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NAC Match Report Bacton 27th January 2020

NAC Match Report Bacton 27th January 2020

With the rain coming down and checks on mobiles ongoing to see if it would rain all night, 11 anglers, with new fisherman Jinxy Burnell joining us, met at Bacton hoping for a bigger catch of sizeable fish than we had seen at Gorleston for the last match of the winter league. The rain continued as we drew Pegs, checked that it would be a ‘length’ match (over 18cm), and as all had arrived on time, we all agreed to start fishing at 6:30pm. Jinxy had the pleasure of being pegged next to Nathan Drewery (Peg 9).

The rain kept on coming as we walked off to our respective Pegs checking the sky for any breaks in the black clouds and checking out the beach for favourable fishing conditions (wave craft?). Wet and cold with a little breeze and with only a slight swell on the sea we all tried, what Ian Wells (Peg 2) declared to me later, to “adopt a positive attitude”  

Early signs were a repeat of Gorleston with early catches of whiting being below 18cm as everybody set in for a night of “slim pickings”. The saving grace were the few 19cm Whiting and small Dabs which started to be caught so that we all started to record catches. But still it continued to rain!   

A total of 50 fish (1022cm) were finally caught, comprising 13 Dabs, 2 Flounders, 34 Whiting and 1 Rockling, slim pickings but nobody blanked. The biggest round was recorded by Billy Rush (Peg 5) a 29cm Whiting, whilst Russell Taylor (Peg 10) pulled in a 29cm Flounder, well done guys!  

Match ‘results’:

Mr “Positive Attitude” Ian Wells (Peg 2) took the No 1 Podium with 9 fish and a total length of 188cm position, No 2 position was Russell Taylor (Peg 10) with 7 fish and a total length of 148cm, and closely behind him No 3 spot was taken by John Catchpole (Peg 3) with 7 fish and a total length of 142cm a difference of 4cm… size does matter.

The final Winter league positions will be published shortly, but I predict that the winners name will begin with an ‘Ian’. The Summer League (mmm’ should think of a better name) kicks off with a trip to Mundersley on 3rd February 2020, see you there.

Full results:                     Points

Ian Wells                          30

Russell Taylor                  29 + 5 flattie

John Catchpole               28

Billy Rush                         27 + 5 round

Ian Childerhouse             26

Tyler Rush                        25

Neil Rowe                        24

Simon Bottomley            23

Nathan Drewery             22

Jinxy Burnell                    21

Gary Moore                     20

NAC Match Report Gorleston 20th January 2020

NAC Match Report Gorleston 20th January 2020

Following last weeks ‘whiting fest’ at Sheringham the mood was good as a total of 14 fisherman managed to negotiate the cross Norfolk traffic to Gorleston. A great turn-out!

Nev Brighton joined us for his first NAC Match, and managed to secure Peg 11 with John Catchpole taking Peg 12 to show him the ropes, we look forward to seeing him at future matches.

The weather was on its best behaviour with a little wind, crisp and cold with a gentle swell on an ebbing tide. Nathan talked it up with the possibility of Rays reported being caught offshore so all were in a hurry to hit the beach.

The decision to record catches over 18cm was an inspired call as the first couple of catches set the scene for the evening with very small Whiting of 18cm – 20cm being recorded on the score cards. This set in for the evening as you can see from the weight points recorded, see below. Whilst a total of 134 fish were recorded the biggest flat was a 26cm Dab caught by John Catchpole on Peg 12, the biggest round was a 29cm Whiting caught by Simon Bottomley on Peg 8.

Match ‘results’:

In No 1 Podium position was Ian Childerhouse with 20 fish on Peg 10, followed by Russell Taylor from Peg 2 with 17 fish, and the ever dependable John Catchpole taking on Peg 12 taking No 3 slot by 1 weigh point from Simon Bottomley in No 4 position on Peg 8 (“must have been that Dab John”…Simon).

Bacton beckons for next week (27th January 2020), see you all there.

