NAC Match Report Sea Palling 18th November 2019

Cley/Sea Palling 18/11/19
This mondays match was scheduled for Cley but due to the wind direction creating quite a swell on the shingle beaches it was decided to move the match to Sea Palling as we had only fished this beach on an ebb tide and was keen to find out how it fished on the flood, also the lagoons should provide a bit of shelter from the on coming waves giving everybody a better chance of finding and recording some fish.
Once at our usual parking spot it soon became clear that we would not be able to fish, as with 4 hours before high the water was allready up against the rocks so we moved down to the slip way and 12 of us fished to the left.
The match was allready scheduled to be a length only but not knowing how it would fish we decided to make it an 18cm.
Conditions where far from ideal with rain, hail and some vey strong gusts of wind at times it made fishing very difficult but the fish where there and it was just a case of persaverance.
With the match in full swing and for some plenty of fish coming out word came down that the water was starting to break against the slip way and there was a good chance we would not make it of the beach so after just
1 3/4 hours of fishing the match was halted and we made it of the beach just in time.
On to the results, in 3rd place was Neil Rowe with a total lenght of 316cm,
2nd was Mr consistant, Ian Childerhouse with 400cm and winning for a 2nd time in a row was Nathan Drewery with 510cm also finding the biggest flat, a 28cm Dab. Biggest round went to Andy Bunn with a 32cm Whiting.

Nathan Drewery 30+5 pts
Ian Childerhouse 29pts
Neil Rowe 28pts
Russell Taylor 27pts
Andrew Turk 26pts
Andrew Bunn 25+5pts
Billy Rush 24pts
John Catchpole 23pts
Tyler Rush 22pts
Sam Ellis 21pts
Ian Wells 20pts
Simon Bottomley 5pts

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