NAC Match Report Heacham 5th October 2020

NAC Match Report Heacham 5th October 2020  

The “doomsters” (thanks Boris for that one) had been saying it couldn’t be done, weather would be foul, tide at the wrong time and general unfavourable conditions. But the magnificent 7 thought differently and arrived in time to check out the sea at just after 5:30pm. Amidst banter of it “the tide is on its way in” and “look at that interesting gully” we surveyed the tide seemingly on the horizon hoping that by 7:00pm we could actually have water to fish in.

By 6:30pm and setting up on the beach pegging from the groyne to towards the bright lights of King’s Lynn, the tide was well on its way in covering those interesting gullies and sand quickly. When the whistle went to cast off at 7:00pm the water was there and running at a pace. The weather then decided to add some extra wind/rain just to make it interesting. We were off!

The initial pull ins showed the amount of weed. A ‘ping’ of mobile phones suggested an early catch for John Catchpole (Peg 7) but the bubble of excitement of a sole bring caught was soon burst, see photo. There followed a number of Eels being caught by Ian Childerhouse (Peg 4), John Spalton (Peg 1), Neil Rowe (Peg 3) and Nathan Drewery (Peg 5). In total 11 fish landed of which 9 Eel, 1 Whiting and 1 Flounder. Slim pickings but which certainly tested your fishing technique. Biggest Flat, a 20cm Flounder was caught by John Spalton (Peg 1). Whilst the biggest round, a 29cm Whiting was caught by Simon Bottomley (Peg 5).  Luckily for Simon that Eels didn’t count in the ‘biggest round’ award.

Match Result:

Podium winner on the night was Mr “consistent” Ian Childerhouse (Peg 4) with 4 fish, Eels, with a total weight points of 140 points (converted to 2lb 15/16oz). Second was John Catchpole (Peg 7) with 2 fish with 2 Eels with total weight points of 70 (converted to 1lb 7/16oz). Third position awarded to John Spalton (Peg 1) with 2 fish gaining 52 weight points (1ln 1/16oz). Whilst not perfect conditions an enjoyable night was had by the magnificent 7.

The lucky peg draw went to Simon Bottomley. Big thanks Nathan/John S for loan of headlights.

Next week’s match will be at Walcott LT 22:20pm – watch out for Facebook/Whats App for details

Full results:                     Points

Ian Childerhouse             30

John Catchpole               29

John Spalton                    28 + 5 (flat)

Neil Rowe                        27

Nathan Drewery             26

Simon Bottomley            25 + 5 (round)

Russell Taylor                  5

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