NAC Match Report Weybourne 10th December 2018

Sheringham/Weybourne 10/12/18

Bait pack match, frozen blacks and bluey.

12 anglers turned up at sheringham and with a combination of the strong winds at the weekend and the fact that the beach has been scoured out to leave it extremely snaggy it was a unanimous decision to move on to weybourne.

Although the wind had dropped considerably the waves where still crashing in with some force, thoughts turned to the last match we tried to fish here in similar conditions which had to be abandoned after an hour, nether the less all 12 persevered and with a bit of weed around snagging the leader knot it was hard going.

High tide was around 8.30pm and up until that point there wasn’t much to be had but after high conditions seemed to improve and the fishing became a bit easier particularly as the fish had started to show with some good size Whiting the biggest of which a 36cm was caught by Pete Simmonds and the odd Dab making an appearance with John Catchpole carding the biggest, a 25cm.

Top 3 on the night was John Catchpole 3rd with 9 fish for  3lb 8oz, Pete Simmonds 2nd with 10 fish for 4lb 5oz1/3 and winning it was Russell Taylor with 12 fish for 5lb.

Russell Taylor 30pts

Pete Simmomds 29pts

John Catchpole 28pts

Keith Shaul 27pts

Roger Cunnington 26pts

Andrew Bunn 25pts

Billy Rush 24pts

Colin Clifford 5pts

Ivan Allen 5pts

Barry Iseton 5pts

Simon Bottomley 5pts

Ninian Wharton 5pts

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