A big thank you to Norfolk Angling Club

A big thank you from Norfolk Angling Club for all your donations and support through our Christmas appeal. A special thanks to Eamon and Ian for their kind donations. Below is a letter from Walking with the Wounded not only thanking us, but explaining how all the £ will be spent. Thanks again……SimonDear The Norfolk Angling Club,

YOU Left No-one Behind From Lockdown This Year. Thanks to your efforts, Walking Home For Christmas has raised the wonderful sum so far of over £135,000, with more money continuing to come in each day. The money raised will enable Walking With The Wounded to continue to be there for all those in need. We recognise that those who served, deserve. Whether mentally wounded, socially wounded or physically wounded, they deserve the care, support and means they and their families need to function in society, serving in the communities in which they live, reigniting their sense of purpose and making a positive contribution again. We do four things: employment, mental health, care coordination and volunteering which are saving jobs, homes, relationships and lives for the veterans who are struggling since leaving the military. At the beginning of the event, and on the back of the past two years, we set you a challenge of ensuring that no-one is left behind from lockdown. Our Veterans have been amongst the hardest hit by the pandemic and they deserve our support at a critical moment. And how you answered our call! From Edinburgh to London, Belfast to Cardiff, throughout the UK nearly 1,300 people came together to fund over 1,650 mental health therapy sessions. Your £1,010.17 raised is a key part of this and we couldn’t be prouder of your efforts.

Every small step you took on your walks will make a big difference. Thank you so much again from the whole team here at Walking With The Wounded to you and those who donated to you. We are humbled by your efforts.

Well done again and a very happy new year to you. Thank you. Fergus Williams CEO, Walking With The Wounded

What your support means to those like Mark that we help…Mark joined the Parachute Regiment and completed 12 months of hard training. Disaster struck when he seriously injured his ankle, and he was unable to complete his essential parachute jumps. He successfully transferred to the Coldstream Guards and immediately started reconnaissance work. He was deployed to Northern Ireland and was involved in several incidents that caused him accumulative trauma. Mark left the military to look after his mother who had become seriously ill, and his father was struggling to look after the family alone. Sadly, in 1994, Mark’s mother passed away and this caused his mental health to spiral downwards. For 23 years, Mark struggled with his symptoms. He left his marriage and his home and went to live in a squat. He sought help from his GP but declined the anti-depressants that he had been prescribed. In 2012,Mark applied to take a Close Protection Security Course (CPS) with the intention of going to Iraq. However, the reintroduction to a military-style environment, made him aggressive and disassociated. In 2018, he contacted WWTW to help him find a new, stable career path and was introduced to Chris his Employment Advisor. Chris immediately referred Mark to NHS TILS (Veterans’ Mental Health Transition, Intervention, Liaison Service) for assessment and treatment. He was diagnosed with Complex PTSD and treated through talking therapies and grounding techniques. Chris supported Mark and helped him to complete his applications forms for PIP (Personal Independence Payment) support and Universal Credit – a daunting task that Mark had been unwilling to undertake. In 2019, Chris invited Mark to go to Lesotho, Africa with a team from WWTW. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and Mark, who had responded well to therapy, accepted. He flew to Lesotho and worked to rebuild an orphanage. He also helped to teach the children Maths, English, and woodworking skills. The trip helped him relate to others and to understand and appreciate their battles. When Mark was ready to look for employment again, he had decided he wanted to become an HGV driver. Chris got in touch with the Royal British Legion to fund his HGV Class C Licence training. He also introduced him to courses in Mental Health and Counselling, so that he could better understand his own issues. Mark has now finished his therapy and is no longer on medication. He has received his HGV Class C licence and WWTW has just secured funding from the Royal British Legion for his HGV C+E training (driving with a drawbar). He is feeling confident and is in a very strong position to get work.‘ Last year, Christmas was not great. I was still in therapy; I had no work and I’d just got back to an empty home after being in Africa with the team from WWTW. This year, everything has changed. I have a new partner; I am independent and very soon, I expect to be in a new job. Thanks to Chris and WWTW my life is coming together. The past is gone, and this Christmas is all about making some new, happy memories.


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