NAC Match Report Bacton 10th May 2021

NAC Match Report Bacton 10th May 2021  

Bacton Barks!

Having finally dried out from last weeks soaking at Kelling and the lack of fish it was a bumper group of 15 anglers who met in Bacton car park with thoughts of some decent fishing. Weather good, clear skies, sunny, warm, dry with the tide high at 18:51pm. We welcomed back Dene (founder of the NAC Fishing Club) and Nicole Conway of Rite Gear from sheltering due to the lockdown and welcomed new member Ant Jarosius. Whilst the press were talking about coming out of lockdown step 3 and the thoughts of lots of hugging all NAC anglers wanted to do was hit the beach in search of hugging a few decent Dogs, Hounds, Bass, in fact hugging anything of size (decision taken to fish to size limits in anticipation).

Thanks, Russell, for pegging the beach. Pegs 5/6 directly opposite the car park with Peg 2 towards the gas works and Peg 16 heading towards Walcott. Given high tide was 18:51pm we marshalled quickly on dry sand and elected to have an early kick off at 6:30pm, which meant a quick walk through the gully to cast. Soon found out whose waders were waterproof (looks like I will need some vinyl weld on mine!). The whistle went and we were on. Some early undersized dog fish, whiting, dabs caught up and down the beach. Then we started to have some fun with the Hounds making their presence felt up/down the beach. Looked like Dene and Nicole were clearly back on form with early hits, especially Nicole!

It became obvious that the match would be won by the biggest Dog/Hound but who would be the lucky angler. A total of 46 sized fish caught weighing 50lb 4/16oz. Of which 14 were Smooth Hounds, 7 Dog Fish, 21 Whiting, and 2 each of Bass and Dabs. The largest rounds were Smooth Hounds with Russell Taylor (Peg 12) bagging a 78cm with Roger Cunnington’s (Peg 9) bagging a 71cm Hound. Nicole Conway (Peg 5) picked up a 64cm Hound, with John Catchpole picking up a 63cm Dog fish.  Dave Mathers (Peg 13) bagged a 62 cm Hound, along with a 57cm Hound and a 58cm Dog. Dene (Peg 6) was back to his old ways picking up not only a sizeable Hound but a decent 48cm Bass. This was closely followed by Nathan Drewery (Peg 10) with a creditable 43cm Bass.  The largest Flat went to Barry Iseton (Peg 4) with 25cm Dab. Newcomer Ant Jarosius (Peg 15) opened his NAC account with a 57 Dog Fish, congratulations and welcome to the club. See picture for “who caught what”.

“Woof woof” (to quote Donald Sutherlands character in Kelly’s Heroes – oddball) ……Bacton was barking!

(thanks for the photos Roger/Dene/Ant)

Match Result:

1st Russell Taylor             (Peg 12) with 3 fish achieving 312 weight points                        (6lb 8/16oz)

2nd Roger Cunnington    (Peg 9) with 4 fish achieving 310 weight points                         (6lb 7/16oz) 

3rd John Catchpole          (Peg 2) with 6 fish achieving 294 weigh points                         (6lb 2/16oz)

For full points results see image

Next match Monday 17th May @ Sea Palling – see Facebook for details. Remember to continue to monitor WhatsApp for any last minute changes.

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