NAC Match Report Salthouse 25th October 2021

Salthouse 25-10-21Firstly all at Norfolk Angling Club would like to wish simon’s wife Kate a full and speedy recovery from her recent surgery.Secondly apologies for no report last week, I had a lot on and think simon’s data just about summed the evening up.16 turned up at Salthouse hoping for a better Monday night than the previous one, all the talk beforehand was about all the fish being caught recently including the long awaited return of the decent size whiting that had been showing up everywhere except the shingle so it was decided to save the endless back and forth across the shingle measuring fish we would fish to size limits.Although some fared better than last week for the majority it was a case of dejavu, with the off shore breeze keeping the water flat and extremely clear for end of October and the clear skies and bright moon it proved to be very difficult to find the sizable fish amongst the endless undersized Dabs, having said that there was 50 sizable Dabs recorded, 11 Whiting and 3 BassWinner on the night and catching 10 of those fish was Roger Cunnington , 210pts including the biggest round a 41cm Bass and a 5 way share of the biggest flat, a 26cm Dab along with JC, Stephen Medlar, Leon and Colin Bailey.Second spot went to Stephen medlar with 8 fish 114pts and 3rd was John Catchpole with 7fish 110pts.Lucky peg went to JC. Please see Simon Bottomley post for individual placings and stats. Next week is on the sand at Mundesley.

Great report Russell, here are the various stats to show that whilst it was a tough match you still all managed to fish with no blanks, better than last weeks match at Caister !You caught 64 fish (50 dabs/11 whiting/3 bass) – 1087 weight points (22lb 10/16oz). Well done Roger for the first full sweep for a long time – winner/biggest round/biggest flat (but shared).Hopefully see you all next week at Mundesley. Simon

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