NAC Match Report Weybourne 6th December 2021

NAC Match Report Weybourne 6th December 2021  

Neil H weighs in at Weybourne

With the weather hopefully in a calm spot after the last few weeks with a cold front and a promised westerly it was looking like it would be a good match at Weybourne. The down-pore all afternoon seemed to have calmed the sea down and the car park was an alternative venue, if we couldn’t find fish in the sea. With 17 anglers in what seemed a festive mood Dave Mathers served up a full box of Quality Street to “get the party started”. We were joined by Henry Randall who with pending fatherhood decided to nip out and get a spot of fishing in before tackling the serious job of nappy changing. Good luck from all NAC members, hope it all goes well.  Finally, best wishes to Richard Craske, hope all going well and now recovering.

With 17 fishing Russell pegged the beach, thanks. Pegging from the pipe towards Kelling. Note, please remember to book in on the Facebook event page so we know how many pegs we need (hence peg 0 – see pegs results, due a late arrival). Fishing to start at 7:00pm – fishing to size final hour of flood tide to ebb. HT 19:44pm.

As soon as the first casts were being retrieved it was obvious there would be a big catch. At last someone had told the fish to turnup. Up/down the pegs you could see traces of 2/3 whiting, it became a whiting fest with everyone catching, no blanks. Compared to previous weeks at Cley and Overstrand were we ended up 2 – 3 fish per angler, Weybourne became 18+ fish/person average. In total 318 fish caught with total weight points of 5864, converted to 122lbs 3/16ozs (18 weight points/fish) …..impressive !.

Of the 318 fish caught 290 were whiting (28 dabs). The largest round being a 38cm Whiting falling to Neil Haynes (peg 4) and the largest flat being a 28m Dab caught by John Catchpole (peg 1). But overall, the night went to Neil Haynes with a record point scored of 590 weight points (31 fish), and in second place Henry Randall catching 30 fish weighing 549 points. Leaving John Spalton (peg 6) to pick up third place with 22 fish and 440 weight points. Neil tops the leader board of highest winning totals so far this season knocking David Mathers off the top spot (previous highest weight points was 560 caught at Kelling). Well, done all who fished, cracking night with the whiting.

Match Result:

1st          Neil Haynes       Peg 4    31 fish  590 weight points   12lb 5/16oz

2nd         Henry Randall   Peg 11  30 fish 549 weight points   11lb 7/16oz

3rd         John Spalton     Peg 6    22 fish 440 weight points   9lb 3/16oz

Great set of full cards you three !


  • Continue to sign off cards with number of fish/weight points converted to weight/biggest flat/round to make the gathering of results easier, gets us home quicker.
  • Fund raising for the Walking with the Wounded going well with £388 achieved to date v.£500 target. There is another £90 to bank. Club will also make a donation. There is still time to make your donation use link below, especially as there are 3 excellent raffle prizes which could be won – see images
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