NAC Match Report Bacton 6th September 2021

NAC Match Report Bacton 6th September 2021  

1st Match of the 2021-2022 Winter League at Bacton

After a variable summer of pleasure fishing it was great to be back at Bacton for the start of the 2021-2022 Winter League. Big thanks to Nathan Drewery for organising the pleasure fishing sessions using his random venue wheel of fortune.

With the weather more like the start of summer than the end 16 anglers met very promptly in the Bacton car park ready to fish. After last week’s presentation evening it clearly felt like a new start. Would anyone, could anyone take on Mr Childerhouse and win this Winter League. Admin took a while due to membership fees and hoodie fees, but all concluded in time for 6:00pm peg draw. Yes, back to pegged fishing and catch sign off! It was clearly a start of the new term!.

From opposite the car park (approx peg 8) we pegged left to right (thanks Russell). Given it was high tide at 19:23pm we managed to set up on the bar in front of the gully, which was just starting to fill. Anticipation was high and with the tide coming in and fishing to 18cm + conversion, everybody was ready for an early start at 18:45pm. Early signs were good with Leon Smith (peg 2) picking up a brace of early flounders, but then it went quiet at our end of the beach. Further down the beach a few hounds and bass made an appearance.

With 16 fishing it was a sparse/dire night with only 20 fish caught converted to 1159 weight points (24lb 2/16 oz). Biggest flat was a 30cm Flounder caught by Ian Wells (peg 14), whilst the biggest round was a 73cm Smooth Hound caught by an inform Nathan Drewery (peg 5). As mentioned at the presentation evening the plan is to award a trophy for the biggest flat and round at the end of each league, so watch this space for hopefully some big catches. But all said and done it was a nice night to be out fishing, nice to be back.

All venues/results can be found by searching Norfolk Angling Club website for latest information and match reports.

Match Result:

1st          Nathan Drewery            peg 5                  2 fish               290 weight points (6lb 1/16oz)

2nd         Pete Simmons                peg 8                  2 fish              192 weight points (4lb)

3rd         Eamon Finch                   peg 13                2 fish              172 weight points (3lb 9/16oz)

For full individual points results see image:

Ps. remember to pay your 2021 – 2022 membership subscription (£10) and if you fancy one of the Clubs new hoodies contact Roger Cunnington asap (order to be placed on 16th September)

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