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26th September NAC Report for Mundesley

26th September NAC Monday night league report from Mundesley

Another fantastic turnout with 22 anglers at Mundesley, expectations were not high, with flat calm conditions and crystal clear water, and to add to that you could see the weed close in, but everyone was still keen to get started, even the chairman managed to stay until nearly the end and on a sand venue that’s pretty impressive.

A few new faces tonight joining the NAC ranks, Steve Farrell, Stuart Gotts,and Ian Childerhouse who has fished the estuary league but first time out on a monday with us, welcome to you all.

As the match progressed surprisingly a lot of fish were being caught, with reports of bass, flounders, dabs,sole, couple of smooth hounds and a sprinkling of pin whiting. The match was fished to a length only format with everything over 18cm counting towards your end tally.

65 Fish were caught and returned these included some nice bass the biggest being 58cm.

Another relatively new member Ben Nicholson on peg 3 managed a nice sole at 31cm and a smutt pup at 31cm, but it was Stuart Gotts on his first day with us, who managed a podium spot with 5 fish for 170cm, knocking Billy Rush into 3rd place with 5 fish for 149cm including a 57cm bass, but in the last 30 or so minutes it was that man again Neil Haynes who pulled it out the bag with 6 fish for 202cm, including a cracking bass at 58cm the biggest of the night.

The match was close throughout with the majority managing to get over the 50cm mark, which at this time of the year can be difficult. Well done to all who fished.

Points raised on the evening: A fly fishing instructional day will be organized by Leon Smith and assisted by Richard Chapman, giving all club members who wish to learn the basics a chance to do so, and hopefully give us some knew skills to apply to bass fly fishing next season, every club member is welcome to attend, dates , times and pricing wiil be posted up as soon as possible.

Next weeks match was scheduled for the Old High, but this will now either be at Heacham ( if no weed and a few fish about) or Sheringham Boulevard to the left , confirmation will be posted on Saturday.

Full results.

Neil Haynes 30pts
Stuart Gotts 29pts
Billy Rush 28pts
Ian Childerhouse 27pts
Leon Smith 26pts
Simon Bone 25pts
Pete Durkin 24pts
Andrew Bunn 24pts
Richard Hipperson 22pts
Barry Iseton 21pts
Will Sprules 20pts
Dene Conway 19pts
Ben Nicholson 18pts
Russell Taylor 17pts
Kimberley Lawn 16pts
Richard Chapman 15pts
Dean James Gibson 14pts
Peter Hansell 13pts
Paul Rickard 12pts

receiving 5 points

Gary Moore
Steve Farrell
Adrian Charlie Needham

19th September 2016 NAC report Kelling

Match Report: No 3
19th September 2016
Venue: Kelling
Weather: Dry and overcast wind Northerly 7/10 mph
High tide circa 21:00 circa 4:00m
Water: Clear / 17.9 C (2.2 C above average)
Moon phase: 94%
Predicted fishing: fair

Eighteen anglers plus Andy Bunn turned up to fish, full of hope and expectation. I was the first to head down to the shingle via the usual route to park as close to the gate as possible to save my energy for the fishing, to be greeted by the owner of the site who was waving at me from distance and being the gentleman that I am I politely waved back and carried on only to find out later that they were shooting along the road and Gibbo had failed to share this important information with me which I can only conclude as being an attempt to take me out of the running, nasty man!
Many first casts yielded fish up and down the beach which were mostly undersize filling us with what for most turned out to be false hope. Oddly there were a number of large mackerel that were taking worm baits which was unusual together with flounder dabs and too many tiny pin whiting. The crabs were also ever present no doubt encouraged by the warm water. However the saving grace for some of us was a flush of sizeable bass who showed after dark
Let’s hope this Northerly wind kicks in for a bit longer which should improve our chances for next week at Mundesley

Scores on the doors:
1st Neil Haynes 159
2nd Richard Chapman 105
3rd Pete Hansell 80
4th Richard Hipperson 51
5th Simone Simon Bone 29
6th Clive Parker 27
7th Paul Rickard 25
8th Adrian Charlie Needham 23
9th Andrew Bunn 23

