NAC Match Report Gt Yarmouth North 23rd May 2022

Nathan takes Gt Yarmouth North beach with a 92cm Smooth hound

The afternoon Gus Report showed a gin clear sea, no weed, weather excellent 14:04pm with the comment (clever dog!) “Like a mill pond, see what happens later” so I guess expectations were high as each angler prepared their tackle at home ready for a trip to Gt Yarmouth North Beach. Little did we know, by the time we gathered the squalls had arrived, and everything became a little soggy to say the least.

We welcomed new members Gary and Mel Alexander  who arrived in the middle of a really heavy squall, with little time for introductions and welcome. Nathan volunteered his services to show them the ropes. With the board walk providing direct access to the beach, we pegged either side of the board walk hopefully reducing walking distance for all. So, in the tail end of the squall, we prepared to cast off at 6:45pm, fishing to length with hopefully a few doggies over 38cm or smooth hounds over 51cm making an appearance.

As the squall subsided, everyone made their initial casts, immediately finding that the tide was taking the trace and when that trace was retrieved it was very vegetarian (lots of weed). The “GusOmeter” was wrong cloudy/weedy/strong tide. Then weather began to lift, and we could see the wind farm and quite an impressive rainbow – see photograph.  The older hands mooted that fish would appear once the tide had ebbed further. And so, it happened fish started to appear, and the weed started to drop off.

Target for the night was hopefully Dog Fish and Smooth Hounds, and as the tide ebbed the first doggies started to be caught with a few sizeable Smooth Hounds. By the end of the night 107 fish of size caught and average of 6 fish per angler with no one blanking – well done Gary & Mel (pegs 2 & 3) on your first match. In summary we picked up 20 Dog Fish of various sizes, 2 Smooth Hounds, 80 Whiting – some of a decent size 35cm plus fell to John Harvey. But the biggest Smooth Hound of the night went to Nathan (peg 1) with a 92 cm specimen, just pipping Jamie Childerhouse with an 82 cm on his last cast (peg 20). A special mention to Michael Craske in picking up a 26cm Dab.

A fine night’s fishing (in the end) was spoiled by a cloud burst as everyone was packing up and results were being compiled, so well done all who fished and fought their way through the weed, and finally the rain. See you all next week at Salthouse, lets hope the weather behaves itself.

Match Result:

1st          Nathan Drewery                          peg 1                   3 fish                               497 weight points (10bs 6/16oz)

2nd         John Harvey                                  peg 14                17 fish                             443 weight points (9lbs 4/16oz)

3rd         Jamie Childerhouse                     peg 20                3 fish                               369 weight points (7lbs 11/16oz)

Match average                                           6 (was 3 fish last week) / angler

Biggest round                 92cm Smooth Hound               Nathan Drewery (peg 1)  

Biggest Flat                     26cm Dab                        Michael Craske (peg 9)

Lucky peg                        Cain Plumb (peg 10)      again !

Next week’s match will be back to the shingle of Salthouse HT 19:35pm (fishing early ebb) – left hand side

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