NAC Match Report 29th March 2021 Weybourne

NAC Match Report Weybourne 29th March 2021  

Welcome back.

We last fished 21 December 2020 before the latest lockdown stopped all match fishing. But we are back and what a night to regroup. With a promise of the warmest Spring day since the 1960s and an advantageous tide 13 NAC fisher folk regrouped in the Weybourne Car Park. Even the impact of a jobs worth car park attendant did not dampen spirits as we grouped (socially distanced of course). It was like the first day of a new school term but with new beards and barber challenging haircuts. Great to see David Mathers back with us showing how it should be done…. see results.

With conditions good, water coming up to high at 19:55pm, and expected dog fish we decided to fish to length with pegging from left of the pipe avoiding the pleasure anglers. See photos for a spectacular sunset.

As is typical with Weybourne the pegging lottery played its hand with fish seemingly preferring the left hand side of the draw. Fish were caught through the night with nobody blanking a great start to the season. Dogs were caught by Ian Childerhouse (Peg 3 – 62cm), Simon Bottomley (Peg 6 – 60cm) and Russell Taylor (Peg 7- 53cm). Ian Childerhouse therefore winning biggest round. 16 Dabs caught with the biggest flat being shared by Richard Hipperson (Peg 12 – 26cm) and Simon Bottomley (Peg 6 -26cm).

Unlucky for Nathan Drewery (Peg 5) who caught an excellent specimen Ray of 33cm across the wings (see picture) but was deemed undersized using MAFF guidelines. In total 65 fish caught a total weight of 25lbs 15 ozs. See table for full breakdown of dabs, rockling, pouting, dogs, whiting. For latest MAFF guidelines click this link Sea fish size limit chart — Sea Angler.

The spoils for the night went to Andy Turk (Peg 4) with a consistent performance bringing in fish all night, in fact catching 14 fish (219 weight points – a total weight of 4lbs 9 ounces). A great result Andy, no wonder you look ‘cool’ in the photo.

Match Result:

1st Andrew Turk              (Peg 4) with 14 fish weighing a total of 4lbs 9/16oz                           (219 weight points).

2nd Simon Bottomley      (Peg 6) with 8 fish weighing a total of 3lbs 15/16oz                                  (189 weight points) 

3rd David Mathers           (Peg 2) with 9 fish weighing a total of 3lb 12/16oz                                    (181 weight points)

Finally, the 1st lucky peg of the season went to John Catchpole

Next match Monday 5th April @ Bacton (meet at the new car park by 6:00pm)

Full results:                                   Points

Andrew Turk                                30

Simon Bottomley                         29         +5 (flat)

David Mathers                             28

Billy Rush                                      27

Ian Childerhouse                         26         +5 (round)

John Spalton                                25

Richard Hipperson                       24         +5 (flat)

Russell Taylor                               23

Roger Cunnington                       22

Tyler Rush                                     21

Nathan Drewery                          20

John Catchpole                            19

Barry Iseton                                  18

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