All others 5 points
Robert Durrant
Dean James Gibson
Pete Durkin
Andrew Turk
Dave Mathers
Gary Moore
Will Sprulles
Leon Smith
Kimberley Lawn

NAC Report 12th September Bacton

Ok 2nd attempt at match report 12/09/16 winter NAC league….
It was a nice summers evening as 20 anglers from NAC pitched up to pity their wits against the bacton sand
The evening was very plesent smooth hounds dorsal fins showing foraging for some late female peelers, bass chasing the mackrel into the shallows and a pod of dolphins playing in the background to a majestic sunset….
Now for the reality… it was a stuggle as usual for most as it has been of late.
Water was clear apart from some weed when the tide pushed through after dark
Plenty of pin whiting and weevers making a show for themselves a few anglers did manage to card with the following results:
5th Richard Chapman 1 dab 24cm
Joint 4th Adrian Charlie Needham 1 dab 25cm and Gary Moore 1 flounder 25cm
3rd Simon Bone 2 flounder 29 and 28cm
2nd Leon Smith 1 dab 24cm and a billy bass 44cm
1st place showing it how it’s done is Will Sprules 2 flounder 27 and 25 cm, one sole 25cm one dab 24cm and another billy bass 40cm
Andrew Bunn did have a smoothie pup at 39cm but undersize maybe if he talked less to Russell Taylor he might of done better.

Well done to all that attended and let’s hope Kelling fairs better

NAC Report 5th September 2016 Old High


25 turned out for the first match of the new season. Was great to see so many anglers keen to get back into the competitive side off fishing with some new faces as well.
With the added incentive off the super pools this seasons with some big cash prizes up for grabs at the end of it, so keen was Pete Durkin to get fishing even the 6.15 train from Sheringham wasn’t going to stop him from getting on the beach nice and early.
The conditions where perfect for a nice pleasure fish on the beach, not so for a match, very mild, flat calm sea, crystal clear water and a touch off weed.
We all new it was going to be hard with most opting to fish close in with the hope off picking up some nice flounders.
Early on reports where coming in off small Bass being caught including myself with a 32cm. Couple off pegs down from me Leon managed a 20cm wrasse, sadly too small to card but nice to see they can be caught from our beaches.
Crabs where being a real pain, stripping baits within minutes, not just crabs as Billy Rush discovered as he pulled in a lobster just before the end.
2 and half hours in the chairman Dean James Gibson was getting bored ( to be honest he was bored within the first 20 minutes) and decided to take a walk, on his return the news was that Kimberley Lawn had had a nice 58cm bass with a couple off smaller ones coming out to other anglers, apart from that it was just the odd flounder here and there. Was looking like Kim was sitting pretty for the win until 10 mins from the end when both myself and Adrian Charlie Needham landed a 57 cm Bass each, unluckily for Kim, Charlie had allready carded a flounder giving him top honours with 4lb 4 2/3, Kim took 2nd spot with 3lb 12 2/3 and Russell end up with a jammy 3rd place with 3lb 10oz.

1st. Adrian Charlie Needham 30 points
2nd. Kimberly Lawn 29 points
3rd. Russell Taylor. 28 points
4th. Will Spruce 27 points
5th. Pete Durkin. 26 points
6th. Barry Iseton. 25 points
7th Leon Smith. 24 points
= Andrew Turk. 24 points
9th Ben Nicholson. 22 points
10th. Neil Haynes. 21 points
11th Richard Chapman 20 points

5 points
Dene Conway
Richard Hipperson
Dean Gibbson
Simon Bone
Pete Hansel
Andrew Bunn
Dave Mathers
Paul Rickard
Ian Lambert
Gary Moore
Iain Molloy
Billy Rush
Michael Ranson
Chris Orders

