NAC Match Report Sea Palling 28th September 2020

NAC Match Report Sea Palling 28th September 2020

Following the weekends high winds and storms the fourth winter league match planned for Sea Palling was always going to be ‘interesting’ especially as we would be fishing down the tide (HT 18:01pm). Through the week, once posted, a few members seemed very tentative that the match would be held given tide and aftermath of the storm. One notable doubter (Mr Hipperson) proposed Yarmouth/ Gorleston but agreed to go on with Sea Palling as to quote “he needed the practice”.

As early arrivals myself and John Spalton (with his support pack) went to check the tide and identify fishing spots. Result! no problem with beach access spots both to the left and right with a swirling tide in each of the Sea Palling lagoons. In total 11 arrived to fish, and with no pegging it was decision time fish left, or right? Fishing on the far left myself and Chick spent the night trying to master the tide, whilst those who fished to the right seemed to have a much better night.

In total 39 fish caught (weighing 29lbs 15/16 oz) of which 14 were Bass, 9 Flounder, 10 Dab with a few eels. The largest round was a 54cm Bass caught by Richard Hipperson, the biggest flat was 34cm Flounder caught by Richard Hipperson. So, it looks like Richard did not ‘need the practice’.

Match Result:

So, with no guesses as to who was match winner. Winner was Richard Hipperson with a haul of 11 fish with a total weight of 11lbs 15/16ozs ((573 weight points). Second was Ian Childerhouse with 7 fish weighing 5lbs 14/16 ozs (282 weight points). Third was Andrew Tusk catching 2 fish weighing 3lbs 12/16 ozs (181 weight points)

The lucky peg draw went to John Catchpole. (the only thing Richard Hipperson did not win!).

Next weeks match planned to be at Heacham – watch out for Facebook details

Full results:                     Points

Richard Hipperson          30         + 10 (flat & round)

Ian Childerhouse             29

Andrew Turk                   28

Barry Iseton                     27

John Spalton                    26

John Catchpole               25

Ian Wells                          24

Neil Rowe                        23

Nathan Drewery             22

Chick Roper                     5

Simon Bottomley            5

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