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NAC Summer League Match 12 25th April Cart Gap

The one where Neil finds a new friend and Nathan nudges Cart Gap  

Nice to be back to the beaches of Norfolk, East coast of Scotland spectacular and trout rivers OK but they can’t beat a breezy Cart Gap on a Monday night. 14 gathered to fish, and we welcomed Robert Ford as a first timer to the NAC. There had been a bit of discussion in the week re best venue for fishing an ebb tide, so we shifted from Sea Palling to Cart Gap, fingers crossed. The early weather/tide report from Gus (see photo) suggested a good Bass beach with lots of small breakers, but the older hands (you know who you are) cautioned the optimism when there was a North Easterly wind blowing. Would they be right ?

We pegged either side of the jetty to save the longer walk. Early signs were good with Allan Sexton  (peg 6) a welcome return, picked up a 38cm Bass on his first cast. Eamon (peg 10) then proceeded to pick up a 24cm Dab followed by a 28cm Dab. But then it went all flat. Neil Rowe (peg 7) then met his new friend with a young seal (see photo) deciding to watch the match from a peg 7 viewpoint. That finished Neils night.

The tide continued to ebb, and chances of more fish seemed to disappear with the tide. So, the oldies were right. But there were some notable exceptions with John Harvey (peg 1) picking up biggest flat with a magnificent 35cm Flounder, whilst Mr Consistent Ian Childerhouse (peg 14) picked up the biggest round with a 41cm Bass. But the night was nudged by Nathan Drewery (peg 5) picking up 3 fish for 101 weight points who decided to wade out to Belgium to find the fish. The tide was so low it was no more than wellie depth 30yds out.

Match Result:

1st          Nathan Drewey                                         peg 5                             3 fish   101 weight points (2lbs 2/16oz)

2nd         Ian Childerhouse                                        peg 14                       2 fish   90 weight points (1lbs 14/16oz)

3rd         John Harvey                                               peg 1                              3 fish   82 weight points (1lbs 11/160z)

Match average                                                        1 (was 12 fish last week) / angler

Biggest round                 41cm Bass                       Ian Childerhouse (peg 14)  

Biggest Flat                     35cm Flounder               John Harvey (peg 1)

Lucky peg                        Eamon Finch (peg 10)

Next week’s match will be on the sands of Becton HT 20:29 – fishing the flood

Thanks to Nathan and John for covering match admin the last few weeks ………anyone else fancy a go ?

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NAC Match 11 Kelling 18th April

NAC match report Kelling 18th April 2022

NAC match Bank holiday Monday at kelling

How many of the childerhouses do it take to win a match

Well on a Lovely warm bank holiday we choice to hold the match at kelling due to the struggle of getting on any other beach

So with 20 anglers all booked in biggest turn out so far of the summer league was nice to see Luke Childerhouse and Adrian Bordianu make an appearance

We meet at the gate we’re the normal banter carried on £1 rematch was on peeler crabs are about.

Would we see a smooth hound on these big tides and warm weather ?

All headed to are pegs for a 6:45 start first cast show few fish coming up the beach some in size some under the night went on few doggies making an appearance also talks of a smoothie been caught was this true….?

So with 3 childerhouses fishing could they take top spot unfortunately not on a fish filled night honours went to Stephen medlar with 20 fish for 403weight points just pegging roger with 17 fish for 392 weigh points 3rd went to Adrian with 16 fish for 346 weight points

Yes it was true a smooth hound had be caught bye John Harvey a 54 cm but ian childerhouse found a 61cm doggie giving him the biggest round biggest flat went to John Spolton with a 26cm dab and also claiming the £1 rematch that’s 1 a piece now all in all a great nights fishing from all.

So it’s a goodbye from Nathan till next time as the return of Simon resume his match report and stats position

Next weeks match is at sea palling hope to see you all there

Well done all and have a good week

NAC Match Report 10 Weybourne

NAC match report Weybourne 11th April 2022

Neil Rowe trumps Weybourne

Well a slight change to the running of the match and doing a report as no Simon due to crossing the border to see the Scottish So Nathan was left in charge

So all meeting in the car park all 13 of us with the normal banter including the £1 side bet with Richard Hipperson and John Spalton who would win there and would hippo stay till the end ? Would also like to welcome along David Sicklelmore to his first NAC match hope you enjoyed yourself and hope to see you again.

