NAC Match Report Gt. Yarmouth at 20th December 2021

NAC Match Report Gt. Yarmouth (South Beach) December 2021  

Size Matters at Gt. Yarmouth  

With a positive predicted forecast from Mr Spalton the weather/tide man (see match day video) all were looking forward to a good night’s fishing. With the Government threatening further shutdowns was this the last match for a while ? . The evening had another special feel as it was the night to draw the Walking with the Wounded raffle. With 9 anglers gathered near the Premier Inn the evening started well with the magical Mr Finch conjuring up fresh sausage rolls. Thanks Mrs F.

Pegging was from the Premier Inn towards the  roller coaster. With the tide rising and a clear cool, moonlit evening it was match on, casting off at 6:30pm fishing to size limits. The roller coaster represented the match from beginning to end with lots of whiting being caught in doubles and trebles but mostly undersized. Lots of up/down the beach emptying the bucket but without carding many. The task ahead was to try, and avoid the small ones in  favour of the carded over 27cm Whiting and 23cm Dabs. The bigger fish were there, but shy !

However, Nathan and Eamon somehow managed to find their way through the tings to the larger “cardable” fish. The biggest flat was a 28cm Dab to Nathan fishing from Peg  1, the largest round being a 34cm Whiting to Stephen Medlar. John S peg 5 and Simon peg 1 missed out with 33cm Whitings. At the final count up 73 fish carded of which 67/72 were Whiting, with 5 Dabs. Honours for the night went to on form Nathan Drewery fishing peg 2 with 16 fish…..well done !

Match Result:

1st          Nathan Drewery            peg 2    16 fish               268 weight points          (5lb 9/16oz)

2nd         Eamon Finch                   peg 8    13 fish               225 weight points          (4lb 11/16oz)

3rd         John Catchpole               peg 4    10 fish               178 weight points          (3lb 11/16oz)

Lucky peg went to Simon Bottomley. Thanks to Mrs B for the mince pies munched during reporting.

As it’s the last match before Christmas see additional images of the latest highest winning scores / biggest flat and round this current winter league. Still 10 matches to go so this is just latest position.

Next match will be 27th December at Bacton and will be a bait pack match. Keep an eye on our WhatsApp group for any latest information

Following match reporting we took time to draw for the Walking with the Wounded raffle with the prizes donated by NAC members. A big thanks to Eamon Finch and Ian Childerhouse for their generosity. A big thank you to all readers of the NAC Facebook page and web site for their donations. As of today’s report, we have raised £871.40 a huge thanks to all.- see image

Raffle prizes and winners:

1st Prize              Blackrock Foosa rod/Axia 6ft Rod Rest                    winner David Proudfoot             (to be contacted)

2nd Prize             Various desirable pieces of Tackle                            winner Robert Selby                    (to be contacted)

3rd Prize              NAC Hoodie and Beanie (named)                           winner David Mathers                (to be contacted)

4th Prize              Rechargeable LED Lensor head light                           winner John Catchpole                (collected)

5th Prize              Various sinkers made by Eamon                            winner Ian Childerhouse              (collected)

A big thanks to all who have supported. If you still want to donate, please use the link to make your donation.

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