continue on at 1pm till 4:30pm, the fish had other ideas with only Barry Iseton and Jimmy Shaul finding fish in the fisrt half , so it was decided to continue straight through till 5pm and then do a complete weigh in. The fishing all day wasnt excellent with very little action below but plenty on the surface, but with surface fishing not allowed many alternated between waggler and feeder.
Neil Haynes was now also in the running with a carp at 6lb 9oz which was enough to give him second place podium spot. 3rd place went to Jimmy Shaul with 5lb 3oz, 4th place to Eamon Finch with 4lb 6oz and 5th place to Barry Iseton with 2lb 13oz, but top spot today went to Dene Conway with a nice carp on his second last cast in the right hand margin, for 11lb 2oz.
All in all a frustrating day with several left scratching their heads and wondering why the fish were not feeding, but none the less enjoyable and good company on a warm June day.

1st Dene Conway 30pts

2nd Neil Haynes 29pts

3rd Jimmy Shaul 28pts

4th Eamon Finch 27pts

5th Barry Iseton 26pts

Darren Black 5pts

Gavin 5pts

Next Coarse Match will be in two weeks time on the 24th June , venue will be decided nearer the date, if your interested in fishing please make sure we have your mobile number to txt full details to.

4th annual Norfolk Sea Angling Festival

The  4th annual Norfolk Sea Angling Festival took place on Saturday the 7th and Sunday the 8th of April, along the coastline of North Norfolk, boundaries were from Cromer Pier to Cley, with 39 anglers competing to catch the single heaviest fish each day, and then combining their daily weights for the two day overall position and a chance to win the top prize of £500 (subject to entries).

Other prizes on the table this year were the heaviest flatfish over the two days and the heaviest single bass which was a catch and release conversion due to current EU laws. 4 juniors and 4 ladies also competed for separate prizes, and with prizes down to 10th place everyone has a chance in this fun family event ran by the Norfolk Angling Club. Sponsorship and Support this year was again from Colmic UK and Rite Gear Angling Centre, so a big thank you to Shaun Stockley and Adam Nurse from Colmic UK.

With spring finally in the air and the last few weeks throwing up some decent codling, bass and dogfish expectations were running high and maybe this year as with 4 years ago some spring codling would make a welcome appearance.

Onto day one we were greeted by a lovely sunny day , light winds and perfect spring conditions, as anglers began returning with fish rumor control had already been rife with talk of a 3lb plus codling being caught by Gary Medlar this turned out to be a nice fish at 41cm but a tad short of the rumors, Helen Molloy had caught a nice dogfish on her first cast and this rumor proved to be correct much to the disdain of her young England international son Adam Molloy who apparently now must wear a wig for the next teams of five match, as usual within our area there is always plenty of banter, with some good friendly rivalry.

Sadly only 18 anglers managed to find a sizable round fish on day one and that included 3 of the 4 juniors, and 2 out of the 4 ladies, showing the men how it’s done, the biggest fish of the day was Helen Molloy with a cracking dogfish of 1.005kg.

Onto the second day and its all to play for those that blanked knew they had to find a sizeable fish to card if they had a chance of getting in the top ten, and the pressure was also on for those who carded on day one as they needed to add to their weight on day two, decisions needed to be made whether to try for the top ten or try for the flatfish or bass prize, or as many would do just go all out for a big fish.

Top fish on the day was Chris Clare with a lovely codling of 1.435kg, and reports filtered in that a sizeable bass had been caught by junior angler Curtis Taylor with a cracker at 45cm, measured, photographed and returned, it was turning out to be lads beating dads as Chris had also beaten his dad Chuff Clare over the weekend, Curtis beating his father Russell Taylor, Fynn Betts also beating his dad Darren Betts, so well done to all.

A big well done to all competitors who brought fish back to the scales, as the care given to these fish with regular changing of water throughout the match meant that more than 60% of the fish caught were in fact returned alive and those that didn’t make went to local families and business owners for free.

Onto the final combined results from each day, we started the presentation with the Juniors, as always we try to make sure all get a prize and this year was no exception, 4th place went to Adam Molloy, 3rd place to Keiron Edwards 2nd place to Curtis Taylor and Top Junior of the weekend and in his first competition was Fynn Betts, well done to all of you.

The Ladies were next to take the stage with Ros Stanley taking 4th place, Nicole Conway 3rd place Stephanie Erison 2nd place and top lady of the weekend was Helen Molloy.

Biggest Bass of the weekend went to junior rod Curtis Taylor with a 45cm specimen

And biggest flat was a 33cm flounder for Michael Gill

Onto the overall winners Gary Medlar managed to add to his day one weight with a nice dogfish giving him a combined weight of 1.555kg taking 3rd place overall , Ian Nelson also in the frame last year managed a dog fish on both days and took 2nd place overall with a weight of 1.585kg and taking top spot this year and the new Norfolk Angling Festival Champion 2018 was Ian Childerhouse again managing to card both days for a total weight of 1.690kg.

