NAC Match Reports Weybourne 7th December 2020

NAC Match Report Weybourne 7th December 2020  

Well, we are back!

That was the overriding emotion as I set out to drive to tonight’s match at Weybourne. It was dark (obviously!), and the in-car thermometer was flashing a 1 degree centigrade, so it was going to be one of those cool nights on a beach with hopefully a bit of banter. It was great to see everyone starting to gather waiting for the off. Everyone excited sharing lockdown stories fishing, and non-fishing related, plus wondering how many eels John S’s dog could eat if given the chance (you had to be there). 10 hardy fisherman including 1st time club fisher Glen Cox (welcome) gathered in the car park and like a scene from a Boris Johnson verbal picture the cavalry came over the hill (well down Weybourne, Beach Road) in the shape of Ian Wells. We were now 11!

Walked off pegging from just the other side of the pipe with Peg 11, Nathan Drewery, and Peg 1 being a long walk for Barry Iseton. Were these going to be the lucky pegs and bag a few decent fish. We told Barry that the sperm whale on the beach did not count as a weight point earner. The tide was coming in hard with a few surprise waves catching a few out when baiting up. Came as a bit of warning to be careful when night fishing. From cast 1 it became clear that there were fish about, might not have been big so it was good that we fished and scored 18+ cm. No one blanked a great start to post lockdown [2] match fishing.

In total 186 fish a total weight of over 44lbs (2129 weight points) comprising 147 Whiting and 36 Dabs, with 3 rocklings. The largest round was shared by Andrew Turk (Peg 7) and Nathan Drewery (Peg 11) catching 33cm Whiting. The largest Flat was a 25cm Dab caught by Ian Wells (Peg 10). Overall results below, good fishing Ian, Russell, and Andrew. So the right hand marks yielded the best fishing.

Match Result:

1st Ian Wells (Peg 10) with 25 fish weighing 7lb 7/16oz                      

(357 weight points).

2nd Russell Taylor            (Peg 9) with 24 fish weighing 5lb 15/16oz

(284 weight points) 

3rd Andrew Turk              (Peg 7) with 23 fish weighing 5lb 11/16oz

(272 weight points)

Finally, the lucky peg draw went to Barry Iseton (so it was lucky!)

Next match 14th December will be at Gt. Yarmouth, South Beach. Park near the Premier Inn. Match details will be published Wednesday on our Facebook page and on What App.  

Match to be held on 21st December will be held at Sheringham and will be a ‘charity match’ in aid of MASh (Mutual Aid Sheringham) with fee funding to be matched by NAC funds and Rite Gear, more details next week. For latest fixtures list see pictures.

Full results:                     Points

Ian Wells                         30         + 5 points (flat)

Russell Taylor                 29

Andrew Turk                   28         +5 points (round)

Richard Hipperson         27

Nathan Drewery            26         +5 points (round)

Ian Childerhouse            25

Neil Rowe                        24        

Barry Iseton                    23

Glenn Cox                        22

Simon Bottomley           21

John Spalton                   20

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