NAC Match Report Cley 24th June 2021

NAC Match Report Cley 14th June 2021  

Battle for the Bass at Cley

It was always going to be an interesting match at Cley as it is a popular beach for anglers, dogs, swimmers and tourists. The car park was very busy with 4 x 4s and general pleasure seekers. The big debate was where to peg given rumours of high possibility of snagging to the right of the shelter (thanks Pete Simmons for the tip off), the longer walk on the left and how to miss all the swimmers. So instead of pegging it was decided to treat it as a rover with no pegs set allowing each angler to fish their favourite Cley location, grouped by right and left of shelter. Decision made it was time to tackle up and get a 6:30pm start. Sea looked good with a NNE breeze, making conditions tempting for Bass. Size limits applied in anticipation of a good haul of Bass. We were joined by Colin Bailey as a guest of John Catchpole, hope you have a good night, Colin.

With the tide on the flood, high tide due at 10:15pm it was hoped that we would pick up a few early schoolie Bass, but whilst conditions good no one seemed to have told the fish. Lots of long casting, short casting, bait changes lug/rag/squid/crab all to find fish. This match was not going to be won by volume of fish, it was going to be won by small margins, location (right or left) and tactics.

By mid-way through the match and the sun setting a few early 36 – 37cm Bass started to be caught. By the end of the match 19/22 fish caught were Bass with the biggest falling to Allan Sexton (fishing on the left) with a 48cm Bass, so claiming the biggest round prize. Notable other size Bass were caught by Leon Smith (42cm), Nathan Drewery (45cm), John Spalton (45cm), Ian Childerhouse (44cm), Colin Bailey (42cm) and Billy Rush (44cm). 3/22 fish caught were Flounders with Pete Simmons and Allan Sexton catching 28cm Flounders and so sharing the prize for biggest flat. Did anyone snag on marl, yes at least 3 on the right and a few on the left. But to end the debate of the best side to fish the bigger catches and ultimate winner, 2nd and 3rd all fished the left hand side of the shelter

A slow night with an impressive sunset (see pictures) but we managed to catch 19 bass, and looking at the weight points a close match all round. Congratulations Colin on your podium position, yes it was certainly a good night for you.

All venues can be found by searching Norfolk Angling Club website for latest information and match reports

Match Result:

1st          Colin Bailey      Left       3 fish    188 weight points    (3lb 15/16oz)

2nd         Pete Simmons  Left       4 fish    152 weight points    (3lb 3/16oz)

3rd         Allan Sexton     Left       2 fish    134 weight points    (2lb 13/16oz)   

For full individual points results see image:

Next match Monday 21st June @ Mundersley (LT 23:11pm) fishing the ebb – see Facebook for details. Remember to continue to monitor WhatsApp for any last minute changes.

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