NAC Summer League Match 12 25th April Cart Gap

The one where Neil finds a new friend and Nathan nudges Cart Gap  

Nice to be back to the beaches of Norfolk, East coast of Scotland spectacular and trout rivers OK but they can’t beat a breezy Cart Gap on a Monday night. 14 gathered to fish, and we welcomed Robert Ford as a first timer to the NAC. There had been a bit of discussion in the week re best venue for fishing an ebb tide, so we shifted from Sea Palling to Cart Gap, fingers crossed. The early weather/tide report from Gus (see photo) suggested a good Bass beach with lots of small breakers, but the older hands (you know who you are) cautioned the optimism when there was a North Easterly wind blowing. Would they be right ?

We pegged either side of the jetty to save the longer walk. Early signs were good with Allan Sexton  (peg 6) a welcome return, picked up a 38cm Bass on his first cast. Eamon (peg 10) then proceeded to pick up a 24cm Dab followed by a 28cm Dab. But then it went all flat. Neil Rowe (peg 7) then met his new friend with a young seal (see photo) deciding to watch the match from a peg 7 viewpoint. That finished Neils night.

The tide continued to ebb, and chances of more fish seemed to disappear with the tide. So, the oldies were right. But there were some notable exceptions with John Harvey (peg 1) picking up biggest flat with a magnificent 35cm Flounder, whilst Mr Consistent Ian Childerhouse (peg 14) picked up the biggest round with a 41cm Bass. But the night was nudged by Nathan Drewery (peg 5) picking up 3 fish for 101 weight points who decided to wade out to Belgium to find the fish. The tide was so low it was no more than wellie depth 30yds out.

Match Result:

1st          Nathan Drewey                                         peg 5                             3 fish   101 weight points (2lbs 2/16oz)

2nd         Ian Childerhouse                                        peg 14                       2 fish   90 weight points (1lbs 14/16oz)

3rd         John Harvey                                               peg 1                              3 fish   82 weight points (1lbs 11/160z)

Match average                                                        1 (was 12 fish last week) / angler

Biggest round                 41cm Bass                       Ian Childerhouse (peg 14)  

Biggest Flat                     35cm Flounder               John Harvey (peg 1)

Lucky peg                        Eamon Finch (peg 10)

Next week’s match will be on the sands of Becton HT 20:29 – fishing the flood

Thanks to Nathan and John for covering match admin the last few weeks ………anyone else fancy a go ?

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