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NAC Match Report Cley 25th February 2019

NAC Report 25 February Cley
Billy Rush hits the top spot in a 3 horse race!

12 anglers graced the shore at Cley for a length only match, conditions were flat calm and it was hard to believe it was still February. Fish were coming in from the start, with pegs 3 & 4 steaming ahead of those around them, meanwhile further to the right Billy Rush was also using his end peg to great advantage and totaled up a respectable 21 fish for 448cm,taking top spot this week, 2nd place went to Peter Simmonds also with 21 fish from peg 3 440cm and third place went to Dave Mathers on peg 4 also with 21 fish for 409cm, with the top 3 this close we had to recount all scores in case of any mistakes in adding up as can easily happen in the heat of the moment, once this was all done results were clear and very close. Top round fish of the night went to Simon Bottomley with a 30cm whiting and the heaviest flat was shared between Billy Rush, John Harvey , Barry Iseton and Peter Simmonds all with a 26cm dab each.

This Friday and Saturday see’s Jocs memorial match taking place a few spaces left if anyone wishes to fish, if not we will be back on the beach at Bacton for next weeks match.
178 fish were carded plus a lot of undersized as well.
Well done all who fished in what was a very enjoyable match.

Full results

Billy Rush 21 fish 448cm 30pts +5
Peter Simmonds 21 fish 440cm 29pts +5
Dave Mathers 21 fish 409cm 28pts
Dene Conway 14 fish 293cm 27pts
Leon Smith 14 fish 284cm 26pts
John Harvey 13 fish 284cm 25pts +5
Simon Bottomley 13 fish 266cm 24pts +5
Barry Iseton 12 fish 258cm 23pts +5
Richard Hipperson 12 fish 250cm 22pts
Ninian Wharton 12 fish 234cm 21pts
Russell Taylor 8 fish for 165cm 20pts
Alan Tew 8 fish for 160cm 19pts

NAC Match Report Mundersley 18th February 2019



With the car park banter in full swing and Holey buckets borrowed, we set off down the slope to Leon smiths home venue, with the man himself in the middle, 4 to his right 4 to his left, it soon became apparent that just carding a fish would be a tall order, and it showed with only 14 fish carded, 10 of which falling to the top  4.

Again top rod honours went to Peter Symonds  with 3 fish, 2nd place went to Leon Smith with 2 fish, including a 36cm Bass winning him the nights biggest round, which helped him push Simon Bottomley into a well deserved podium finish with 3 fish.

   Biggest flat of the night went to Dave Mathers with a 30cm flounder.

Again great banter despite the fishing being slow and well done to all for stick it out in the colder months

Peter Symonds 30pts

Leon Smith        29pts + 5

Simon Bottomley  28pts

Ian Childerhouse  27pts

Dave Mathers.   26pts +5

John Catchpole 25pts

Paul Grothier.  24pts

Billy Rush.   23pts

Alan Tew.  5pts

Next week the match is a Cley and the running is handed back to Russell Taylor

NAC Match Report Salthouse 11th February 2019


With 10 booked in and 10 turning up, what could possibly go wrong 🥴,  and with BAIT forgotten and not ordered the bad luck started for some of us 😉, lucky for the team, John jenson button was on hand to make a quick dash to the shop, for fresh bait, and to let the shop cat out.  With 5 minutes lost, pegging was done straight and to the left of the parked cars, minus a coach and master angler, and fresher than fresh bait delivered directly to the anglers swims(a service now available from Dene) the match started.

      It soon became apparent that it would be a tough evening turning into a bit of a 2 horse race, with only 18 fish carded, 9 of them falling to Peter symonds and Billy Rush. Peter Symonds eventually coming out on top earning him the match win, he also had the biggest flat with a 30cm dab, but It was great to see Billy Rush’s effort rewarded, with the biggest round of the night a 28cm whitting, 3rd place fell to Barry Iseton to continue his great start. 3 anglers failed to card on what was a very challenging evening.

   Next week sees the return of the master angler and friends, so it’s not to be missed..

Peter Symonds 30pts +5

Billy Rush           29pts + 5

Barry Iseton       28pts

Leon                    27pts

Paul Grothier      26pts

Dave Mathers     25pts

Alan Tew             24pts

John Catchpole     5pts

Simon Bottomley   5pts

Derek Iseton           5pts

NAC Match Report Kelling 4th February 2019


With the 50% sale over at Dene’s shop, freezing temperatures and master anglers missing due to altitude training in South Africa, it was left to 10 hardy/foolish members to meet at the venues gate 6pm sharp. After a quick vote it was decided to fish and not tank drive, we set off to the water, with 5 to the right 4 to the left and Paul Thorburn in Salthouse.

 All found it frustrating evening getting through the smaller fish, with lots undersized fish turning up, but everyone managed to card least 2 fish, with a total of 49 fish between the team.   

   Biggest flat of the night went to Barry Iseton with a 30cm dab, making him £10 richer and 5 points to the good, biggest round was shared between John Catchpole and Dave Mathers with a 31cm whiting giving them 2 1/2 points and £5 each.

 3rd place on the night with a 7 fish bag went to Barry Iseton 2nd went to the ever consistent Peter Symonds with another 7 fish haul pipping Barry by 1 2/3oz, But the star of the evening was Dave Mathers with 10 fish for a total of 3lb 4 1/3oz.

Well done to all who fished, and welcome to Alan Tew on his first match

1. Dave Mathers 30pts +2.5  

2.Pete Symonds 29pts

3. Barry Iseton 28pts +5

4. Paul Grothier 27pts

5.John Catchpole 26pts +2.5

6. Ian Childerhouse 25pts

7. Simon Bottomley 24pts

8. Billy Rush 23pts

9. Paul Thorburn 22pts

10. Alan Tew 21pts Next week Salthouse Please book in as soon as the post goes up

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