Full results are listed below.
Let’s hope next year’s event is even bigger and better once again thank you to everyone who supported the event, including all competitors and all sponsors.

NAC Report Weybourne 26th March 2018

NAC Report Weybourne 26th March 2018

Clean Sweep For Taylor!!

With the distinct lack of fish since the first “Beast from the East” expectations were not high, but we had buckets full of hope as this is the time of year when the dogfish,big pouting, rays and codling should be making an appearance along with the usual dabs and whiting. After last weeks trip down to Gorleston with 14 anglers not finding a single fish, numbers were down this week, with 2 having to cancel at the last minute, meant only 12 would be competing. We arrived at Weybourne to find a couple of pleasure anglers fishing to the left of the pipe, so it was decided to peg around them and give them some space and not make our walk a long one, and of course say hello and see if they had been catching.

The odd dab and undersized whiting started to make an appearance but not any great numbers, so our hopes were somewhat diminished, then next to me Chris Newstead pulled in a codling, sadly he wasn’t in the match or he may well have been up in the top 3, well done mate. This one fish raised the hopes of everyone along the match stretch , and i am sure it will also raise the hopes of many who read the NAC reports.

Russell Taylor fished the full night with ragworm on the bottom hook and the usual lug, blacks, tipped fish baits on the other two hooks, his aim was to find out if the dogfish would make an appearance, and they did in the form of a cracking 65cm taken on the ragworm, he had 3 other fish including a lovely 29cm dab , which gave him the top rod of the night along with heaviest round and heaviest flat, 4 fish in total for 3lb 5 1/3oz. Second place podium spot went to the always consistent Leon Smith with 5 fish for 1lb 6oz and in his second ever club match it was Kevin Wyatt taking the third place podium spot with 4 fish for 1lb 1 1/3oz.

It really does seem like we have had a famine of fish the last few outings but things certainly could be looking up and with the Festival only 2 weeks away we could be seeing some great fishing from now on.Feel Free to share the report and spread the good news.

Next weeks match is at Kelling lets have a good turnout and see if we can entice a few more codling and dogfish out.

Full results

Russell Taylor 30pts
Leon Smith 29pts
Kevin Wyatt 28pts
Denver Garry 27pts
Keith Shaul 26pts
John Catchpole 25pts
Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse 24pts
Paul Grothier 23pts
Barry Iseton 22pts
Dene Conway 5pts
Jimmy Shaul Shaul 5pts
Roger Cunnington 5pts

NAC Report Overstrand 12-2-18

Overstrand 12/02/18
11 of us turned up hoping to fish overstrand as it’s a beach that can throw up a surprise fish and many where set up for just that with bigger hooks and fresh yellows. Unfortunately when we arrived at the end of the prom our path was blocked by a very muddy landslide, it was deemed to dangerous to try and climb over so we all decided to head to Mundesley and fish.
Pegging was left and right of the slope and with quite a few waves breaking at distance it was clear it wasn’t going to be plain sailing, as usual on the sand weed was a worry but fortunately it was manageable.
On to the fishing, or lack of. After the first hour it was clear that you wouldn’t need many fish for the win in fact you only needed one sizeable fish and it was young Jimmy ShaulI who did what none of us could, he found a 27cm whiting to take the win and also the biggest round for the evening, smaller whiting were caught but very few.

NAC Report 5th February 2018 Kelling

NAC Report 5th February 2018 Kelling

After the teams of five on Sunday and the appalling conditions, many had said Monday night would not be fishable, but as always with our weather fronts in EA, never believe what you read and trust your own instincts, what a difference a day makes, still a rough sea but easily fishable, a light wind albeit very cold under a lovely clear sky.

13 of us turned out for the first match of the new season with several members having to work or swap shifts to manage this weekend’s Two-Day event, even with numbers down, banter was again high, and everyone was eager to give it a go. Pegging was left and right of the gate.

From the off everyone was catching fish, but the majority were under the allotted size limits, dabs 23cm, whiting 27c, etc, but it shows a lot of fish are still available to be caught. As tide picked up on the flood so did the fishing and the larger quality fish made an appearance. Last week’s winner Greg Kiddell drew end peg towards the wreck normally a very productive end and normally where the winners would come from, at the other end of the pegging on peg 1 was Richard “The Coach ” Hipperson, end pegs can be very productive, but we all know Kelling can be hit and miss, your either on the fish or you’re not.

