NAC Match Report Sheringham 15th October 2018

NAC Report 15th October 2018 Sheringham

27 anglers had booked in but with one thing and another only 21 made it to the match, sometimes work just gets in the way or mistress fate throws a hand in, nevertheless the 21 who did make it were all ready to roll, with pegging on the promenade and along past the life boat shed the match started out on the flooding tide. With a good swell running and plenty of bass being reported this last week or so expectations were high, we just hoped the weed wouldn’t play a major part as it did a few weeks ago at Overstrand.

Sheringham can be a tough venue to master and can either fish well or not at all, for some it would prove the latter once again showing that peg draws and features in front of you can play a part but making the most of your draw is what you aim for. Down on peg 1 and under the cliffs was Peter Simmonds who made the most of his end peg by finding 5 fish for 3lb 9 1/3oz his haul included 3 flounders, 29cm, 31cm and a cracking 39cm along with a good eel and a rockling giving him top spot honours this week. Second place also on the shingle was Russell Taylor on peg 7 finding 4 fish for 3lb 2 1/3oz his haul included 2 bass a rockling and another eel over 50cm, so 7oz between the top 2. 3rd place and final podium spot went to John Catchpole on peg 2 also on the shingle with 2 bass for 2lb 2/3oz. 7 Bass, 6 flounders, 8 rockling and 2 eels were carded but with 9 anglers blanking it was another tough night, in some bays the weed was easily manageable but for others it became a struggle as the tide pushed up if the tides had possibly been an hour earlier and a tad bigger the venue would have produced more bass, but as always it was a great night with plenty of banter and nice to see some newer members carding for the first time. Next weeks match is at Trimingham please book in Friday and Saturday once main post is put up, especially with bait orders.

Full Results

Peter Simmonds 30pts

Russell Taylor 29pts

John Catchpole 28pts

Paul Grothier 27pts

Dene Conway 26pts

Jimmy Shaul Shaul 26pts

Simon Bottomley 24pts

Colin Clifford 23pts

Paul Thorburn 23pts

Richard Ling 21pts

Neil Haynes 20pts

Eddie Bowie 19pts

Keith Shaul 5pts

Roger Cunnington 5pts

Mark Cox 5pts

Eamon R Finch 5pts

Chick Roper 5pts

John Harvey 5pts

Leon Smith 5pts

Paul Chambers 5pts

Billy Rush 5pts

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