Pete Durkin & Leon Smith 50 points
Andy Turk & Neil Haynes 45 points
Charlie Needham & Dean Gibson 35 points
Kimberley Lawn & Pete Hansel 34 points
Russell Taylor & Iain Molloy 33 points
Will Spruce & Paul Ricard 32 points
Barry Isteon & Dave Mathers 30 points
Simon Bone & Ben Nicholson27 points
Richard Chapman & Richard Hipperson 25 points
Dene Conway & Ian Lambert 10 points
Andy Bunn & Garry Moore 10 points
Mark Batson & Adam Molloy 0 points

11th January Kelling Report

After last weeks poor match it was a relief for most to be back on the shingle at one of Norfolk’s most consistent venues, Kelling.
We all met as per normal at the gates of Muckleborough Collection, with several members away and some ill, we were down to 15 ready to do battle with hopefully hordes of whiting and dabs and would there be a chance of a codling down near the wreck? Pegging was from cliffs towards the wreck and the winners would no doubt come from near the wreck if any codling were to show.
Specimen hunter and bait digger Gary Moore drew the lucky end peg down next to the wreck and he wasn’t disappointed, managing to card 11 fish for 5lb 8 2/3oz including a nice plump codling of 44cm.
Up at the other end on peg two it was a battle between Dave Aldridge on peg 1 and Dene Conway both finding fish throughout the match , but it was Dene who managed to sneak into 2nd place overall with 11 fish from peg 2 for 4lb 4 2/3oz.
Back up to the other end and peg 14 for Russell Taylor saw him card 12 fish for 4lb 3oz, battling it out with Richard Chapman on peg 13.
Some great battles were had up and down the length of the match and in total 115 fish were caught and released for a total weight of 41lb 13oz well done to all.
With the winter league almost over two matches left will decide the league champion and its very very tight at the top, next weeks match is at Salthouse and will be a bait pack only this will be a total of £10 each and will be dished out at the venue and the last match is at Cley.
Good luck to everyone please book in via the shop as early as possible so we know how many to peg for.
Gary Moore 30pts
Dene Conway 29pts
Russell Taylor 28pts
Adrian Charlie Needham 27pts
Richard Chapman 26pts
Andrew Bunn 25pts
David Aldridge 24pts
Adam Molloy 23pts
Simon Bone 22pts
Kimberley Lawn 21pts
Chris Ditchburn 20pts
Iain Molloy 19pts
Barry Iseton 18pts
Michael Ranson 17pts
Richard Hipperson 17pts

NAC Report Cley 19/01/15

NAC Monday Night Penultimate League Match. Cley 19/01/2015

And to Cley we went fishing the ebbing tide , pegging to the right for a change towards the wreck
as the tide receded we could all see the scarred moon like surface of the beach which has changed so much over the last few years, uncovering a lot of Clay beds and making the area seemingly barren.

A very cold evening with several regulars suffering more than usual with the cold most were glad to get back to their cars and wait to see who had managed to get in the frame this week.

On top spot this week was Charlie Needham with 1lb 9 /3 , 2nd place went to Iain Molloy with 1lb 7 1/3oz and finally a welcome return to podium was Andrew Turk with 1lb 1 2/3oz.

Full results

1 Charlie Needham 30pts
2 Iain Molloy 29pts
3 Andrew Turk 28pts
4 Dene Conway 27pts
5 Mike Ranson 26pts
6 Paul Rickard 25pts
6 John Ritchie 25pts
6 Robin E 25pts
9 Peter Hansell 22pts
10 Wayne Mathews 21pts
11 Richard Hipperson 20pts
12 Kimberley Lawn 19pts
12 Russell Taylor 19pts
14 Mark Batson 17pts
15 Simon Bone 16pts
16 Dean Gibson 15pts
16 Gary Moore 15pts

5 points to
Adam Molloy
Mick Bailey
Steveo Johnstone

Next weeks final league match is at Kelling and could make a big difference to those trying for the clubman league, good luck to everyone .

