NAC Match Report Overstrand 7th June 2021

NAC Match Report Overstrand 7th June 2021  

A slow night at Overstrand

The one thing that dominates fishing at Overstrand is the walk down and then back up from the car park to the beach. Even knowing it was a long haul up the path 12 members arrived to fish. We were joined by 1st timer with the club Hitesh Lad, welcome aboard!

The sun was up and the conversation drifted back to last week’s fish fest at Kelling. Were we going to see the bigger fish, bass, smooth hounds, dog fish? The warm sunny weather with a light breeze made it feel like a holiday outing, especially with all the talk of paddling out due to the tide being on the ebb and the water shallow. We made the pegging draw, agreed to fish to size limits (in anticipation of some big fish) and Nathan kindly agreed to show Hitesh the ropes. Pegging was from the foot of the cliff leftwards towards Cromer, no doubt John Spalton felt he should have asked for a short walk as he managed to draw Peg 1 (again!).

We took advantage of everyone being ready to fish with an earlier cast off of 6:30pm, hoping for those early fish from the ebb tide. Despite having the longest walk John Spalton (Peg 1) picked up first and early Dab cast 1, quickly followed by a 45cm Bass. It looked like it was going to be one of those evenings. Sadly, it did not live up to expectations with catches coming in slowly, and taking a lot of fish craft to catch what was there. Nathan managed to make Hitesh’s debut with a 27cm Flounder and a master class in setting up, casting, tackle choices and bait…. fingers crossed we hope he comes back to fish another day. (See video clip of Nathan in action).

In total we picked up a total of 19 fish, an average of 1.5 fish/member, compared to the 6.6 fish average from last week. The 19 fish included 9 Bass, 4 Dabs, 2 Flounder, 4 Whiting. With the biggest round that early 45cm Bass to caught by  John Spalton (Peg 1) and the biggest flattie a 31cm Flounder falling to Leon Smith (Peg 4). Given it was Ian Wells (Peg 5) local beach it was no surprise that local knowledge paid off with his first podium position of the season with a total of 6 fish including 2 Bass. One of the ways you can tell its was a quiet match is by the number of sunset pictures. Enjoy.

Yes, it was a slow night but its another pleasant evening with excellent company on the beach. Our first time fisher Hitesh enjoyed himself and left the match wanting to know where next venues would be. As an aside all venues can be found by searching Norfolk Angling Club website for latest information and match reports

Match Result:

1st          Ian Wells                         Peg 5    6 fish    179 weight points    (3lb 12/16oz)

2nd         John Spalton                   Peg 1    3 fish    116 weight points    (2lb 7/16oz)

3rd         Ian Childerhouse            Peg 12 3 fish    85 weight points    (1lb 12/16oz)   

For full individual points results see image:

Next match Monday 14th June @ Cley (HT 22:17pm) – see Facebook for details. Remember to continue to monitor WhatsApp for any last minute changes.

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