NAC Match Report Sea Palling 17th May 2021

NAC Match Report Sea Palling 17th May 2021  

Catchpole dominates the Sea Palling Match!

Fresh from last week’s match on Bacton, it was with great expectations that we all met at the Sea Palling car park, 10 anglers met on time and already for an early start. Sea Palling with its lagoons and parallel groynes See Palling is always and interesting venue and match. Weather whilst dry and cloudy with only a slight breeze it looked to be very favourable conditions. We would be fishing the tide up; High Tide was to be 11:09pm. Having seen Ant’s Bass (48cm) in the back of the car from an earlier fishing that day (Happisburgh) the thought of lots of Bass, made the decision for fishing to size limit seem most appropriate.

We pegged around the first lagoon (sounds very exotic) with Nathan (Peg 10) taking end point, opposite the car park steps spreading clockwise with Barry (Peg 1) completing the opposite end. With only 10 fishing and conditions clear it was easy to see how everyone was catching. Seeing Russell (Peg 8) catching a ‘schoolie’ bass after about 30 seconds after ‘cast off’ and John Spalton (Peg 3) catching 27cm Flounder it looked to be a bumper night.

But that’s were the night failed to deliver. Along the pegs everyone was looking for that tell-tale bite, changing bait, distances, traces …. anything to find fish. John Catchpole (Peg 9) pulled in a 38cm Bass, then a decent 26cm Flounder, followed quickly by a 34cm Flounder. Did he have some magic bait? Either side of him Nathan (Peg 10) and Russell (Peg 8) tried every trick in their armoury to catch him. All in all, a very quiet night with very few sizeable fish caught, other that JC’s. It looked to be a clean sweep for John…. but with his last cast of the night Barry (Peg 1) also picked up a 38cm Bass.

With John Catchpole (Peg 9) picking up the winner’s position, biggest flat a 34cm Flounder, and the biggest round 38cm Bass sharing with Barry Iseton (Peg 1) …. see catches below. All in all, a testing evening. Congratulations John a great performance.

(thanks for the photos Ant/Nathan/Andy)

Match Result:

1st  John Catchpole         (Peg 9) with 4 fish achieving 139 weight points (2lb 14/16oz)

2nd Barry Iseton               (Peg 1) with 1 fish achieving 55 weight points (1lb 2/16oz)

3rd John Spalton              (Peg 3) with 1 fish weighting 21 weight points (7/16oz)

For full points results see image

Next match Monday 24th May @ Gt Yarmouth (South Beach) Sea Palling – see Facebook for details. Remember to continue to monitor WhatsApp for any last minute changes.

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