NAC Report Weybourne 12th Jan 2015

NAC Weybourne 12th Jan 2015

16 anglers headed out into what was forecast as wet and windy, which out a few people off , with conditions forecast it was decided to head under the cliffs at weybourne to afford a little more protection. As it turned out the weather wasn’t as bad as predictions and an enjoyable mild evening was had. To the fishing pegging was to the right of the carpark and with a flooding tide possibilities of a codling were the thoughts.Tactics for some would certainly be bigger baits and hold out for a bigun but sadly again the codling eluded us , which meant several struggled to find the sizeable fish, but with only one blanking an enjoyable match was had. On peg 4 Richard “The Coach” Hipperson was diligintly “coaching”the anglers either so much so he forgot to card more than one fish, but on a positive note either side were in the frame with chairman Dean Gobbo Gibson on peg 5 taking the top spot with 10 fish for 3lb 6oz, 2nd place went to Mike “The Codfather” Ranson on peg 3 with 9 fish for 2lb 131/3oz and finally third place went to Charlie Needham with 6 fish for 2lb 8 2/3oz. Great Banter all the way along and some friendly rivalry made for yet another enjoyable evening, next weeks match is at Cley lets hope the weather gods smile upon us.

Full results

1 Dean Gibson 30pts
2 Mike Ranson. 29pts
3 Charlie Needham 28pts
4 Robin E. 27pts
5 Mark Batson 26pts
6 Paul Rickard 25pts
7 Gary Moore 24pts
8 Dave Aldridge 23pts
8 Simon Bone 23pts
10 Dene Conway 21pts
10 Iain Molloy 21pts
12 Russell Taylor 19pts
13 Greg Metcalf 18pts
14 Kimberley Lawn 17pts
15 Richard Hipperson 16pts

5 pts to
Ian C

NAC Report Salthouse 5th Jan 2015


20 anglers ventured to Salthouse for the first match of the new year, with pegging mainly to the left of what was the car park, the lower numbers had a fair trek to their pegs but not disheartened everyone was on the beach and ready by about 6.40pm, the shout went out at 7pm for all in and the match began. League leaders Russell Taylor and Robin E. were pegged side by side and the battle commenced, unfortunately for Russell it was Robin who made the best of his peg.

Down the lower numbers Wayne Mathews was the one to watch as he was straight into the fish and beating easily all around him to take his first podium spot win with 11 fish for 3lb 11 1/3oz, 2nd place went to Robin E. also with 11 fish and narrowly beaten with 3lb 8 2/3oz.
Final podium spot went to Charlie Needham who beat Dene Conway into 4th by 2/3 of an ounce, finishing on 5 fish for 1lb 10oz.

An enjoyable but difficult evening for many with hordes of pin whiting and undersized dabs, but with 16 of the 20 recording size able fish most were content .

Next weeks match is at Weybourne please make sure you ring the shop to book in NOT via Facebook this week as I am away. all bait orders to go via the shop latest by Saturday end of play.

Full results

1 Wayne Mathews 30pts
2 Robin E. 29pts
3 Charlie Needham 28pts
4 Dene Conway 27pts
5 Russell Taylor 26pts
5 Peter Hansell 26pts
7 Paul Rickard 24pts
8 Simon Bone 23pts
9 Adam Molloy 22pts
10 Richard Chapman 21pts
11 Mike Ranson 20pts
11 Iain Molloy 20pts
13 Ron de Boer 19pts
14 Mark Batson 18pts
14 Andrew Turk 18pts
14 John Ritchie 18pts

5 pts to
Steveo Johnstone
Dean Gibson
Richard Hipperson
Greg Metcalf

NAC Report Kelling 29/12/14

The last Norfolk Angling Club match of 2014, was held at Kelling, the sea state looked perfect and the possibility of those big channel whiting and hopefully a codling or two. Pegging was left and right of the car park making the walk for everyone easy.

The atmosphere was electric with everyone keen and all on the beach ready to fish by 6:30pm and showing that the club is stronger than ever with 23 anglers in attendance.

Fishing the flooding tide most were into fish straight away with the usual undersize pins dominating many rods, but the odd sizeable one was being recorded along the match stretch.

