NAC Match Reports Gt. Yarmouth 14th December 2020

NAC Match Report Great Yarmouth (South Beach) 14th December 2020  

For the 11th match of the winter season a trip to Gt. Yarmouth, South Beach, was in order rescheduled from a planned trip overtaken from Lockdown 2. Yes, it’s a long way if you are based around Sheringham, but it always promises to fish well, is consistent, an easy beach to fish from, with easy access. A long way from the shingle, so , magnificent 7 decided to make the trip and met up just down from the Premier Inn.

The pre match gathering (socially distanced of course), was one of excitement and wanting to hit the beach quickly. All was in place, so we decided to kick off at 6:45pm and fish 18cm +, there was a whiff of fish in the air and we were eager to hit the beach.

The dampness and spots of rain were quickly forgotten when the doubles then trebles of whiting started to come in. A great start to a very busy night. Whilst only 7 fishing, everyone hit the second page of the match card and at one point it was thought we might need some more record cards for the big hitters, that’s you Mr Taylor on Peg 5 with 47 carded fish. Including the biggest round 32 cm Whiting and the biggest flat with a 32cm Flounder.

A total of 248 fish caught, of which 219 were Whiting, 26 Dabs, 2 Rocklings and 1 Flounder. Total weight caught 50lbs 11 ozs, which converts to 2432 weight points. Quite a haul for only 7 fishing, can you image the numbers caught if the usual suspects had made the long trip to the bright beaches of Yarmouth. Its not just on the slot machines, roller coasters you can find your fun.

Match Result:

1st Russell Taylor             (Peg 5) with 47 fish weighing 10lb 2/16oz                     (487 weight points).

2nd Andrew Turk             (Peg 6) with 41 fish weighing 7lb 12/16oz                     (373 weight points) 

3rd Nathan Drewery        (Peg 1) with 34 fish weighing 7lb 12/16oz                     (372 weight points)

Finally, the lucky peg draw went to Nathan Drewery.

Match to be held on 21st December will be held at Sheringham and will be a ‘charity match’ in aid of MASh (Mutual Aid Sheringham) with fee funding to be matched by NAC funds and Rite Gear.

Full results:                     Points

Russell Taylor                  30 + 10 (flat & round)

Andrew Turk                   29

Nathan Drewery             28

John Spalton                   27

Simon Bottomley            26

Neil Rowe                        25

Ian Childerhouse             24

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