Full results:

Ian Childerhouse                         30

Russell Taylor                               29

John Catchpole                            28 + 5 flat

Simon Bottomley                         27 + 5 round

Richard Hipperson                       26

Rob Smith                                     25

Andy Turk                                     24

Ian Wells                                       23

Chris Beare                                   22

Billy Rush                                      21

Neil Rowe                                     20

Tyler Rush                                     19

Nathan Drewery                          18

Nev Brighton                                  5

NAC Match Report Sheringham 13th January 2020

NAC Match Report Sheringham 13th January 2020

In anticipation of the effects of storm Brendan on the match, and whether the rumoured early arrival of Dog Fish was true,  and who in the top three in the league would take the night, 10 intrepid NAC anglers kitted up for the storm and headed for the shingle at the end of Sheringham’s promenade (Lifeboat station end).   

Setting up in the shelter of the cliffs the wind was only breezy and the sea had a slight swell with no visible weed. The match kicked off  in great style with Nathan Drewery quickly catching a 58 cm Dog Fish on Peg 4. So they were about, it wasn’t a rumour !.

The evening progressed and proved to be ‘Whiting fest ‘ with over 100 Whiting caught the biggest of which were a 40cm caught by Russell Taylor, 2 x 37cm caught by Ian Wells on Peg 3,  and 2 x 36cm caught by Gary Moore on Peg 5. The total number of fish for the night numbered 114 and in addition to the 100 Whiting and the Dog Fish there were few Pouting, Rockling and a 29cm Flounder caught by guess who ? (Mr Drewery was having a successful night !).

All managed to catch fish, no blanks. The only quiet point was when storm Brendan arrived and we all felt the wind and were rapidly drowned with rain, well for those without a bivvy. When 10:30pm arrived there was a quick stroll back along the shingle and promenade to the car park for ‘results’ (speedy admin Russell !) and a chance to dry off.

Nathan Drewery on Peg 4 picked up a well-deserved No 1 podium spot (354 weight points) a clean sweep that also included the biggest Round and Flat. Andrew Turk came in at No 2 on Peg 2 with 17 fish (310 weight points – a personal best), and Simon Bottomley taking No 3 podium spot fishing from Peg 1 (304 weight points – another personal best), close on their heels was Gary Moore on Peg 5 (294 weight points). A quick check by of the Pegs shows those in Pegs 1 – 5 came in the top 5 for the night.

In all a successful night justifying the feeling of anticipation with everyone catching sizeable whiting, storm Brendan’s impact was limited, the Dog Fish arrived (well 1!), and Nathan Drewery took No 1 for the night. I’m sure Ian Childerhouse and Ian Wells will be back on the podium soon. Finally congratulations to Russell Taylor for winning the Team of 5s match held at Salthouse on 12th January.

Next match will be 20th January at Gorleston

Full results:

Nathan Drewery             30pts + 5 Round + 5 Flat

Andrew Turk                   29pts

Simon Bottomley            28pts

Gary Moore                     27pts

Ian Wells                          26pts

Russell Taylor                  25pts

John Catchpole               24pts

Ian Childerhouse            23pts

Barry Iseton                    22pts

Neil Rowe                        21pts

NAC Match Report Waxham 6th January 2020

NAC Report 6th January 2020 Waxham

10 anglers turned up for tonight’s bait pack match, for a bit of fun a half pint of mixed maggots was added onto the bait pack specifically to target flounders, by the end of the match most had caught fish on maggots either by tipping off worm or 30 plus on a hook.

An unseasonably warm evening with a light breeze made for a pleasant evening with a slight swell early on and very little weed.

Top rod on the night by a long way was John Catchpole on end peg 10 with 14 fish 3lb 3 1/3oz including a 26cm flounder caught on maggots, second podium spot went to the ever consistent Ian Childerhouse on the other end peg 1 with 9 fish for 1lb 8oz and finding his form in third place was Andrew Turk, with 6 fish for 11 1/3oz.

Biggest round fish also went to John Catchpole with a whiting of 28cm but his flounder was pipped by a 27 dab for Ian Childerhouse taking biggest flat of the night.

A tough evening fishing for most being plagued by under sized pin whiting and dabs.

Next weeks match is back to Sheringham which fished really well last time.

Full results

John Catchpole 30pts +5 round

Ian Childerhouse 29pts +5 flat

Andrew Turk 28pts

Dene Conway 27pts

Nathan Drewery 26pts

John Harvey 25pts

Neil Rowe 24pts

Ian Wells 24pts

Richard Hipperson 23pts

Russell Taylor 22pts


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