NAC Match Report Kelling 7th January 2019

NAC Report Kelling 7-1-19

With the holiday season now over, many were keen to get back on the beaches and a good turnout of 19 arrived at Kelling eager and ready to get started, the forecast for the evening was strong WSW winds turning W and then eventually WNW, luckily the wind changed for the worse long after we had finished the match, making the night easily fishable albeit a tad uncomfortable if you didnt bring your shelter. Pegging was again left and right of the car park.

Fish were coming in from the off with some good sized whiting and dabs making an early appearance, along with the odd flounder and pouting. High tide was at 7.21pm so we were fishing just over the top, slack and then the first of the ebb. Big bows in line was one of the issues as the Westerly wind blew line down to the right on each cast, but most managed to steer away from tangling up with the angler to their right.

Top rod on the night went to Andrew Bunn with 20 sizable fish 6lb 15 1/3oz fishing on peg 9, second podium spot went to Dene Conway with 18 fish for 6lb 7 1/3oz fishing from peg 2, and final podium spot went to Keith Shaul with 16 fish for 5lb 15oz fishing from peg 15.

Heaviest flat of the night went to Paul Thorburn with a nice dab of 29cm and heaviest round fish was shared between Keith Shaul , Billy Rush and Dene Conway all with a 34cm whiting.

Lots of good sized fish came out and the majority in prime healthy condition, this can only bode well for the upcoming matches as the winter league draws to a close.

A total of 196 sizable fish were caught , but you can probably double that with the undersized about aswell.

Well done to everyone who fished, next weeks match is at Mundesley please book in asap once post has been put up.


Andrew Bunn 30pts

Dene Conway 29pts

Keith Shaul 28pts

Peter Simmonds 27pts

Billy Rush 26pts

Paul Thorburn 25pts

Russell Taylor 24pts

John Catchpole 23pts

Roger Cunnington 22pts

Barry Iseton 21pts

Jimmy Shaul Shaul 20pts

Dave Mathers 19pts

Richard Hipperson 18pts

Simon Bottomley 17pts

Paul Grothier 16pts

Ian Childerhouse 15pts

Tyler Rush 14pts

Ivan Allen Pestcontrol13pts

Colin Clifford 5pts

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