NAC Match Report 10 Weybourne

NAC match report Weybourne 11th April 2022

Neil Rowe trumps Weybourne

Well a slight change to the running of the match and doing a report as no Simon due to crossing the border to see the Scottish So Nathan was left in charge

So all meeting in the car park all 13 of us with the normal banter including the £1 side bet with Richard Hipperson and John Spalton who would win there and would hippo stay till the end ? Would also like to welcome along David Sicklelmore to his first NAC match hope you enjoyed yourself and hope to see you again.

So pegs were drawn 6.00pm with pegs going to the left of pipe start time was 6:45 pm would the shingle fish any different to the sand fishing tide down low water 22:35

Well fishing kicked of with few early fish some small some big enough to card then ping on wats app John catchpole with a pic of a 34cm flounder would it hold out?

Battling with little bit of side wind the night went on with range of fish coming out but top rod on the night was:

Neil Rowe carding 17fish for 329 weight points 6lb 13oz 2/3 cracking fishing well done

Second was Leon with 11 fish 198 weight points for 4lb 2oz just beating

John catchpole who had 9 fish for 194 weight points at 4lb 2/3

biggest round went to Ian Childerhouse with a 56cm doggy

Yes biggest flat went to John catchpole with his 34cm flounder and also took luck peg.

Now the £1 bet yes hippo stayed till the end but some how managed to bet and clam the £1 bet of John Spalton

Hippo 7 fish for 118 weight point

John s 5 fish for 72 weight point

Well done all next weeks match is going to be on the shingle again due to ment to be nice wether and bank holiday so will be at kelling

Well done all

Nathan Drewery

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