In third place and first time on the podium with the NAC was Richard Ling on peg 9 carding 10 sizeable fish for 4lb 2oz, second place and two weeks in a row on the podium was Gregory Kiddell making good use of his end peg (13) carding 11 fish for 4lb 4oz, and finally taking top rod honour was Dene Conway carding 15 fish for 5lb 14oz. Some cracking fish were recorded with the heaviest whiting going to Billy Rush a cracker at 36cm, there were also several at 34cm, and 35cm so a good showing, and some nice plump healthy fish, heaviest flat went to Dene Conway with a nice dab of 27cm.
An excellent performance from our junior angler Jimmy Shaul managing to keep up with and beat several of the adults , managing a very respectable 5th overrall.

In total 98 fish were caught between 12 of us as we also had one blanker which wasn’t through lack of trying but lack of warmer gear. Total weight was 35lb 14oz.

Next week’s match is at Overstrand, please note this coming Friday & Saturday is the Joc Goudie Beach Masters at Kelling and Salthouse fishing 11am till 4pm each day.

Full results

Dene Conway 30pts – 15 fish – 5lb 14oz
Gregory Kiddell 29pts – 11 fish – 4lb 4oz
Richard Ling 28pts – 10 fish – 4lb 2oz
Richard Hipperson 27pts – 11 fish – 3lb 11 1/3oz
Jimmy Shaul Shaul 26pts – 9 fish – 3lb 2/3oz
Keith Shaul 25pts – 9 fish – 2lb 13oz
Russell Taylor 24pts – 8 fish – 2lb 10 2/3oz
Billy Rush 23pts – 5 fish – 2lb 7 2/3oz
Barry Iseton 22pts – 6 fish – 2lb 1 1/3oz
Will Sprules 21pts – 5 fish – 1lb 13 1/3oz
Roger Cunnington 20pts – 5 fish – 1lb 10 2/3oz
Dave Mathers 19pts – 4 fish – 1lb 5 1/3oz
Denver Garry 5pts No fish.

NAC Report 29th January 2018

NAC Report Bacton 29th January 2018

A fine evening with a slight sea, saw us making a return to Bacton for the final match of the winter season.
As with all sand matches the numbers were down on last weeks match, with 14 anglers attending.

The match was a length only match with everything 18cm counting on the cards, as sizeable fish have been less on the sand venues.

A slow start for many but with the sea being held in longer on the ebb than normal due to the wind, we all found ourselves fishing from the promenade comfortable on the concrete until the tide dropped enough to get down on the sand.
Quick welcome to new club member Denver Garry who also managed to find a few fish on his first match.

Taking top spot and his first ever podium position was Gregory Kiddell, who found the fish and kept working hard to build his score, finishing on 14 fish for 338cm, close behind him was that man again Simon Bone also with 14 fish for 315cm, and final podium spot went to Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse with 9 fish for 204cm.

Biggest round went to Simon Bone with a 34cm whiting and biggest flat went to Ian Childerhouse with a nice 30cm flounder.

And that was that another league over with and cracking straight onto the summer league this coming Monday at Kelling.

Full results

Gregory Kiddell 30pts – 14 fish – 338cm
Simon Bone 29pts – 14 fish – 315cm
Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse 28pts – 9 fish – 204cm
Ian Childerhouse 27pts – 7 fish – 157cm
Russell Taylor 26pts – 7 fish – 149cm
Dene Conway 25pts – 6 fish – 135cm
Roger Cunnington 24pts – 5 fish – 121cm
Jimmy Shaul Shaul 23pts – 5 fish – 107cm
John Catchpole 22pts – 4 fish – 98cm
Denver Garry 21pts – 4 fish – 96cm
Billy Rush 20pts – 3 fish – 68cm
Will Sprules 19pts – 3 fish – 62cm

Rest receive 5 points
Kieth Shauls
Barry Iseton

NAC Report 22nd January Sheringham

NAC Report 22nd January Sheringham

After several weeks of bad weather and various ailments affecting club members it was excellent to see us back to a great turnout again with 20 anglers gracing the Sheringham shoreline.

Pegging was from the groyne after the slipway heading along to the Old High, a fairly cool evening with minimal wind and a slight sea, and expectations were running high.
From the off a small amount of weed was present and those in the lower numbers towards Old High were expected to be at the better end, but as always if your not on them you cant catch them and some struggled to find sizeable fish.

This match certainly showed how far the club has progressed with every angler capable of putting in a good preformance as some, myself included went from hero to zero in the space of a week.

After a bad few weeks and nights of scratching the proverbial head wondering what he was doing wrong, it was Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse who put in an exceptionally strong performance after scaling his baits down and working hard from peg 3, taking top rod honours with an impressive tally of 31 fish for 606pts and 12lb 10oz, after last weeks biggest whiting of the season coming from Mundesley at 40cm, Luke also managed to find one at 42cm which also took the heaviest round prize.

