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NAC Match Report Overstrand 17th December 2018

NAC Report Overstrand 17/12/18

13 anglers arrived at Overstrand hoping that a possible codling may appear with reports of a few showing along the coast, if that failed then the usual whiting, dabs and flounders would be in abundance. A southerly wind and a mild evening with flat calm conditions what could possibly go wrong.

Pegging was from the zigzag groin to the left, by 6:30pm everyone was on their respective pegs and more or less ready to go. From the off fish were coming out many undersized with a few finding sizeable and others struggling. We fished the last hour of the ebb and the first of the flood, the majority of better fish came on the flood, everyone managed to card at least one fish but the overall expectations were not what we expected, with the whiting fest not appearing.

Top rod on the night was again Peter Simmonds with 9 fish from peg 2 for 3lb 9 1/3oz, 2nd place went to Paul Grothier with 7 fish from peg 13 for 3lb 2oz, and final podium spot went to the ever consistent Russell Taylor with 8 fish from peg 3 for 2lb 14oz. Biggest flat of the night went to Roger Cunnington with a 30cm flounder and heaviest round went to Peter Simmonds with a 36cm whiting. All in all an enjoyable evening with some great banter before and after as always.

Next match is in the new year at Kelling on the 7th.

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Full Results

Peter Simmonds 30pts

Paul Grothier 29pts

Russell Taylor 28pts

Roger Cunnington 27pts

Mark Cox 26pts

Andrew Bunn 25pts

Dene Conway 24pts

Paul Thorburn 23pts

Ivan Allen 22pts

Tyler Rush 21pts

Richard Hipperson 20pts

Colin Clifford 19pts

Billy Rush 18pts

NAC Match Report Weybourne 10th December 2018

Sheringham/Weybourne 10/12/18

Bait pack match, frozen blacks and bluey.

12 anglers turned up at sheringham and with a combination of the strong winds at the weekend and the fact that the beach has been scoured out to leave it extremely snaggy it was a unanimous decision to move on to weybourne.

Although the wind had dropped considerably the waves where still crashing in with some force, thoughts turned to the last match we tried to fish here in similar conditions which had to be abandoned after an hour, nether the less all 12 persevered and with a bit of weed around snagging the leader knot it was hard going.

High tide was around 8.30pm and up until that point there wasn’t much to be had but after high conditions seemed to improve and the fishing became a bit easier particularly as the fish had started to show with some good size Whiting the biggest of which a 36cm was caught by Pete Simmonds and the odd Dab making an appearance with John Catchpole carding the biggest, a 25cm.

Top 3 on the night was John Catchpole 3rd with 9 fish for  3lb 8oz, Pete Simmonds 2nd with 10 fish for 4lb 5oz1/3 and winning it was Russell Taylor with 12 fish for 5lb.

Russell Taylor 30pts

Pete Simmomds 29pts

John Catchpole 28pts

Keith Shaul 27pts

Roger Cunnington 26pts

Andrew Bunn 25pts

Billy Rush 24pts

Colin Clifford 5pts

Ivan Allen 5pts

Barry Iseton 5pts

Simon Bottomley 5pts

Ninian Wharton 5pts

NAC Match Report Trimmingham 3rd December 2018

Trimmingham 3/12/18

This week saw 12 anglers all on the same bait frozen blacks and bluey take to the Norfolk sand and with a stiff northerly blowing down the beach it wasn’t going to be a comfortable evening.

Low tide was around 10ish, fishing was to the right of the car park and the match started behind the revetments as the tide was being kept up with the wind and there was breaking waves as far as the head lights could reach.

It was a slow start to the fishing and it wasn’t until you could physically get on to the beach and get a lead out beyond the waves you managed to find some fish, to start with it was only the odd whiting and an occasional dab but as the tide dropped the double and treble shots started with at least one and if you was lucky two sizeable whiting with quite a few over the 30cm mark, if you was really lucky like Billy Rush you managed to find a 39cm which proved to be the biggest of the night.

I was on peg 12 and being kept busy trying to stay in front of Andrew Bunn on peg 11, at one point I was 100 pts ahead of him but eventually he found the fish and managed to catch up and over take me but his lead didn’t last for long as on the very next cast I managed a double shot of sizeable whiting to retake the lead, it would all come down to the last cast and with our bait only being out for 3 minutes it was time to reel in. With both of us eagerly waiting to see what came out of the water it was Andy’s rig that emerged fist, unfortunately for him he still only had his bait on his hooks, I on the other hand had found a 31 cm whiting to take the win with 16 fish for 5lb 11oz 2/3, still with a very respectable 13 fish for 5lb 2oz Andy managed 2nd place.

Further down the beach on pegs 3 and 5 another battle was going on between John Catchpole and Pete Simmonds for what turned out to be 3rd place, it was John who came out on top but only just with 13 fish for 4lb 13oz and only 2/3 oz behind Pete found 12 fish for 4lb 12oz 1/3 for 4th but he did manage to find a 27cm Dab to take biggest flat.

Russell Taylor 30pts

Andrew Bunn 29pts

John Catchpole 28pts

Pete Simmonds 27pts

Ivan Allen 26pts

Roger Cunnington 25pts

Billy Rush 24pts

Paul Grothier 23pts

Leon Smith 22pts

Dave Mathers 21pts

Colin Clifford 5pts

Next Monday’s match is sheringham and will be another bait pack. High tide 20.20.

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