NAC Match 15 Kelling 16th May 2022

NAC Match Report Kelling 16th May 2022

John Harvey takes Kelling, but Cain nearly gets a clean sweep

With Smooth Hounds and Bass making an appearance at the Bass Festival 14 – 15th May, it was an excited 19 anglers who turned up at Weybourne for tonight’s match. But so had half of Norfolk decided to take advantage of a beautiful evening and so mess up our opportunity to get 19 pegs on the beach without walking all the way to Kelling. So, without further to do venue was quickly changed to Kelling via the Collection. We were joined by Alin Hantig and Michael Craske for their first match, and Max Goodchild returning for his second match, welcome guys hope you enjoy the evening. With the tide peaking at 19:27pm and the last minute switch of venue we decided to kick off at 7:00pm. Pegging either side of the car park path the stage was set……..see photo of the sunset.

As soon as lines were in the water the bites started coming with Andrew Turk (peg 19) and Simon Bottomley (peg 18) picking up Pouting, quickly followed by Hounds arriving (to certain pegs!). But the highlight of this initial flurry of activity was a magnificent Bass caught be Richard Craske (peg 16) –  see photo. Weighing in at an impressive 65cm, 260 weight points (5lb 7/16oz) 6.5lb on the scales. This was quickly followed by John Harvey (peg 17) picking up 76cm Smooth Hound. The Hounds kept coming with Cain Plumb (peg 8) picking up the biggest Hound of the night with a magnificent 88cm specimen, just pipping another Hound from John Harvey of 86cm. With his usual consistent catch record Nathan Drewery picked up 3 hounds between 51 – 76 cm. In summary 12 Smooth Hounds caught (see summary), congratulations also to Ian and Jamie Childerhouse (family hounds pegs 2 & 10) and Eamon Finch (1). Also well done to Michael Craske who opens his NAC account with an impressive 59cm Dog. Woof woof all. !   

The lasting impression of the night goes to Richard Craske with his Bass, who’s photo makes him the new poster boy for NAC. It’s a sorry state of affairs that even with such an impressive fish that he did not get even a Top 3 position, managing 4th. Well done John Harvey for an excellent result, clearly showing how its done. Whilst last week’s winner Cain Plumb on his favourite beach ( Ha Ha ) picked up a decent 2nd position, but picking up biggest flat/round at the same time, and not forgetting lucky peg…..nearly, but not quite a clean sweep. It’s starting to become quite a tussle in the last matches of the league between John/Nathan/Cain and not forgetting Ian Childerhouse and John Spalton. However, John Harvey’s 1st place does come with some reward, the NAC Eamon Finch Monday night trophy (see photo) ……which he’s allowed to keep for 1 week ! (thanks Eamon) … who will win in next week ?

Match Result:

1st          John Harvey                                  peg 17                11 fish                             896 weight points (18bs 11/16oz)

2nd         Cain Plumb                                    peg 8                  3 fish                               424 weight points (8lbs 13/16oz)

3rd         Nathan Drewery                          peg 14                3 fish                               314 weight points (6lbs 9/16oz)

4th         Richard Craske                             peg 16                2 fish                                284 weight Points (5lbs 15/16oz)

Match average                                           3 (was 8 fish last week) / angler

Biggest round                 88cm Smooth Hound     Cain Plumb (peg 8)  

Biggest Flat                     33cm Flounder               Cain Plumb (peg 8)

Lucky peg                        Cain Plumb (peg 8)

Next week’s match will be Gt Yarmouth (North Beach) fishing ebb LT 22:20

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