Several anglers had some cracking codling bites with Kimberley Lawn and Dene Conway both losing one in the surf, but it was Mike Ranson pictured above who managed to drag one out pushing him to his first podium finish with 3 fish for 2lb 10 2/3oz, 2nd place went to Dene Conway with 10 fish for 3lb 4 2/3 and top rod again was Russell Taylor with 10 fish for 3lb 10 1/2oz.

Well done to everyone who fished especially the juniors braving the freezing conditions and hope we see you all at the next match which will be on the 5th of January details to follow for 2015 fixtures.

Full Results

1 Russell Taylor 30pts
2 Dene Conway 29pts
3 Mike Ranson 28pts
4 Robin E. 27pts
5 Gary Moore 26pts
6 Mark Batson 25pts
7 John Ritchie 24pts
7 Kimberley Lawn 24pts
9 Peter Hansell 22pts
10 Charlie Needham 21pts
11 Wayne Mathews 20pts
12 Andrew Turk 19pts
13 Steveo Johnstone 18pts
14 Eamon Finch 17pts
15 Richard Hipperson 16pts
15 Dean Gibson 16pts
17 Richard Chapman 14pts
18 Molley 13pts
19 Dylan 12pts
20 Simon Bone 11pts

5 Pts to
Phil Avard
Mandy Blomfield
Paul Rickard

NAC Report Kelling 15/12/14

Taylor takes top spot again at the latest instalment of the Norfolk Angling Club Monday night league!!

Kelling was the venue for this weeks match, with a cracking turnout once again the scene was set with pegging left and right of the car park, a clear almost wind free evening and a flooding tide meant the fish gods may smile upon us and our wishes were indeed granted.

From the off it seemed to be a three horse race with Robin E, Paul Rickard and Russell Taylor battling between each other on pegs 5, 6 and 7 as the match wore on with copious amounts of banter between the three it was Russell who stayed consistent and pulled the win out of the bag with 12 fish for 4lb 4 1/3oz, not really in the race to begin with was Dene Conway who sneaked into 2nd spot by way of a couple of good last minute whiting bumping his tally up to 8 fish for 3lb 2oz, leaving now podium regular Paul Rickard in 3rd place also with 8 fish for 2lb 14oz.

Up the high numbers it was last years league winner Andrew Turk who found the fish on peg 15 finishing a credible 4th place also with 8 fish for 2lb 10 2/3oz. 5th place and on end peg number 1 was Kimberley Lawn who after the initial shock of dealing with the phantom whistler of Kelling managed 7 fish for 2lb 7 1/3oz.

Young Adam Molloy again beat his dad Iain after being introduced to the world of speed fishing and hearing every five minutes the dulcet sergeant major tones of Dene saying run boy run the match won’t win itself, and to his credit he managed 9 fish for 2lb 1 1/3oz putting him in 9th place overall.

With Christmas almost upon us from pegs 10 and 11 you could hear the humming of Johnny Mathis’s When a Child is Born in between the ribbing and banter which made for a very enjoyable evening, roll on next weeks match at the Village Inn this will be a 3 pint match with no size limits drinking to SAMF guidelines (loads) so drink and eat what you want, and bring plenty of Christmas spirit(s), everyone is welcome and as a special treat the current leader of the league will be doing the Full Monty followed by a magic show from Richard “The Coach” Hipperson.

This Saturday we are also fishing the new NAC Saturday League at Trimmingham support for this new addition to the club would be greatly appreciated.

Full results

1 Russell Taylor 30pts
2 Dene Conway 29pts
3 Paul Rickard 28pts
4 Andrew Turk 27pts
5 Kimberley Lawn 26pts
6 Robin E. 25pts
7 Dean Gibson 24pts
8 Peter Hansell 23pts
9 Adam Molloy 22pts
10 Lee Watkin 21pts
11 Mike Ranson 20pts
12 Iain Molloy 19pts
13 Simon Bone 18pts
14 John Ritchie 17pts
15 Eamon Finch 16pts

everyone else to receive 5 pts

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