NAC Match Report – Weybourne 9th March 2020

NAC Match Report at Weybourne 9th March 2020

From last weeks disappointing catches on the sand, tonight was a “return to the shingle” of Weybourne, North Norfolk offers so many different beach conditions. Weather was to put it bluntly poor with gales, rain and everybody prepared to hunker down especially those with a bivvy. Fishing down the tide (HT 6:20pm) 11 keen anglers pegged to the left of the pipe. As a change to previous weeks it was decided to fish to size limits.

Things were looking good with Leon Smith (Peg 1) and Russell Taylor (Peg 10) catching 62cm (see photo) and 59cm Dog Fish respectively with their initial casts (Chris Beare was your 35cm Dog Fish caught on an early cast?).  There were fish about with 25 fish caught (listed below) totalling 13lb 4/16 oz. The haul included an impressive Whiting of 39cm for Russell (felt like a cod he thought……must have been so disappointed when he saw it was a Whiting), and Leon not missing out catching a 34cm Whiting. There were also a few Whiting around the 25 – 30cm mark. Biggest Dab was caught by James Ward Bishop (Peg 3) with a 27cm Dab.

Fish Caught
Whiting 12
Dog 3
Dab 10
Total 25

Match Result:

The podium spot went to Leon Smith (Peg 1) with 5 fish 168 points, No 2 podium position to Russell Taylor (Peg 10) with 2 fish 123 points, with Neil Rowe (Peg 9) picking up the No 3 spot (again – same spot as last week) with 5 fish 78 points. Given the weather conditions it was an impressive haul! Well done. (last week only 11 fish caught totalling 3lb 8oz).

Next week is back to the sand at Bacton (16th March) – 18:10pm Low Tide. Get your bait requests in early as there may be some Bass about (see a posting early this week in the What App group from Andy Bunn)

Full results:                     Points

Leon Smith                      30  + 5 (round)

Russell Taylor                  29

Neil Rowe                        28

James Ward Bishop        27 + 5 (flat)

John Catchpole               26

Eamon Finch                    25

Chris Beare                      24

Nathan Drewery             23

Andrew Turk                   22

Ian Wells                          5

Ian Childerhouse            5

Report collated by Simon Bottomley and additional on the peg reporting from Russell Taylor (thanks)

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