NAC Match Gorleston 17th January 2022

NAC Match Report Gorleston 17th January 2022

Nathan on form at a moonlit Gorleston 

The moon was up and full as we gathered to draw pegs at Marine Parade car park, Gorleston. As no gossip re big fish or unicorns (Cod) it was decided to fish 18cm+ length match, same as last week. 11 anglers pegged from just below right of the car park (peg 11) to peg 1 near the chalets. Tide was coming in, and with a moonlit beach (see photo) it looked to be a good session, reinforced by the Spalton weather cam earlier in the day, Gus and his gang know a good sea when they see one !.

Early catches set the trend for the whole match with small whiting and dabs making the running with high numbers of singles/doubles/trebles but nothing really of size. Any match recording fish over 18cm is one where there is a lot more writing than fishing, with the advantage for keeping your step count up with the running up/down the beach with your bucket. Gorleston was no exception to that rule.

With 318 fish caught (averaging 30 per angler) there was a lot of recording to do. Always difficult at night when its cold. So, a gentle reminder to check your adding up and handwriting to ensure we have an easy reporting session. Plus, when many of the fish are similar size, please identify your biggest flat/round….thanks as it takes more time to do the numbers than spent fishing.

In total the 318 fish recorded a total length of 6854cm. Nathan fishing off peg 1 fishing a blinder, picking up 55 fish for a total length of 1154cm, well fished, sympathies to Marc Lawson (peg 2) who had to do all the recording and writing up. Whilst 2nd and third place were contested by Eamon Finch (peg 4) and Ian Childerhouse (Peg 11). Of the 318 fish caught 233 were whiting, 84 were dab, a final 1 pout made up the numbers. See match results below and images. Reported numbers for podium have been rechecked and validated with a calculator. Biggest flat, a 26cm Dab was caught by Russell Taylor (peg 3) with biggest round going to guess who, with a 31cm Whiting (Nathan Drewery – peg 1). So, with only 2 more matches to the end of the Winter League it’s a well  fished Nathan and well fished all and see you at Salthouse next week for the penultimate match of the 2021/2022 Winter League.

Match Result:

1st          Nathan Drewery                                        peg 1                            55 fish                1154 cm

2nd         Eamon Finch                                              peg 4                             34 fish               729 cm

3rd         Ian Childerhouse                                        peg 11                       33 fish               712 cm

Biggest flat Russell Taylor 26cm Dab

Biggest round Nathan Drewery 31cm Whiting

Lucky peg draw went to Russell Taylor

For full results see image

Next match will be on 24th January 2022 at Salthouse with HT @ 22:29pm (so fishing the flood. Keep an eye on our WhatsApp group for any latest information

Ps. well done all NAC Teams A/B who fished 16th January at the Teams of 5 match at Salthouse

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