So pegs were drawn 6.00pm with pegs going to the left of pipe start time was 6:45 pm would the shingle fish any different to the sand fishing tide down low water 22:35

Well fishing kicked of with few early fish some small some big enough to card then ping on wats app John catchpole with a pic of a 34cm flounder would it hold out?

Battling with little bit of side wind the night went on with range of fish coming out but top rod on the night was:

Neil Rowe carding 17fish for 329 weight points 6lb 13oz 2/3 cracking fishing well done

Second was Leon with 11 fish 198 weight points for 4lb 2oz just beating

John catchpole who had 9 fish for 194 weight points at 4lb 2/3

biggest round went to Ian Childerhouse with a 56cm doggy

Yes biggest flat went to John catchpole with his 34cm flounder and also took luck peg.

Now the £1 bet yes hippo stayed till the end but some how managed to bet and clam the £1 bet of John Spalton

Hippo 7 fish for 118 weight point

John s 5 fish for 72 weight point

Well done all next weeks match is going to be on the shingle again due to ment to be nice wether and bank holiday so will be at kelling

Well done all

Nathan Drewery

NAC Summer League Match 9 Salthouse

NAC Match Report Salthouse 4th April 2022

Simon B enjoys his birthday in style on the shingle of Salthouse  

After last week’s poor showing on the sands of Walcott it was hoped that a return to the shingle of Salthouse (last fished January 2022) produce some decent fish.  16 anglers met by the roadside parking allegedly upsetting a few tourists and NT wardens along the way due to the lack of formal parking. The wind was blowing a “hoolie” but it was hoped that the shingle banks would afford some protection, they didn’t !. Big thanks for all your birthday wishes (Simon).

Pegs were drawn at 6:00pm with pegs counting down from opposite the car parking area, still tough for the “short walkers.” It’s not an easy fishing beach walking on the expanse of shingle. With a kick off time of 7:00pm everyone made their preparations for a blustery/weedy night. Use this link => Salthouse | Search Results | Norfolk Angling Club to access previous Salthouse match reports.

The tide was to peak at 21:24pm but the tide was racing and expected to be a high one. As the first casts were retrieved it confirmed our earlier thoughts that there would be a lot of frustration with weed, tide pulling to the right coupled with wee Whiting.  The early retrievers started to pick up the typical 24 – 26cm Whiting, a few centimetres more and they could have been carded. Neil Rowe (peg 1) pulled in the first carded fish, so match on. Despite early catches it was tough in the tide with birthday boy loosing 2 leaders and tracers in the surf. Then the wind started to ease a little as the tide came in, and so did the fish.

The move from the sands of Walcott to the shingle of Salthouse proved a wise venue choice with the average number of fish per angler rising from 1.6 average last week to this week’s 4.3 fish average. In total at end of the night 69 fish carded compared to 23 fish last week. Of the 69 fish caught 55/69 were Whiting the biggest being 32cm carded by Leon Smith (peg 5) and Stephen Medlar (peg 12). The biggest round was a 55cm Dog caught by birthday boy Simon Bottomley (peg 2) narrowly edging Nathan Drewery’s (peg 6) 54cm for biggest round (“makes a change”) – see photo provided by Andy Turk (peg 2). The biggest flat was carded by Ian Childerhouse (peg 14) catching a 30cm Flounder (1/69). See images for full breakdown of fish caught.

Match Result:

1st          Simon Bottomley                                      peg 3                            7 fish    170 weight points (3lbs 9/16oz)

2nd         Stephen Medlar                                         peg 12                       8 fish    156 weight points (3lbs 4/16oz)

3rd         Ian Childerhouse                                       peg 14                       8 fish    152 weight points (3lbs 3/160z)

Match average                                                        4.3 (was 1.6 fish last week) / angler

Biggest round                 55 cm Dog                       Simon Bottomley (peg 3)  

Biggest Flat                     30cm Flounder               Ian Childerhouse (peg 14)

Lucky peg                        Ian Childerhouse (peg 14)

Next week’s match will be on the shingle at Weybourne. HT 15:47 – fishing the flood LT 22:35. Nathan / John S will be the bait/organising committee. See you the following week……..thanks  Simon

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