NAC Report Kelling 8th April 2019

NAC Report Kelling 8th April
Tew goes to the dogs and comes out on top!
The re arranged Sunday match, now at Kelling proved to be a wise decision with several fish coming out over the course of the match, in slightly lumpy sea and an easterly wind, pegging was straight in front of the car park, 11 anglers braved the chilly evening. For some it was a struggle but for the newly named dogging king Alan Tew it was a night he wont forget in a hurry obliterating the opposition by a country mile to earn his first podium spot with 7 fish, 4 of which were dogfish giving him a total weight of 6lb 8 1/3oz, well done mate, in second spot was Russell Taylor with 3 fish including a dogfish for a total of 2lb 1/3oz, and also on his first podium spot was Alan Sexton with 2 fish also one dogfish for 1lb 15oz. Biggest flatfish of the night went to Chick Roper with a 26cm dab and heaviest round went to Alan Tew with a 61cm dog. All in all a better night than previous weeks and hopefully the start of better Monday night sessions.
This weekend see’s the return of the festival fishing Saturday and Sunday, if you haven’t already booked bait then please do so asap.
Mondays match is at Cart Gap a post with directions will be put up Friday.
Full Results
Alan Tew 30pts
Russell Taylor 29pts
Alan Sexton 28pts
Simon Bottomley 27pts
Dene Conway 26pts
Dave Mathers 26pts
John Catchpole 24pts
Richard Hipperson 23pts
Chick Roper 22pts
Leon Smith 21pts
Roger Cunnington 5pts

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