NAC Match Report Kelling 19th April 2021

NAC Match Report Kelling 19th April 2021  

The Facebook page, Messenger and the WhatsApp had been lively over the last few days as the number planning to attend the match at Weybourne started to increase. By Monday, the number had reached 17 so it meant an early check at Weybourne to see if the beach could accommodate the match. General consensus of those early arrivals by 5:00pm was that the pleasure anglers would split the match too much. So, a rescheduling to Kelling was declared (good job we had a key to access). With that number the beach needed to be pegged, so a big thanks to Russell who quickly knocked up pegs in the car park.

Having declared a change of venue a quick bit of social media, WhatsApp, and mobile to get the message to all planned attendees. We even managed to get Ian Wells on his mobile……a triumph of technology. Gathering at the beach car park it was great to see Ian Wells and Allan Sexton back fishing. We were also joined by 2 new members Luke Boxall and Jack Budrey, welcome to the club guys hope you have as much fun as the rest of us.

Having gathered and drawn pegs we hit the beach, pegging left to right of the gate with Peg 8 opposite the gate, we assembled in bright sunshine. It looked to be a busy night, given the experience of the Holt Club at Kelling the day before (lots of small fish sizes), we opted to fish 18cm+ with conversion to points. Match on!  

Low tide was 18:17pm, so we were fishing up the tide. With the sunny conditions it was pleasing to see a flurry of initial Dabs being caught but nothing of big size. Leon Smith (Peg 17) and Andy Turk (Peg 12) setting the pace. Andy fresh from his previous day tutorial with the world champion, no pressure Andy. Dabs seemed to be the order of the night with 149/180 dabs caught throughout the evening. Mist came down at about 8:30pm and the temperature dropped to just above freezing and the pace of catches seemed to slow up. The last hour seemed to pick up with a number of slightly larger Dabs and Pouts being caught. The vagaries of Kelling, living up to its reputation of the majority of catches to the right hand side. The largest Flat fish went to Mr Consistent Ian Childerhouse (Peg 8) with a 26cm Dab and the largest Round being a Pout caught by Simon Bottomley (peg 14).  

That extra practice and tutoring paid off for Mr Turk (Peg 12) picking up Podium position with 23 fish, 5lb 3/16ozs, 248 weight points. Well done, well deserved Andy. There was competition for 2nd and 3rd position with only 1 weight point between Simon Bottomley (Peg 14) and Leon Smith (Peg 17) in fact 1/3oz. So close.   

Match Result:

1st Andrew Turk              (Peg 12) with 23 fish achieving 248 weight points                        (5lb 3/16oz)

2nd Simon Bottomley      (Peg 14) with 18 fish achieving 222 weight points                         (4lb 10/16oz) 

3rd Leon Smith                 (Peg 17) with 22 fish achieving 221 weigh points                                       (4lb 9.75/16oz)

No lucky peg this week as £1/member went to club funds to pay for additional cost of parking at Kelling

Next match Monday 26th April @ Mundersley – see Facebook for details. Remember to continue to monitor WhatsApp for any last minute changes.

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Full results:                                   Points

Andy Turk                                     30        

Simon Bottomley                          29         +5

Leon Smith                                   28        

Billy Rush                                      27        

Richard Hipperson                        26        

John Catchpole                             25        

Barry Iseton                                  24        

John Spalton                                 23        

Allan Sexton                                 22        

Tyler Rush                                     21        

Russell Taylor                               20        

Ian Childerhouse                           19         +5

Jack Budrey                                   18        

Ian Wells                                       17        

Nathan Drewery                           16        

Luke Boxall                                   15        

Eamon Finch                                 5           

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