NAC Match Report Bacton 28th June 2021

NAC Match Report Bacton 28th June 2021  

Billy brings in the bass at Bacton

Last match of the summer league

With the weather very “un summery” with the tide turned and coming at a pace (HT 22:36pm). As we waited in the car park for arrivals we watched a lonely seal swimming in the gully, a good sign that there would be a few fish about, and hopefully a few Bass.  For this last match in the summer league 14 were listed to fish so a good number for a match. We welcomed the return of Hitesh for the second time, looking very keen a certainly a fishing convert. Would he get his first Bass? Also, we welcomed Holly, who it seemed also has the bug, unbelievable given the conditions of last week. Final welcome to Kevin Horne who joined for his 1st match with the club, hopefully all three will join us in the winter league.

The old hands checked out the tide, the gully and agreed that we would yet again fish to size limits. We pegged from opposite the car park (peg 14) towards Mundesley (peg 1). So, lining up on the beach, we waited for the ‘beach masters’ whistle (Peg 1 Russell Taylor), Russell whistled, and we were off! With the tide moving a few Bass started to arrive but undersized, was it going to be one of those nights. Then a few sizable flounders, dabs and Bass started to be caught. Match on! The later in the tide the bigger Bass started to be carded.

The Bass battle played out in the final few casts with Billy Rush (peg 12) picking up 3 Bass just as the light fading, including a nice 46cm and 41cm fish. We also saw a Simon Bottomley 45cm (peg 10), Roger Cunnington 44cm (peg 14), Russell Taylor 42cm (peg 1), also picking up a 41cm Ian Childerhouse (peg 9), and finally Hitesh picking up a 40cm specimen. But the Bass bragging rights fell to Nathan Drewery (peg 4) with a 52cm Bass on his last cast. Well done all.

The fight for the biggest flat was over the biggest flounder with final honours going to Allan Sexton (peg 8) with a fine 31cm fish. New member Kevin Horne (peg 7) also picked up a 25cm flounder, but fell 4cm short to John Spaltons (peg 2) 29cm fish.

A fitting finale with a total of 27 fish caught of which 17 Bass, 7 Flounders, 3 Dabs giving a total weight of 28 lbs (only 7lbs + last week), 1344 weight points. All venues/results can be found by searching Norfolk Angling Club website for latest information and match reports.

Match Result:

1st          Billy Rush                         Peg 12 3 fish    221 weight points    (4lb 10/16oz)

2nd         Nathan Drewery            Peg 4    3 fish    195 weight points    (4lb 1/16oz)

3rd         Ian Childerhouse            Peg 9    4 fish    186 weight points    (3lb 14/16oz)   

For full individual points results see image:

There is no league match next week as we take a summer break and enjoy the pleasures of leisure fishing…. maybe even catching a few mackerel. We return early September so watch out for new venues on our Facebook/www pages ……have a great summer. If you are leisure fishing and want a partner to post your venue and subsequent result on the Facebook/WhatApp.

Ps.   thanks for the various photos

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