NAC Summer League Match Bacton 2nd May 2022

NAC Match Report Bacton 2nd May 2022

John Harvey bags up at Bacton, stopping Nathan picking up a match treble.  

After last week’s disappointing fish show at Cart Gap last week there was optimism in the air for the Bank Holiday Bacton match. With the early afternoon weather report from Gus looking favourable, fingers or paws crossed, it was looking good. As expected, a lot of anglers turned up early so the pressure was on for an early start. 17 anglers assembled for the match (missed Steve Medlar due to COVID) with Max Goodchild joining us for his first match, welcome aboard. Just a reminder that match numbers are confirmed Monday am by match admin, so please flag “going” on Facebook by Sunday night. We need to know names and numbers for angling insurance purposes. Pegs were drawn promptly at 6:00pm followed by a stampede to hit the beach. As there was a number of pleasure anglers on the beach we pegged towards the gas terminal.

As usual we were fishing to size and with a flood tide (HT 20:24) we all cast in hope that last week’s poor showing wasn’t on the cards. As the tide started to come in the early signs were good with some decent Whiting for the long casters, followed by a show of dog fish, and a Smooth Hound. The fish continued to be carded with Nathan fishing on peg 6 picking up the biggest flat 28cm Dab and he biggest round of 60cm for a Dog fish. In total 97 fish caught, no blanks with a fish/angler ration of 6 fish …….6 times more than last week at Cart Gap. Must have been all those extra orders of crabs/rag worm from Dene !. Look out for AJ’s photos later on Facebook……..seems to have spent the night taking photos instead of dangling …….hopefully they’ve all caught our better fish and casting actions

Match winner was John Harvey (peg 9) with a 14 fish to his card including a 55cm Smooth Hound, and total weight points of 280. Just pipping Nathan Drewery (peg 6) by 4 weight points (276) 1/16th of an oz and stopping him getting the match treble, with Marc Lawson (peg 4) picking up 3rd position with 252 weight points (peg 4) including 3 dog fish.

Match Result:

1st          John Harvey                                               peg 9                             14 fish               280 weight points (5lbs 13/16oz)

2nd         Nathan Drewery                                       peg 6                            12 fish               276 weight points (5 12/16oz)

3rd         Marc Lawson                                             peg 4                              7 fish                 252 weight points (4lbs 7/160z)

Match average                                                        6 (was 1 fish last week) / angler

Biggest round                 60cm cm Dog Fish                 Nathan Drewery (peg 6)  

Biggest Flat                     28cm Dab                        Nathan Drewery (peg 6)

Lucky peg                        John Spalton (peg 15)

Next week’s match will be Gt Yarmouth, South Beach fishing ebb tide LT 22:23

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