NAC Match Report Bacton 28th January 2019


With windy and cold conditions, the match was moved from Bacton to Weybourne, 9 brave and hardened anglers with no common sense what so ever, set out to Weybourne for the last match of this part of the season, and it soon became apparent that it was going to be a hard night. 8 fish were carded, 3 of these falling to the rod of Matt Lawes , for a combine weight of 13 1/3oz, he also bagged a 27cm whiting for the largest round, and a 24cm dab for the largest flat, earning him top rod and the clean sweep. 2nd was Paul Grothier with 2 fish haul and combined 8oz, joint 3rd Russell Taylor and John Catchpole with a 1 fish haul and 23cm dab each. The final fish fell to Peter Simmonds with a targeted 24cm Rockling.

 Well done to all for sticking it out, and for the top banter again..

Matt Lawes 30 pts

Paul Grothier 29pts

John Catchpole 28pts

Russel Talyor 28 pts

Peter simmonds 26pts

Simon Bottomley 5pts

Dave Mathers 5pts

Rick Allis 5pts

Sam Creasey 5pts Next week Kelling DONT BE LATE if your booked in please

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