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NAC Match Report Sea Palling 23rd September 2019

17 anglers made the journey down to Sea Palling for the latest NAC match, as always with this venue it was a rover as long as you fished near another member for signing of the card etc, many of the club members have never fished this venue before so it would be interesting to see what came on the score cards.

With rain forecast for later in the evening we all hoped it would not be torrential as the majority had not bothered to bring a shelter as is the norm on the sand venues. From the off we were plagued by tiny pin whiting not even reaching 18cm especially in the center parts of the bays, but this venue can always throw up some surprises and good sized bass, and flounders are often caught.

Top rod on the night was Ian Wells fishing to the left with 4 fish for 3lb 2 1/3oz, 2nd place and first time on the podium was Emma Princess Roberts thrashing her husband Chris yet again, with 3 fish for 2lb 1oz, third place went to Chick Roper with 2 fish for 1lb 8 2/3oz, heaviest round went to Andrew Bunn with a 37cm bass and Heaviest flatfish went to Dene Conway with a cracking 34cm flounder, sadly 6 of the 17 failed to catch but that’s fishing, next week we are back on the shingle at Cley.

Full Results

Ian Wells 30pts

Emma Princess Roberts 29pts

Chick Roper 28pts

Dene Conway 27pts +5 flat

Andrew Bunn 26pts +5 round

Richard Hipperson 25pts

Alan Tew 24pts

Russell Taylor 23pts

Johnathan Trivett 22pts

Simon Bottomley 21pts

John Harvey 20pts

Sam Ellis 5pts

Neil Rowe 5pts

Eamon R Finch 5pts

Chris Roberts 5pts

Barry Iseton 5pts

Ian Childerhouse 5pts

Posted by Dene Conway on Wednesday, September 25, 2019

NAC Match Report Cart Gap 16th September 2019

Cart Gap was this weeks venue, with a great turnout of 29 anglers, pegging was to the right of the slipway as fishing over high tide the revetments to the left would have made for impossible fishing. It was decided to mix things up a little tonight with 2 sections so a few more prizes to be won. Firstly welcome to all new members and it was great to see some old members back on the beach as well.

Weed was a problem for many but some pegs struggled all the way through and others only towards the end of the match, we had been warned that some bays were fairly snaggy but everyone hoped we would avoid the snags. The wind was minimal and the evening provided us with a lovely sunset and a beautiful full moon. For the most part fishing was hard and with so many of us fishing its difficult to report individual activity throughout the match, well done to everyone for sticking it out.

Top rod on the night overall was Barry Iseton who in the dying hour found a cracking thorn back ray at 4lb 7 2/3oz to go with his eel, giving him a total weight of 5Lb, well done Barry.

Because of two sections the overall winner was taken out of the section prizes, Section A 1st place went to Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse showing he hasn’t lost his touch, carding 6 fish for 4lb 10oz, second place went to Clive Parker with 2 fish including a lovely 56cm bass for a total weight of 4lb 1 2/3oz. Section B saw a father & son double act, Ian Childerhouse take first place with 5 fish for 3lb 10 2/3oz and second place went to Andrew Bunn with 4 fish for 2lb 8 2/3oz. Heaviest flat fish went to John Catchpole with a sole 30cm and heaviest round fish went to Barry Iseton with his ray.

Overall positions for league points are as follows.

Barry Iseton 240 30pts +5 pts

Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse 222 29pts

Clive Parker 197 28pts

Ian Childerhouse 175 27pts

Andrew Bunn 122 26pts

Chris Roberts 93 25pts

Simon Bottomley 84 24pts

Martin Krilovs 73 23pts

Ian Wells 63 22pts

Eamon R Finch 62 21pts

Nathan Drewery 55 20pts

Russell Taylor 50 19pts

Joe Bettinson 44 18pts

John Catchpole 32 17pts +5pts

Neil Rowe 25 16pts

Nigel Spencer 25 16pts

Roger Cunnington 25 16pts

Dene Conway 25 16pts

John Harvey 17 15pts

Leon Smith 11 14pts

Tracey Holmes 8 13pts

Richard Hipperson 7 12pts

Sam Ellis 0 5pts

Adam Gregory 0 5pts

Chick Roper 0 5pts

Anthony Holmes 0 5pts

Martin Wheeldon 0 5pts

Mark Keebs 0 5pts

Emma Princess Roberts 0 5pts

Next weeks match is at Sea Palling

NAC Match Report Overstrand 9th September 2019

Overstrand 9/9/19
23 Anglers turned out for this Monday night match Including another new member Sam Ellis and guest anglers Clive Parker, Anthony Holmes and Martin Krilovs.
11 pegs where to the left of the slope past the wall and over the revetments and 12 where to the right or the slope out of site of the other 11 which made for an interesting match as one half of the beach didn’t know how the other half was doing.
The sea was flat with very little colour in it, all where hoping for a weed free evening but it wasn’t to be, for most they had it with them for nearly the whole match and a lucky few just for the last hour.
Again with the time of year and the bigger species disappearing it was decided to make it an 18cm match to give everyone a chance to card.
It turned out to be a tuff night with the majority carding just the one fish, either a Dab or a Flounder and it was Ian Wells who found the biggest of these with a 33cm Flounder to take biggest flat.
1 whiting, 1 Eel, 4 Rockling, 2 Sole and 3 Bass where also caught with Ian Childerhouse finding a 42cm Bass for biggest round and a 32cm sole to take the win, 2 fish, 114pts 2lb 6oz.
2nd place went to myself, 6 fish, 105pts 2lb 3oz.
3rd was Nathan Drewery with 4 fish, 82pts 1lb 11oz 1/3.
30pts Ian Childerhouse + 5pts biggest round
29pts Russell Taylor
28pts Nathan Drewery
27pts Alan Tew
26pts Ian Wells + 5pts biggest flat
25pts Leon Smith
24pts Clive Parker
23pts John Harvey
22pts Neil Rowe
21pts Martin Wheeldon
20pts Andrew Bunn
20pts Billy Rush
19pts Richard Hipperson
18pts Robert Smith
18pts Anthony Holmes
5pts Dene Conway
5pts Roger Cunnington
5pts Chick Roper
5pts Sam Ellis
5pts Simon Bottomley
5pts John Catchpole
5pts Tyler Rush
5pts Martin Krilovs

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