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NAC Match Report Sheringham 19th October 2020

NAC Match Report Sheringham 19th October 2020  

After last weeks fish fest at Walcott, 15 very keen fisherman gathered at the Sheringham esplanade for hopefully a similar fish count and an exciting nights fishing. After some discussion it was decided to fish along the promenade with 2 -3 anglers per set of groynes up to the Lifeboat station. With High Tide expected at 21:14, anticipation was high. Would be still fishing on the cobbles/beach or fishing from the promenade. Luckily the weather was fine, a light swell on the tide so hopefully all would be able to remain on the beach.

Initial signs were that it would not be a fish fest, and the decision to score over 18cm was a good decision. In total 64 fish caught with a total weight of 32lbs (1537 weight points). In the fish haul there was a real mixture ranging from Bass, Coal Fish, Pouting, Eel, Sole, Flounder, Whiting and a couple of Rockling (see fish caught table). The largest round was shared between John Spalton (Peg 3), Andy Bunn (Peg 15), and Ian Wells (Peg 7) who all caught 40cm Bass. The largest flat caught went to Leon Smith (Peg 1) with a 34cm Sole. Please see the graph showing the peg numbers/name and weight points a useful guide to anyone fishing Sheringham promenade.

Match Result:

Winner on the night was our famous fishing drummer Ian Wells (Peg 7) with 11 fish weighing a total of 6lbs 8/16ozs (311 weight points), including a 40cm Bass. Second was Leon Smith (Peg 1) with 9 fish weighing 4lbs 7/16ozs (214 weight points), including that magnificent 34cm Sole. In third place was Nathan Drewery (Peg 2) also with 9 fish but weighing 3lbs 13ozs (182 weight points). Interesting match with a wide variety of fish caught, well done all, see you next week……stay safe.

Finally, the lucky peg draw went to Leon Smith.

Next week’s match will be at Bacton LT 22:20pm – watch out for Facebook/Whats App for details

Note: if for whatever reason you cannot make it, please let others know by calling/message 0773 664 0541 or better still use the NAC What’s App Group so we can draw pegs on time etc

Full results:                     Points

Ian Wells                          30         +5 (round)

Leon Smith                      29         +5 (flat)

Nathan Drewery             28

Russell Taylor                  27

John Spalton                    26         +5 (round)

Ian Childerhouse             25

Andy Bunn                       24         +5 (round)

John Catchpole               23

Neil Rowe                        22

Barry Ineson                    21

Richard Hipperson          20

Pete Simmonds               19

Andrew Turk                   18

Simon Bottomley            5

Chick Roper                     5

NAC Match Report Walcott 12th October 2020

NAC Match Report Walcott 12th October 2020  

With the memory of last week’s fish famine at Heacham, there was a sense of excitement to be welcomed back to Walcott. With a planned 13 fishing it was agreed to split the pegs to either side of the jetty. By 18:00 11 were ready to get cracking, however we still waited until 6:15pm for the remaining 2. In the end we decided to draw peg numbers then walk off to pegs leaving gaps for any late comers, we needed to catch the outgoing tide. Note if for whatever reason you cannot make it, please let others know by calling/message 0773 664 0541 or better still use the NAC What’s App Group all so that we can draw pegs on time etc

By 19:00pm 11 casted off. The early signs were positive with catches all along the beach. It looked like it was going to be one of those nights where everyone would catch. In fact, the famine of last week had changed to a Whiting fest.  The Whiting were coming in fast and furious with multiple doubles and trebles creating a sizeable haul. In total 292 fish caught at a weight of 83lb 1/16oz, of which 284 were whiting. The largest of which was caught by Richard Hipperson (Peg 1) of 35cm well done Richard. Of the remaining fish caught there was a Bass, and few Dabs/Flounder and a single Rockling. The largest flat went to Andy Bunn (Peg 10) with a 27cm Flounder, great result Andy. The pace was fast and furious with match cards being scored as fast as possible to keep up with the haul. No one blanked!

Match Result:

Match winner on the night was Andrew Tusk (Peg 11) with a haul of 32 fish, with total weight points of 461 points (9lb 10/16oz). Andrew just pipped by 1 weight point Ian Childerhouse who caught 34 fish earning him 460 weight points (9lb 9/16oz) for second podium spot. Third was Russell Taylor (Peg 8) with 35 fish and 454 weigh points. With only 7 points between the first 3, or a single 20cm Whiting, it was a tight match. Well done to all who fished and spending Tuesday clearing their vehicles of all the damp sand.

The lucky peg draw went to Ian Childerhouse.

Next week’s match will be at Sheringham HT 21:14pm – watch out for Facebook/Whats App for details

Full results:                     Points

Andrew Turk                   30

Ian Childerhouse             29

Russell Taylor                  28

Nathan Drewery             27

Richard Hipperson          26 + 5 round (Whiting)

Andy Bunn                       25 + 5 flat (Flounder)

John Spalton                    24

Simon Bottomley            23

John Catchpole               22

Neil Rowe                        21

Barry Iseton                     20

NAC Match Report Heacham 5th October 2020

NAC Match Report Heacham 5th October 2020  

The “doomsters” (thanks Boris for that one) had been saying it couldn’t be done, weather would be foul, tide at the wrong time and general unfavourable conditions. But the magnificent 7 thought differently and arrived in time to check out the sea at just after 5:30pm. Amidst banter of it “the tide is on its way in” and “look at that interesting gully” we surveyed the tide seemingly on the horizon hoping that by 7:00pm we could actually have water to fish in.

By 6:30pm and setting up on the beach pegging from the groyne to towards the bright lights of King’s Lynn, the tide was well on its way in covering those interesting gullies and sand quickly. When the whistle went to cast off at 7:00pm the water was there and running at a pace. The weather then decided to add some extra wind/rain just to make it interesting. We were off!

The initial pull ins showed the amount of weed. A ‘ping’ of mobile phones suggested an early catch for John Catchpole (Peg 7) but the bubble of excitement of a sole bring caught was soon burst, see photo. There followed a number of Eels being caught by Ian Childerhouse (Peg 4), John Spalton (Peg 1), Neil Rowe (Peg 3) and Nathan Drewery (Peg 5). In total 11 fish landed of which 9 Eel, 1 Whiting and 1 Flounder. Slim pickings but which certainly tested your fishing technique. Biggest Flat, a 20cm Flounder was caught by John Spalton (Peg 1). Whilst the biggest round, a 29cm Whiting was caught by Simon Bottomley (Peg 5).  Luckily for Simon that Eels didn’t count in the ‘biggest round’ award.

Match Result:

Podium winner on the night was Mr “consistent” Ian Childerhouse (Peg 4) with 4 fish, Eels, with a total weight points of 140 points (converted to 2lb 15/16oz). Second was John Catchpole (Peg 7) with 2 fish with 2 Eels with total weight points of 70 (converted to 1lb 7/16oz). Third position awarded to John Spalton (Peg 1) with 2 fish gaining 52 weight points (1ln 1/16oz). Whilst not perfect conditions an enjoyable night was had by the magnificent 7.

The lucky peg draw went to Simon Bottomley. Big thanks Nathan/John S for loan of headlights.

Next week’s match will be at Walcott LT 22:20pm – watch out for Facebook/Whats App for details

Full results:                     Points

Ian Childerhouse             30

John Catchpole               29

John Spalton                    28 + 5 (flat)

Neil Rowe                        27

Nathan Drewery             26

Simon Bottomley            25 + 5 (round)

Russell Taylor                  5

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