Second place and from peg 1 went to the ever consistent Simon Bone a fair way behind Luke with 25 fish for 479pts and 9lb 15 2/3oz, but a great performance none the less. Final podium spot and a first time for John Catchpole narrowly missing out on 2nd place with 22 fish for 433pts and 9lb 1/3oz from peg 5.
Surprisingly only one flatfish was caught and that went to Roger Cunnington with a plump 27cm dab taking heaviest flat prize for the evening.

A warm welcome was also extended to new member Richard Ling who managed an 11th place for his first time out with the NAC well done mate and also to a guest angler and son of Ninian Wharton, Conall Wharton who showed his father how it was done. Another impressive performance was our junior angler Jimmy Shaul who managed a top ten placing out of twenty anglers which is a great acheivement.

A total of 203 sizeable fish were caught for 81lb 2/3oz, showing once again how well our coastline can fish.

The level of commitment by club members and their willingness to share knowledge and help one another makes our club what it is today, with that in mind if anyone feels they are struggling please do not hesitate to ask, well done to everyone.

Wednesday evening is our AGM please try and attend as this is your once a year chance to vote and discuss ideas, venues etc.Please bring a raffle prize.

Full results

Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse 30pts – 31 fish – 12lb 10oz
Simon Bone 29pts – 25 fish – 9lb 15 2/3oz
John Catchpole 28pts – 22 fish – 9lb 1/3oz
Adrian Bordianu 27pts – 20 fish – 8lb 3 1/3oz
Russell Taylor 26pts – 11 fish – 4lb 14 2/3oz
Roger Cunnington 25pts – 12 fish – 4lb 14oz
Ian Childerhouse 24pts – 12 fish – 4lb 6oz
Richard Hipperson 23pts – 9 fish – 3lb 13 3/4oz
Dene Conway 22pts – 9 fish – 3lb 11oz
Jimmy Shaul Shaul 21pts – 9 fish – 3lb 6oz
Richard Ling 20pts – 6 fish – 2lb 11 1/3oz
Gregory Kiddell 19pts – 7 fish – 2lb 10oz
Barry Iseton 18pts – 7 fish – 2lb 7 1/3oz
Nathan Drewery 17pts – 5 fish – 2lb 1 1/3oz
Adrian Charlie Needham 16pts – 5 fish – 2lb
Kieth Keith Shaul 15pts – 4 fish – 1lb 12oz
Conall Wharton 14pts – 3 fish – 1lb 4oz
Billy Rush 13pts – 3 fish – 15 1/3oz
Ninian Wharton – 2 fish – 13oz
Dave Mathers – 1 fish – 5 1/3oz

NAC Report 15th January 2018 Mundesley

As always this time of year numbers are depleted, with people away, cold weather and of course the usual coughs and colds, but never the less 10 anglers tipped up for the match at Mundesley, pegging was straight down the slip from the cafe to the left, conditions were fairly pleasant with clear skies and the wind was minimal due to the cliffs behind us. Not expecting great amounts of fish, we were pleasantly surprised with what did come out in between the masses of undersized fish.

Top rod on the night and still suffering from the flu was Adrian Charlie Needham, who found a spot and kept plugging away at it, recording 10 sizeable fish for 3lb 7oz, second podium went to that man again who is currently on form, Adrian Bordianu with 8 fish for 3lb 4 2/3oz, Charlies last cast giving him the edge, third place went to Dene Conway, with 6 fish for 2lb 14oz, his score being helped with a lovely 40cm whiting the biggest of the season so far and enough to secure heaviest round for the night. Heaviest flat went to Luke Childerhouse with a nice flounder at 29cm.

51 fish were recorded for a total of 18lb 15 2/3oz

Next Week on the Wednesday the 24th 6:30pm for a 7pm start is the clubs AGM please note this was re arranged as many members couldn’t attend,this is your chance as a member to put forward proposals and new ideas and help the club grow your support would be greatly appreciated.

Next club match is at Sheringham on the 22nd January. Please book in early especially with bait orders.

Full results

Adrian Charlie Needham 30pts – 10 fish – 3lb 7oz
Adrian Bordianu 29pts – 8 fish – 3lb 4 2/3oz
Dene Conway 28pts – 6 fish – 2lb 14oz
John Catchpole 27pts – 5 fish – 1lb 12oz
Simon Bone 26pts – 5 fish – 1lb 10oz
Ian Childerhouse 25pts – 5 fish – 1lb 8oz
Henry Randell 24pts – 3 fish – 1lb 6 2/3oz
Russell Taylor 23pts – 4 fish – 1lb 4 2/3oz
Billy Rush 22pts – 4 fish – 1lb 1 1/3oz
Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse – 1 fish – 0lb 9 1/3oz

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