NAC Match Report Bacton 27th May 2019

NAC Report Monday 27th May 2019
Bacton was the venue for tonight’s match pegging to the right of Red House caravan park, with 13 anglers fishing the ebb and first of the flood. The first thing that was noted was the changes to the beach since earlier in the year the sand build up over the closer in gulleys made getting to the waters edge a lot easier than the previous match where wading through the gulley was the only way to fish. From the off fish were coming in but mainly small undersized whiting and dabs. New member Matty Catton was the first to find a hound early on but for most it was a struggle until the last half an hour of the match when the tide started to run. Top spot went to Matty Catton with 4 fish two whiting and two hounds including a cracker at 84cm, giving him a total weight of 10lb 8oz and a first match podium spot, well done Matty, second place went to Russell Taylor who had 3 sizeable fish a bass and two hounds for a total weight of 8lb 1 1/3oz, final podium spot went to Dene Conway also with 3 fish for 6lb 14 2/3oz.
Sundays match at Bacton is cancelled due to lack of interest for sunday fishing, so we will be at Walcott on Monday evening.
Heaviest round went to Matty with his 84cm hound and heaviest flat went to Simon Bottomley
Full results
Matty Catton 30pts
Russell Taylor 29pts
Dene Conway 28pts
Billy Rush 27pts
Jonathon Trivett 26pts
Simon Bottomley 25pts
Tyler Rush 5pts
Alan Tew 5pts
Alan Sexton 5pts
Dave Mathers 5pts
Daniel Roffey 5pts
Bob John 5pts
Bill Pacey 5pts

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