NAC Match Report Gorleston 14th February 2022

NAC Match Report Gorleston 14th February 2022

Marc makes the most of low fish numbers to have a successful date night at Gorleston  

Valentine’s day started so well with Tony Holmes spreading the “valentine love” with his message to all NAC members, thanks Tony it was nice of you to think of us all on this special day. The feeling continued with all the usual weather checks confirming that tide, wind, and rain all going to behave themselves and with full moonlight a special evening or “date night” was in order. It only needed a sound track to set the mood. So, on this date night what would be on the menu Dab, Whiting, early Bass or Rays the excitement was palpable. As with all special date night it was great to see everyone arrive on time and be on the beach and dressed up for a 6:15pm start, keen or what !.

With the menu requested we ordered the 6:15pm starter, with fish to size for the main course, so confident were we that the fish would be also in that special mood and looking for love. It was looking good as initial cast brought in fish typically Dabs just under 23cm and Whiting under 27cm, no matter how hard we stretched/massaged/caressed them they still couldn’t match up to the expected size. Clearly size matters.

There were however a few anglers who scored, picking up “cardable” fish in amongst the undersized Dabs/Whiting. It was nice to see John Harvey back on the beach again (peg 2) and also managing to pick up a sizeable Dab and Whiting. Podium position though went to Marc Lawson who not only picked up the Number 1 spot but also a share in the biggest round. Clearly, he must have been wearing his best pulling aftershave (Brut ?) to tempt 6 of a total of 30 fish caught.

Of the 30 fish carded 17 were Whiting and 13 Dabs. The largest Dab was a 26cm Dab caught by John Harvey on peg 2, and the largest round was 33cm but shared between Marc Lawson (Peg 10), John Spalton (Peg 6) and that man again John Harvey (Peg 2). But sadly, as with all dates, it had to come to an end, did we enjoy it yes, did we get invited back for coffee no, would we do it again absolutely, so see you at Kelling (next week) where it is rumoured what we would all be “paired” is that legal ?

Match Result:

1st          Marc Lawson                                              peg 10                       6 fish    110 weight points (2lbs 5/16oz)

2nd         John Spalton                                              peg 6                             5 fish    84 weight points (1lbs 12/16oz)

3rd         Colin Bailey                                                 peg 7                             3 fish    58 weight points (1lbs 3/16oz)

Match average                                                        2.7 fish / angler

Biggest flat                      26cm Dab – John Harvey (peg 2)

Biggest round                 33cm Whiting – John Spalton (peg 6) / Marc Lawson (peg 10) / John Harvey  (peg 2)

Lucky peg draw went to Jamie Medlar (peg 11)

Next match 21st February – Kelling keep an eye on Facebook/WhatsApp for details.

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