NAC Match Report Kelling 3rd January 2022

NAC Match Report Kelling 3rd January 2022  

Jamie & David repeat pairs success at Kelling.

Happy New Year for 2022 let’s hope we have a year free from any lockdowns and more of a feeling of normality, best wishes to all, but remember to stay cautious and safe. Fishing from Kelling means a bit more management as we have to close the main gate whilst we are fishing, we wouldn’t want anyone stealing those beautiful old battle tanks. Interesting to see the history of Weybourne Camp featured in a back issue of “Flog it.” (See iPlayer). With the match at Kelling designated a ‘pairs’ match the numbers attending if even no problem, if an odd number it meant that someone had to fish 2 rods on their own. So, were we going to end up an even number ?.

The pre match revelry was interrupted with the arrive of our own quartermaster with the latest issues of hats (beanies and caps – see photos) with the latest deliveries. Very smart. Speaking as one who gave a few beanies as Christmas presents, they are excellent quality and look good. So don’t loose out, pass your orders to Roger Cunnington via the NAC Facebook site or WhatsApp him.

Back to the fishing, with 13 anglers in the peg draw who would pair with who. The last time we fished Kelling in November 2021 (see NAC Match Report Kelling 8th November 2021 | Norfolk Angling Club) the magic pairing then was Jamie Medlar and David Mathers catching a match winning total of 58 fish  (1065 weight points), and somehow the fishing gods in January 2022 put Jamie and David back as a pair. Match on, the pair to beat. In anticipation of a bumper catch (also talk of good catches up/down the coast over the last few days) we again fished to size.

From the off the fish were being caught, but as per recent matches size was the issue with plenty of undersized traces being caught in a turning/falling tide. Nice to see Russell back on the beach but like everyone was frustrated at the lack of cardable fish. Compared to November 2021 average of 16 fish caught per angler, this time we were not so lucky with an average of 9 fish per angler being carded. By the end of the night 118 fish were carded of which 115 were Whiting, with 3 Dabs.

The honours for largest round were shared between Steve Medlar (Peg 1) and Roger Cunnington (Peg 2) catching 35cm Whiting. With John Catchpole (Peg 4) picking up the largest flat with a 26cm Dab (tells you all about the night). So did the magic pairing of Jamie and David fishing Peg 3 bear fruit (or should I have said fish) well yes, the fishing gods struck again with the golden pair picking up a total of 24 fish with 392 weight points (8lb 3/16oz). Well done boys……but will it be 3 in a row when we return to Kelling in late February 2022, watch this space.

A special mention must go to Team Spalton who managed to pick up 11 fish earning 176 points, whilst fishing with two rods and keeping 3 dogs in order.

Match Result:

1st          Jamie Medlar/David Mathers                  peg 3               24 fish                392 weight points          (8lb 3/16oz)

2nd         Stephen Medlar/Neil Rowe                     peg 1               18 fish               349 weight points          (7lb 4/16oz)

3rd         John Catchpole/Ian Childerhouse           peg 4               20 fish               338 weight points          (7lb 1/16oz)

Lucky peg draw went to Russell Taylor

For full results see image

Next match will be 10th January 2022 at Sea Palling with LT @ 20:10pm (so fishing the turn and up the tide). Keep an eye on our WhatsApp group for any latest information

A big thanks to all who supported the Walking with the Wounded fund raising the final grand total of £1010. Thanks all, truly smashing the initial objective of £500. See photo of Robert Selby showing off his new prize winning rod and future NAC matches timetable.

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