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NAC Match Report Mundersley 29th April 2019

NAC Report 29-4-19 Mundesley

Only 9 of us tonight, but banter and spirits were high, with a walk to the right just past the lifeboat station fishing on the ebb tide, hopefully a few bass, dogs and flats would show, fishing was slow to start with but as the tide dropped away, the fish came on , with several bass being carded, plenty of dabs and whiting, a good flounder or two and a dogfish, 38 fish were carded between us, but top man on the night recording his first top rod accolade was Simon “The Dr.” Bottomley, with 9 fish for 4lb 4 2/3oz, fishing from end peg and the furthest walk well done mate. 2nd place went to John Harvey with 8 fish for 3lb 1oz including a 44cm dogfish, 3rd place went to Joe Bettinson with 6 fish including a 31cm flounder, for 2lb 3 2/3oz.

Heaviest flat fish went to Joe Bettinson with his 31cm flounder and heaviest round went to John Harvey with his 44cm dogfish.

Reports have since come in from club member Richard Craske that the hounds were showing on Tuesday in numbers at distance, and he had a cracking day at Trimingham.

Next weeks match is at Sheringham, please try and support the club as a lot of hard work goes into to the fixtures, these are not only matches but social evenings.

For those that haven’t seen the new WhatsApp group for Norfolk Fishing Reports here is the link again, its purely informational and free of charge.

Full Results

Simon Bottomley 30pts

John Harvey 29pts

Joe Bettinson 28pts

Dene Conway 27pts

John Catchpole 26pts

Alan Tew 25pts

Chick Roper 24pts

Paul Grothier 23pts

Russell Taylor 22pts

NAC Match Report Cley 22nd April 2019

NAC Report Cley 22nd April
With Easter family duties on the bank holiday Monday numbers were down to eleven, but as usual plenty of banter before and after the match, fishing the flood tide it was a fight to get through the undersized whiting throwing themselves at the hooks no matter what distance you cast. As the high water mark came, the bigger fish seemed to start taking the bait, with several good dabs caught, along with sizeable whiting, rockling and some good sized flounders, along with one dogfish which fell to Leon Smith making him the man to catch.
Top rod on the night went to Leon Smith with 8 fish for 4lb 9oz, even without the dogfish he would have made 1st place so well done Leon, second place went to the ever consistent Pete Simmonds with 5 fish for 1lb 9oz, and final podium spot went to the ever improving Simon Bottomley with 4 fish for 1lb 7 1/3oz. An enjoyable evening albeit a touch scratchy, welcome also to new member Colin Horwood. in total 33 sizeable fish were carded, but you could easily treble that with the numbers of undersized fish.
Next weeks match is at Mundesley, please book in early especially with bait orders as all baits are selling out very quickly over the weekends, we will have fresh peeler crab, fresh blacks, hand dug ragworm and of course locally sourced lugworm.
For those that haven’t seen the new WhatsApp group for Norfolk Fishing Reports here is the link again, its purely informational and free of charge.
Full Results
Leon Smith 30pts
Peter Simmonds 29pts
Simon Bottomley 28pts
Dene Conway 27pts
Alan Sexton 26pts
Alan Tew 25pts
Barry Iseton 25pts
John Harvey 23pts
John Catchpole 23pts
Colin Horwood 5pts
Chick Roper 5pts

NAC Report Kelling 8th April 2019

NAC Report Kelling 8th April
Tew goes to the dogs and comes out on top!
The re arranged Sunday match, now at Kelling proved to be a wise decision with several fish coming out over the course of the match, in slightly lumpy sea and an easterly wind, pegging was straight in front of the car park, 11 anglers braved the chilly evening. For some it was a struggle but for the newly named dogging king Alan Tew it was a night he wont forget in a hurry obliterating the opposition by a country mile to earn his first podium spot with 7 fish, 4 of which were dogfish giving him a total weight of 6lb 8 1/3oz, well done mate, in second spot was Russell Taylor with 3 fish including a dogfish for a total of 2lb 1/3oz, and also on his first podium spot was Alan Sexton with 2 fish also one dogfish for 1lb 15oz. Biggest flatfish of the night went to Chick Roper with a 26cm dab and heaviest round went to Alan Tew with a 61cm dog. All in all a better night than previous weeks and hopefully the start of better Monday night sessions.
This weekend see’s the return of the festival fishing Saturday and Sunday, if you haven’t already booked bait then please do so asap.
Mondays match is at Cart Gap a post with directions will be put up Friday.
Full Results
Alan Tew 30pts
Russell Taylor 29pts
Alan Sexton 28pts
Simon Bottomley 27pts
Dene Conway 26pts
Dave Mathers 26pts
John Catchpole 24pts
Richard Hipperson 23pts
Chick Roper 22pts
Leon Smith 21pts
Roger Cunnington 5pts

NAC Match Report Walcott 1st April 2019

Its been a tough few months fishing on the Mondays with cold nights, rough weather and sometimes a distinct lack of fish, one thing that has kept everyone going is the banter and the general socializing before,during and after each match even when the fishing isn’t at its best, Mondays match saw 14 members turn up to fish Walcott a venue we haven’t been able to fish for a few years now due to lack of beach and steps down, pegging was left and right of the bend, with a slight sea running it looked perfect conditions for bass with several already being reported along this stretch. It was pleasant to start a match in daylight for a change and heralds the start of the spring for us. It soon became apparent that we were in for another greuller with pin whiting being the mainstay, along with undersized schoolie bass and dabs. Top rod on the night managing to winkle out 4 fish was John Catchpole with 3 whiting all around the 30cm mark and a nice dogfish at 56cm giving him 2lb 11 1/3oz, next to him on peg 9 was Ninian Wharton taking 2nd place with 3 fish for 1lb 2/3oz, final podium spot went to Dene Conway with 2 fish for 10oz from peg 7, showing this was the bay where the majority of fish seemed to be. Heaviest flat was shared between Leon Smith and Chick Roper both with a flounder at 29cm, and heaviest round went to John Catchpole with his dogfish. Dave Mathers also found a codling could it be the start of the legendary spring run???

Roger Cunnington managed to deep hook his finger and was kindly cared for by Richard Hipperson who managed to get him home so his wife could run him to A&E for removal of offending hook. On this note I would like to ask all members if anyone is First Aid registered to please let me know.

All in all not a very productive night with only 14 sizeable fish being caught and carded between 7 anglers, with 7 only finding undersized, well done to all who stuck it out, the next few weeks should see more dogfish with possible rays on some venues and fishing should improve drastically with more bass moving in.

13th & 14th April see’s the clubs annual fishing festival, so if all members can share and support the event be it for one or both day that would be appreciated.

Full results

John Catchpole 30pts

Ninian Wharton 29pts

Dene Conway 27pts

Leon Smith 26pts

Chick Roper 26pts

Alan Tew 24pts

Simon Bottomley 23pts

Roger Cunnington 5pts

Russell Taylor 5pts

Dave Mathers 5pts

Richard Hipperson 5pts

Paul Grothier 5pts

Graham 5pts

Dylan 5pts

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