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NAC Match Report Salthouse 26th November 2018

Salthouse 26/11/18

The team of five final was held on the shingle of Cley, Salthouse and Kelling at the weekend, it turned out to be a very hard match with very few sizeable fish about so it was a case of hoping that darkness would bring in the fish.

17 turned up to see if that would be the case, fortunately for most they did turn up but not in great numbers.

Still a lot of small whiting around some only 12cm but every now and then bigger ones would turn up including a cracking 38cm for Paul Grothier to give him biggest round.

The Dabs were still around from the weekend but it was a 29cm flounder for Paul Thorburn that took biggest flat.

Andy bunn managed to find 11 fish 4lb 3oz to take 3rd place, 2nd place was Russell Taylor with 13 fish 4lb 6 2/3 oz, winning the match and fishing on his favourite beach was Pete SImmonds with 14 fish 5lb 4 1/3oz.


30pts Pete SImmonds

29pts Russell Taylor

28pts Andrew Bunn

27pts Paul Grothier

26pts Dave Mathers

25pts Leon Smith

24pts Billy Rush

23pts Paul Thorburn

22pts John Catchpole

21pts Ivan Allen

20pts Richard Hipperson

19pts Dene Conway

18pts Simon Bottomley

17pts Jimmy Shaul Shaul

16pts Keith Shaul

15pts Tyler Rush

5pts Colin Clifford

NAC Match Report Kelling 12 November 2018

NAC Report 12/11/18 Kelling

Another great turnout with 22 anglers keen and eager to get amongst the fish, some discussion was had at the shop prior to the match whether to make it everything 18cm or dabs at 18cm, but it was decided to keep to normal and fish to size limits, with expectations of dabs, pouting and whiting all over the required limits it seemed the best thing to do.

Pegging was left and right of the carpark with the higher numbers normally producing better results, however the flat calm sea looked very much like a summer evening, the water clarity did not bode well for a whiting fest, and so it turned out to be, with 100’s of fish caught but the majority undersized dabs and whiting it was a struggle to get through them. As always with Kelling the pegs play a massive part in where you finish on the night and if your on them you will do well. A warm welcome to new member Ivan Allen and a welcome back to Kimberley Lawn, on a night out with her other half Henry Randell. So with the numbers drawn we all set off to our respective pegs with a flooding tide hoping for a good night. Top rod on the night went to Kimberley Lawn showing she still has what it takes to get amonsgt the fish and keep plugging away, she finished with 12 fish for 3lb 12 1/3oz fishing from peg 21. Second podium spot went to Peter Simmonds on peg 16 with a last cast double shot, giving him 11 fish for 3lb 7 2/3oz, and final podium spot went to Russell Taylor on peg 10 nudged out by Peter by two weight points, with 11 fish for 3lb 7oz and a very close battle.

With 99 sizeable fish carded it was an ok evening but the numbers of undersized fish caught would have made for hectic action had we changed size limits.

Heaviest flat went to Jimmy Shaul Shaul with a 30cm dab and heaviest round went to Billy Rush and Peter Simmonds with a whiting of 32cm.

Well done to all who attended, next weeks match is at Mundesley, please book in early.

This coming Saturday Paul Grothier has setup a race night for all club members at the Cross Keys Pub in Dilham, starting at 7pm, your support for this event would be greatly appreciated if you can make it message Paul for more details or directions, but it would be good to have some social time away from the beach.

Full Results

Kimberley Lawn 30pts

Peter Simmonds 29pts

Russell Taylor 28pts

Paul Thorburn 27pts

Keith Shaul 26pts

Billy Rush 25pts

Richard Craske 24pts

Jimmy Shaul Shaul 23pts

Leon Smith 22pts

Richard Hipperson 21pts

Henry Randell 20pts

Simon Bottomley 19pts

Dene Conway 18pts

John Catchpole 17pts

Dave Mathers 16pts

Andrew Bunn 15pts

Tyler Rush 14pts

Ivan Allen 13pts

Eddie Bowie 12pts

Colin Clifford 5pts

Paul Grothier 5pts

Roger Cunnington 5pts

NAC Match Report Bacton 5th November 2018

NAC Report Bacton 5th November 2018

A smaller turnout this week with it being fireworks night family commitments and all that, so 16 of us set out to the right of the steps, from the off everyone was into fish , some undersized but some crackers as well. Weed was manageable and some tried the close in gulleys for flounders and maybe a bass but to no avail, as the tide dropped most opted to hit the distance for the bigger whiting and we were not disappointed. Top rod and still on form was Russell Taylor with 23 fish for 8lb 13oz, 2nd podium spot went to our junior club member Jimmy Shaul Shaul showing a lot of the adults how to do it with 22 fish for 8lb 4 1/3oz and final podium spot went to Paul Thorburn with 20 fish for 7lb 10oz. With 182 fish carded between 16 of us a good night was had by all. Heaviest flat went to Roger Cunnington with a lovely 33cm flounder and heaviest round went to Andrew Bunn with a 36cm whiting.

Next weeks match is at Kelling it should be a whiting fest so bring your running shoes. Please book in early especially with bait orders.

Full Results

Russell Taylor 30pts

Jimmy Shaul Shaul 29pts

Paul Thorburn 28pts

Peter Simmonds 27pts

John Catchpole 26pts

Roger Cunnington 25pts

Andrew Bunn 24pts

Dene Conway 23pts

Dave Mathers 22pts

Paul Grothier 21pts

Richard Craske 20pts

Eamon R Finch 19pts

Leon Smith 18pts

Keith Shaul 17pts

Simon Bottomley 16pts

Colin Clifford 5pts

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