The aim of the club is to encourage anglers of all abilities to gain knowledge and catch more fish together in a social and friendly atmosphere, to promote angling, fish handling and competitive angling for those who wish to fish at higher levels.
Each member of the N.A.C is responsible for ensuring guidelines laid out within are adhered to and to make all new members feel welcome and at ease.

Initially established in 2013 by Dene Conway of Rite Gear Angling Centre the club has gone from strength to strength providing a base platform for those wanting to achieve more in the world of fishing, a wealth of knowledge is available to all members along with the added bonus of discounts from Rite Gear and ongoing support and sponsorship.

The club has an excellent record of turning out international match anglers who have represented their country on the world stage, and every member is keen and willing to help other members acheive more.

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