NAC Match Report Walcott 4th October 2021

NAC Match Report Walcott 4th October 2021  

Walcott disappoints, “but its great venue (see past results), but nobody told the fish to turn up.”

Could last week’s total of 123 fish caught on the shingle at Weybourne be beaten by our return to Walcott.. When we last fished Walcott in October 2020 we caught 292 fish, with an impressive haul of whiting . (see NAC Match Report Walcott 12th October 2020 | Norfolk Angling Club). So, with last week’s successes and previous track record spirits were high as 16 anglers gathered on the prom at Walcott. We welcomed new angler Marc Lawson for his first Monday night match.

Early photos circulated by 1st arrival John Spalton doing his pre match reconnaissance showed a quiet sea, very little movement and so it stayed that way by 6:00pm when we gathered for the peg draw. However, before the rush to the beach for a hopeful 6:30pm start we took a team photo to celebrate the arrival of the 2021 Hoodies. (See photo). A special thanks to Roger excelling in his Quartermaster role. What a team both front and rear views!

NAC Walcott 4th October 2021

With the tide peaking, but little movement there were no early catches to celebrate, and it looked to be one of those evenings, nice views, cool but no fish. First off, the mark was Ian Childerhouse (peg 13) with a 38cm Bass (55 weight points) was this the start of a run of bass? Simple answer No !. So, Ian picked up the biggest round of the evening. Ok so where were the usual flatties, was there a decent flounder to be caught. Simple answer Yes ….Roger Cunnington (peg 7) picked up the biggest flat with a 30cm Flounder. However, the evenings winner was Leon Smith with end peg number 16 catching 2 fish with a Bass and a Dab achieving  also 55 weight points. But the winner on the evening due to his 2 fish versus Ian’s 1.

With only 9 fish caught in total, with a weight points total of 181 (3lb 12/16oz) it wasn’t a fish fest but it was a good evening, and we were kept cosy by the new team hoodies. Hopefully, next week’s match (11 October 2021) at Kelling will be more productive.

Match Result:

1st          Leon Smith                      peg 16                2               55 weight points (1lb 2/16oz)

2nd         Ian Childerhouse            peg 13                1 fish              55 weight points (1lb 2/16oz)

3rd         Roger Cunnington          peg 7                  2 fish               38cm weight points (13/16oz)

For full individual points results see images:

Club News for members:

  1. All venues, directions and results can be found by searching Norfolk Angling Club website (Norfolk Angling Club | Norfolk’s Premier Angling Club ) for latest information and match reports. If you have a quiet evening, try searching past match results for Walcott or search Kelling in preparation to our next match ……good homework.
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  • If you would like one of the new hoodies, please contact Roger (£30 members, £40 non-members)
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