NAC Match Report Gorleston 20th January 2020

NAC Match Report Gorleston 20th January 2020

Following last weeks ‘whiting fest’ at Sheringham the mood was good as a total of 14 fisherman managed to negotiate the cross Norfolk traffic to Gorleston. A great turn-out!

Nev Brighton joined us for his first NAC Match, and managed to secure Peg 11 with John Catchpole taking Peg 12 to show him the ropes, we look forward to seeing him at future matches.

The weather was on its best behaviour with a little wind, crisp and cold with a gentle swell on an ebbing tide. Nathan talked it up with the possibility of Rays reported being caught offshore so all were in a hurry to hit the beach.

The decision to record catches over 18cm was an inspired call as the first couple of catches set the scene for the evening with very small Whiting of 18cm – 20cm being recorded on the score cards. This set in for the evening as you can see from the weight points recorded, see below. Whilst a total of 134 fish were recorded the biggest flat was a 26cm Dab caught by John Catchpole on Peg 12, the biggest round was a 29cm Whiting caught by Simon Bottomley on Peg 8.

Match ‘results’:

In No 1 Podium position was Ian Childerhouse with 20 fish on Peg 10, followed by Russell Taylor from Peg 2 with 17 fish, and the ever dependable John Catchpole taking on Peg 12 taking No 3 slot by 1 weigh point from Simon Bottomley in No 4 position on Peg 8 (“must have been that Dab John”…Simon).

Bacton beckons for next week (27th January 2020), see you all there.

Full results:

Ian Childerhouse                         30

Russell Taylor                               29

John Catchpole                            28 + 5 flat

Simon Bottomley                         27 + 5 round

Richard Hipperson                       26

Rob Smith                                     25

Andy Turk                                     24

Ian Wells                                       23

Chris Beare                                   22

Billy Rush                                      21

Neil Rowe                                     20

Tyler Rush                                     19

Nathan Drewery                          18

Nev Brighton                                  5

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