NAC Match Report Kelling 3rd May 2021

NAC Match Report Kelling 3rd May 2021  

Back to Kelling for the 2nd time this summer league.

With a yellow weather warning in place for 45 – 50+ mph winds and rain, 8 hardy souls gathered at Kelling for the 6th match of this summer league. The plan was to use Kelling to avoid the tourist rush over the bank holiday, but surprisingly given conditions not a single tourist visible up/down the beach. Pre match banter centred around how wet we would get and who had decided to bring their bivvy with them. We were confident enough to make it a size limit match as conditions looked right for a good haul of Bass/Dog fish a few if us had invested in some fresh peeler crabs for the occasion (contact Dene at RITEGEAR), would it help?

In addition to the very inclement weather, we also had the none to favourable tide of LT 19:00, so we would be fishing up the tide with a SW wind coming over our shoulder. Nice to see the wreck stack pipe clearly visible. We pegged to the right, heading towards the wreck. As we hit the beach the rain came down, and did not stop till 10:30pm. All the bivvys came out, first priority.

Leon Smith (Peg 1) started well with a couple of Dabs, and likewise at the other end of the draw Barry Ineson (Peg 8) and Ian Childerhouse (Peg 7) seemed to be doing likewise. The middle pegs were the ones having the problems with no sizeable fish. The weather continued to miss behave with only a few fish of size caught. In total 32 fish with a weight of 8lb 6/16oz caught with the prize of biggest flat fish of 24cm shared between Leon (Peg 1), Barry (Peg 8) and Ian (Peg 7). Apologies missed Ian off his share of the flat prize due to soggy match card obscuring his Dab size. However, Ians 31cm Pout clearly took the prize for the biggest round.

Well done all for braving the weather, no one blanked, I guess it will take a few days to dry out (match cards tell their story of the night)

Match Result:

1st Leon Smith                  (Peg 1) with 9 fish achieving 117 weight points                        (2lb 7/16oz)

2nd Barry Ineson              (Peg 8) with 8 fish achieving 91 weight points                  (1lb 14/16oz) 

3rd Ian Childerhouse       (Peg 7) with 5 fish achieving 87 weigh points                   (1lb 13/16oz)

Next match Monday 10th May @ Bacton – see Facebook for details. Remember to continue to monitor WhatsApp for any last minute changes.

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Full results:                                   Points

Leon Smith                                    30         +5 (flat)

Barry Iseton                                  29         +5 (flat)

Ian Childerhouse                           28         +5 (flat) + 5 (round)

John Spalton                                 27

Simon Bottomley                          26

Russell Taylor                                25

David Matters                               24

Nathan Drewery                           23

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